Chapter 1265 - Lan Yu’s Opportunity of Fortune, the Evil Immortal Valley, the Five-Fury Formation

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It had been two years since Chu Kuangren started his closed-door meditation.

During those two years, many sky-prides and Heavenly Champions had entered the Interstellar Arena in search of treasures. Hence, many of them made progress and become stronger.

There were even rumors about some of them becoming True Immortals.

Despite that, many other sky-prides had been achieving outstanding feats in the Interstellar Arena. The Prodigies, especially, had even made a name for themselves, gaining fame throughout the galaxy.

As for Chu Kuangren, the person whose name once caused a great commotion among the Heavenly Champions gradually faded out of existence. By now, very few people would ever mention him.

In the Interstellar Arena, somewhere on a planet with a large continent, a silver-haired woman in silver armor was searching for something.

It was none other than Lan Yu.

Following the Interstellar Arena’s opening, many sky-prides and Heavenly Champions entered the place, including Lan Yu.

She originally went there together with Chu Hong, Fu Yin, and some Hundred Academy Heavenly Champions. However, during the last two years, most of them had split up in search of Opportunities of Fortune.

Although they would contact each other occasionally, they rarely ever got together.

Only sheep would travel in packs, while beasts would go solo.

None of them wanted to become cattle waiting to be slaughtered. All of the sky-prides and Heavenly Champions who came to the Interstellar Arena had been trying hard to get stronger, seeking to become a beast in their own way.

“According to my exploration for the past year, the ruins of my Winged-Human ancestor should be around here,” Lan Yu murmured.

Having also obtained some Opportunities of Fortune during the last two years, she was now at the Great Perfected Ninth-grade Heavenly Immortal Realm.

Besides that, she also discovered some clues left behind by a Winged Human great one in the Interstellar Arena. She was hoping to find any cultivation techniques that could increase the level of her Immortal Physique.

The location of a certain ruin was the most important piece of information she obtained.

According to the clues left behind by the Winged Human great one, the ruins should be located on that planet.

Hence, Lan Yu was on a search.

After close to ten days, somewhere in a desert, Lan Yu seemed to have found something, so she reached out and struck the void with the palm of her hand.

Suddenly, ripples appeared in the void.

“This is some sort of enchanted barrier!”

“This enchanted barrier is emanating the Radiant War Immortal Core energy. I’ve found it.”

The Radiant War Immortal Core energy could only be unleashed by the host of the Radiant War Immortal Physique, a Supreme Immortal Physique unique to only the Winger Humans.

Yet now, the same type of energy was all over the enchanted barrier.

That made Lan Yu very happy, and she immediately flew inside the barrier.

After Lan Yu entered, dozens of people emerged from the void.

Those people also wanted to enter the enchanted barrier but were rejected from it.

“D*mn it. This enchanted barrier will only allow Winged Humans to enter.”

“What should we do then?”

Their leader was a man with a scarred face. He looked at the enchanted barrier and thought about it before saying, “We shall wait!”

“We’ll wait until Lan Yu obtains the Opportunities inside, and when she gets out, we’ll take action.”

That scarred-faced man laughed coldly. “Lan Yu is an extremely powerful cultivator. If we act rashly and attack her, there’s a huge chance she’ll escape. So, this is good. It’ll allow us to prepare and ensure she can never escape.”

“Let’s go with the Five-Fury Formation. With this formation technique, even someone as powerful as Lan Yu will have no choice but to surrender obediently!”

“I agree.”

At that time, another exploration party appeared in the desert nearby.

Upon seeing the scarred-faced man, a hulking man leading that exploration party became afraid. “Oh, sh*t. It’s the people from the Evil Immortal Valley!”

The hulking man turned around and wanted to escape.

However, the scarred-faced man had attacked.

His figure disappeared and appeared in mid-air above the exploration party. Raising his palm like it was a saber, a mighty saber ray filled with endless ferocious qi struck down from above.

Following a loud boom, a dust storm wept out.

The whole exploration party was wiped out by that single saber ray.

“Haha. It looks like our boss’s Nine Innate Ferocious Saber technique is getting increasingly more powerful. That attack already had thirty percent of the Third Valley Lord’s full strength.” One of his cultivator goons walked to the scarred-faced man and fawned on him.

Those people were all from the Evil Immortal Valley, which mostly consisted of criminal and vicious people, with their Valley Lords being the worst of them all!

The Third Valley Lord was skilled in saber techniques, and the power of his saber technique was well-known throughout the Immortal World.

The young scarred-faced man was the foster son of the Third Evil Immortal Valley Lord.

“Alright. Let’s set up the formation,” said the scarred-faced man.

Soon, everyone started setting up the formation.

Meanwhile, Lan Yu, who had gone inside the barrier, was undergoing the Winged Human great one’s trial.

Lan Yu unleashed a punch, smashing a puppet in front of her into pieces.

However, she only defeated one when there were still many puppets rushing toward her.

Lan Yu took a deep breath. Armed with the Heavenly Skylight Scepter, she unleashed various Immortal techniques and Winged-Human combat techniques in succession. Soon, the puppets were destroyed.

That trial lasted a long time until finally, Lan Yu reached the depths of the ruins with her unwavering fighting spirit.

Over there was an altar, and on the altar sat a Winged Human.

He was an ancestor and the great one of the Winged Human Tribe.

Although that great one looked alive, there was no sign of life left in his body, which meant that it was only his corpse.

Beside the Winged-Human’s corpse, there was a manuscript.

Lan Yu walked up to him, bowed, and started reading the manuscript.

Some of the great one’s cultivation experiences were recorded in that manuscript. For someone like Lan Yu, that was very valuable information.

However, the most important one was how to upgrade the Radiant War Immortal Physique into an Honorable Supreme Immortal Physique.

It turned out that the Winged Human was someone who possessed the Honorable Supreme Radiant War Immortal Physique in the past.

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“I see, so that’s how it is. If I want to upgrade my Radiant War Immortal Physique, I must first gather a huge number of light-attribute resources.”

“It looks like I’ll have to keep an eye out for those items in the future.”

With that, she packed everything and prepared to leave.

The moment she walked out of the barrier, her pupils immediately shrank, and her Heavenly Skylight Scepter had already appeared in her grasp.

“Ha. I see you have very keen senses to detect our hidden formation technique.”

The scarred-faced man and his malicious cultivator goons immediately surrounded Lan Yu.

“Hmph. The Evil Immortal Valley, huh? Always up to sneaky tricks, I see.”

She had heard of the Evil Immortal Valley and encountered them before, so she knew they were all criminals.

Without a second word, she waved her Heavenly Skylight Scepter and unleashed a mighty surge of Radiant War Immortal Core energy everywhere.

The scarred-faced man did not hold back as he stepped forth and activated the Five-Fury Formation’s power.

Gold, wood, water, fire, earth — five different auras erupted following that and turned into a colorful energy torrent that blocked Lan Yu’s attack.

“Now that you’re trapped in my Five-Fury Formation, your defeat is the only way this is going to end,” the scarred-faced man said coldly.

“I’d like to see you try.”

Lan Yu was not frightened in the slightest. Donned in her armor and with the Heavenly Scepter in hand,?she naturally exuded an unrelenting and indomitable poise.