Chapter 1270 - Supreme Clarity Branch’s Su Yun, Lan Yu’s News, Courting Death

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“I didn’t expect I would be able to get a Gilded Physical Body Trait. What a surprise,” murmured Chu Kuangren.

He already possessed the Gilded Soul Trait, and now, he had the Gilded Physical Body Trait.

Possessing the Gilded Trait was very rare before breaking through to Gilded Immortal, and it was also a must for breaking through to Gilded Immortal.

In other words, Chu Kuangren had just broken through to the True Immortal, but he was already preparing to become a Gilded Immortal.

Something like that was unimaginable for countless Heavenly Champions and sky-prides. After all, most of them had not even broken through to True Immortals, not to mention a Gilded Immortal, who was even a realm higher than a True Immortal.

Moreover, even a top-notched sky-pride might not successfully break through to a Gilded Immortal after stepping into the True Immortal Realm.

True Immortals and Gilded Immortals were one realm apart, but their strengths were thousands of times larger than the gap between Earthen Immortals and Heavenly Immortals!

Breaking through each of the nine grades in the True Immortal Realm was as difficult as crossing a mountain, whereas breaking through each of the nine grades in the Gilded Immortal Realm was like reaching for the heavens!

Even a small grade was extremely difficult to break through.

“To think absorbing the Lightning Sea has given me a Gilded Trait. If I can absorb the energy in the Thunder God Pearl, my Gilded Physical Body Trait will be at least ten times stronger. Then, I can kill ordinary True Immortals with my raw physique,” Chu Kuangren murmured while looking at the Thunder God Pearl.

He had only absorbed less than one-tenth of the energy in the Thunder God Pearl, but he did not intend to continue absorbing it.

Suddenly, when he was about to leave, a voice sounded behind him.

“Brother Chu, please wait.”

Chu Kuangren turned around, only to see a man in a green Daoist robe approaching him slowly with a whisk in his hand.

His appearance reminded him of an ancient Immortal force, which was the Three Clarity Daoist Sect.

As expected, his aura was indeed from the Three Clarity Daoist Sect’s Supreme Clarity branch.

“What’s the matter?”

“I’m Su Yun of the Three Clarity Daoist Sect’s Supreme Clarity branch.”

Su Yun smiled and said, “I have a piece of news here, and I think you might be interested to know about it, Brother Chu.”

“Oh, tell me.”

“I heard the Evil Immortal Valley’s cultivators are setting up formations to kill Sister Lan Yu on the Terraspirit Planet. I think you should be interested to know this piece of news, Brother Chu,” said Su Yun.

He learned about the news from others, but there should be some credibility to it.

The reason he chose to tell Chu Kuangren about it was because he wanted to build a better relationship with Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren’s strength and talent were outstanding. If he could have a good relationship with Chu Kuangren, it would perhaps be a great help for him in the future.

When Su Yun told Chu Kuangren about Lan Yu’s news, an extremely cold aura mixed with murderous intent suddenly erupted and swept out in all directions.

All cultivators who sensed the aura could not help but shudder.

It was extremely frightening.

At that moment, they felt like someone was holding a knife at their necks, and they had no say about their life and death.

“She’s on the Terraspirit Planet, am I right?” Chu Kuangren asked indifferently.

“Yes,” Su Yun said while gulping.

Although he knew he was not the target of Chu Kuangren’s murderous intent, the latter’s aura still made him shudder.

“If it is true, I’ll owe you favor.”

Chu Kuangren’s figure flashed andinstantly disappeared in place.

The next moment, he emerged in the vast starry sky.

There were countless planets in the Interstellar Arena, among which were a large number of unknown ancient planets.

However, there were also some named planets with a long history.

For instance, the Big Dipper Thirty-six Stars, Seventy-two Hellish Planets, Twenty-eight Constellations, the Big Dipper, and so on.

The Terraspirit Planet that Su Yun mentioned was one of the Seventy-two Hellish Planets.

