Chapter 1267 - Thunder God Pearl, Chu Kuangren Has Descended, I Want It

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At the Interstellar Arena, all the sky-prides were competing for various Opportunities of Fortune and treasures while killing occurred everywhere.

Today, a white figure dashed across the starry sky in a stream of light.

It was Chu Kuangren, who had just stepped into the Interstellar Arena.

When he arrived at the arena, he mobilized his vast Immortal Consciousness and collected all kinds of information about the place.

He learned everything about the area, such as all major events that occurred and what kinds of sky-prides were involved in the arena.

However, only a few things were worth his attention.

For example, the Heavenly Champion and sky-prides who shone brightly in the Interstellar Arena.

“Immortal Hall’s Holy Violet Imperial Commander, Eastern King School’s Zhuo Donglai, the Demonic Dao’s Shi Tianxuan, Golden Crow Pseudo-Forefather, Lil Rulai… There’re quite a few sky-prides and Heavenly Champions, and they’re all so famous. I wonder how many of them are worth my attention,” Chu Kuangren said with a faint smile.

At that moment, an extremely powerful energy fluctuation erupted from an ancient star not far away.

A scorching light shot into the sky from the ancient star, and a powerful aura swept across the starry sky, shocking everything in all directions.

“Oh, an Opportunity of Fortune has emerged.”

Chu Kuangren looked at the ancient star with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

He did not expect he would encounter the emergence of an ancient star’s Opportunity of Fortune shortly after arriving at the Interstellar Arena.

Following that, he swiftly dashed toward the ancient star.

On a continent on the ancient star, a large amount of powerful lightning energy was released from somewhere. As the land rumbled, it formed a vast sea of lightning.

There was an incomparably sparkling blue pearl in the center of the Lightning Sea. On top of that, the Daoist patterns that flowed on the pearl also contained incomparably astonishing energy.

The sky-prides and cultivators nearby came one after another upon noticing the emergence of the pearl.

“What a powerful aura! What is this pearl?!”

“It’s extraordinary and contains lightning energy. Could it be related to the Lightning Dao’s elite in the ancient Immortal times, the Thunder God, Qiang Liang?!”

The Thunder God, Qiang Liang, was a god who controlled lightning. Like the Fire God, Zhurong, he was once the Kunlun Immortal Hall’s top-notched elite.

“This isn’t the first-generation Thunder God, Qiang Liang’s inheritance,” said a blue-haired sky-pride.

Nobody doubted what that sky-pride said, but there was disappointment in their eyes.

“If the Thunder Division’s Heavenly Champion, Lei Zhen said so, it seems this thing doesn’t belong to Qiang Liang.”

“Tsk. Lei Zhen is the most powerful Heavenly Champion in the Immortal Hall’s Thunder Division, so what he said about it not being Qiang Liang’s inheritance should be true,” a sky-pride said. He was very convinced by Lei Zhen’s statement.

“Although it isn’t the first-generation Thunder God’s inheritance, it’s a Thunder God’s treasure, which is very useful for cultivators who cultivate lightning energy,” Lei Zhen said with a fiery look in his eyes.

On the other hand, Qiang Liang was the Thunder Division’s first-generation Thunder God, but he was also a top-notched Arch Gilded Immortal. If he left an inheritance, Lei Zhen should have a stronger sense of it.

“It doesn’t matter which Thunder God it belongs to. Let’s grab it first.”

A figure flashed and dashed toward the Thunder God Pearl.

However, the Lightning Sea rumbled at that moment, and countless lightning energies burst out, smashing the sky-pride into pulp.

Lei Zhen shook his head and smiled. “How could an ordinary sky-pride get involved even if it is an ordinary Thunder God’s inheritance?”

As his figure flashed and swept toward the Lightning Sea, mysterious Daoist patterns surrounded him, and the surrounding lightning avoided him automatically.

“Sure enough, my Thunder God Technique is useful!”

“The Thunder God Pearl is the inheritance left by the Thunder God to the Thunder Division, and the Thunder God Technique I have is the greatest technique in the Thunder Division. Even the Lightning Sea dared not to seek trouble with me after sensing my energy. Once I get my hands on the Thunder God Pearl, my cultivation will be able to break through to the True Immortal Realm!”

Lei Zhen’s eyes burned with desire while he approached the Thunder God Pearl.

At that moment, countless figures dashed toward the Thunder God Pearl from all directions.

They were all top-notched sky-prides who wanted the Thunder God Pearl and would not let it slip into someone else’s hand.

“Hmph. You guys are simply delusional for thinking you can get your hands on the Thunder God Pearl.”

Lei Zhen snorted. Then, he pointed at those sky-prides, releasing an attack.

Soon, countless lighting emerged in the Lightning Sea and turned into a giant finger that shot into the sky!

“Thunder God Finger!”

The Thunder God Finger was the Thunder Division’s Golden Immortal Technique.

Being cast in the Lightning Sea, its power was much more terrifying.

Under the target of the Immortal Technique, the expression of those sky-prides changed. Frightened, they immediately retreated from the Lightning Sea.

Unfortunately, their movements were not quick enough.

Some of them were hit by the Thunder God Finger, and even some Ninth-grade Heavenly Immortals blasted into blood mists.

“What a terrifying Immortal Technique!”

“It’s neither the Immortal Technique nor Lei Zhen that’s scary. It’s the Lightning Sea!”

“Indeed. To be able to use the Lightning Sea at their advantage, the Thunder Division’s Heavenly Champion’s combat strength here far exceeds that in other places.”

Everyone was discussing among themselves, with fear in their eyes.

Lei Zhen snorted while standing proudly with blue lightning rays flashing in his eyes as if the Thunder God had come to life.

“Who else wants to compete with me for the Thunder God Pearl?” he said proudly while looking around.

He was even confident to fight against True Immortals in the Lightning Sea and look down on ordinary top-notched sky-prides.

“Since there’s no one else, I shall take it.”

Lei Zhen raised his hand to grab the Thunder God Pearl.

However, at that moment, the universe suddenly trembled.

Clouds were seen surging in the sky, while an incomparably terrifying aura loomed over the land!

The entire Lightning Sea began to tremble because of the aura.

Some of the more ordinary sky-prides even trembled as they looked at the clouds in the sky with shock in their eyes.

“What a frightening aura. Which sky-pride has descended?”

“Such an aura. Could it be one of those Prodigies?!”

A figure in white and black hair descended from the clouds.

With an ancient sword and a scroll hanging from his waist, his peerless demeanor, and the Immortal Sparks around him, it was as if a Nine Heavens Immortal King had descended on the earth.

Each of his moves carried a transcendence feeling to it.

At that moment, the mountains and rivers rumbled, the sun and moon lost their brilliance, and the crowd’s heart pounded fearfully.

Even Lei Zhen, who was in the Lightning Sea, widened his eyes a little, and his gaze became more solemn.

“He’s… Chu Kuangren!”

“He has appeared!”

The person was none other than Chu Kuangren.

Having recognized him, the rest of the people looked at each other in disbelief.

“He has been missing for two years. I didn’t expect him to show up here.”

“I guess he’s here for the Thunder God Pearl.”

Chu Kuangren swept down from afar with eyes that glowed like lightning as he stared ahead. He looked at the Thunder God Pearl and said, “I want it.”