Chu Kuangren was well-read and familiar with constellations.

After he arrived in the starry sky, he mobilized his Immortal Consciousness. Once he identified the Terraspirit Planet’s location, he dashed toward it.

His gaze was cold with murderous intent.

“How dare you attack my people? Well, Evil Immortal Valley, you’ve successfully provoked me.”

On the Terraspirit Planet, the Evil Immortal Valley’s cultivators had set up the Five-Fury Formation, trying to kill Lan Yu and grab her Opportunities of Fortunes.

The battle had been going on for nearly ten days and ten nights.

More and more cultivators were attracted by the shockwaves of the battle, but the Evil Immortal Valley’s cultivators still could not defeat Lan Yu.

“Lan Yu’s strength is unbelievable. I can’t believe she can last so long under the attack of Fei Long and others.”

“Indeed. Moreover, Fei Long’s cultivation base isn’t weak. He is a well-known top-notched sky-pride in the Interstellar Arena and second only to the Evil Immortal Valley’s scoundrel, Wang Tianba.”

“However, they still can’t defeat Lan Yu after setting up the Five-Fury Formation. If they were to fight her alone, she would win against any of them.”

The crowd was engaged in a discussion, visibly impressed by the battle.

In the Five-Fury Formation, Lan Yu was wearing the silver-white armor with the Heavenly Skylight Scepter in her hand, and her Radiant War Immortal Core energy was surging.

Although she was covered in injuries, every move of hers still carried an unyielding battle intent.

“D*mn it. She’s too good!” The scar-faced cultivator leading the group, the Evil Immortal Valley’s sky-pride, Fei Long, said with a gloomy expression.

He looked at Lan Yu’s silver-white armor with greed in his eyes.

The reason why Lan Yu could last so long in the Five-Fury Formation was because of the armor, which blocked most of the Five-Fury Formation’s attacks for her.

Otherwise, Lan Yu would not have been able to last for so long.

“The armor isn’t an ordinary Gilded Immortal Weapon. It may even be an Arch Gilded Immortal Weapon!”

“Indeed. It must be an Arch Gilded Immortal Weapon.”

An Arch Gilded Immortal Weapon was an extremely rare treasure even in the Interstellar Arena, where Opportunities of Fortunes were everywhere.

Only a few top-notched sky-prides or Prodigies possessed the Arch Gilded Immortal Weapons.

As for Fei Long, the best Immortal Weapon in his hand was merely a Gilded Immortal Weapon.

“Lan Yu must die!”

“I’ll get her armor and the Opportunities of Fortunes here if I get to kill her.”

Fei Long’s eyes were filled with murderous intent.

He channeled his Immortal’s Core to evoke the Five ways energy contained in the Five-Fury Formation. Soon, countless colorful torrents swept toward Lan Yu with immense might.

“Heavenly God Ray!”

Lan Yu was not to be outdone. She waved the Heavenly Skylight Scepter and cast the Winged Human Tribe’s combat skills one after another.

As the two energies collided, Lan Yu was pushed back more than a hundred kilometers, and blood began to show at the corner of her mouth.

“Hah! No matter how strong your battle intent, you’re just a human. Your Immortal’s Core is limited, while the Five-Fury Formation has endless energy. How can you defeat it?!”

“Lan Yu is about to lose.”

“But it’s not easy for her to have persisted for such long.”

A young sky-pride lamented.

However, some people breathed a sigh of relief.

Lan Yu’s strength was mighty, and she was even close to a Prodigy of a sky-pride.

She was an archenemy!

If she could die here, they would have one powerful opponent less to defeat.

“Go to hell!”

Fei Long mobilized the Five-Fury Formation, and torrents of Five Ways energies gushed toward Lan Yu.

“You’re courting death!”

At that moment, a terrifyingly loud noise sounded in the sky, and thousands of kilometers of clouds exploded!