Chapter 1412 - Gilded Soul Realm, Nine Heavens Lapis Lazuli Realm, Violet Eye Clan

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Chapter 1412: Gilded Soul Realm, Nine Heavens Lapis Lazuli Realm, Violet Eye Clan

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After dealing with the Dragon clan, Feng Yu, Second Young Master Feng, Shi Ying, and the Iceworm Ru Xue came over.

Second Young Master Feng gulped and gasped in awe as he scanned over the wreckage of the Dragon clan. He was deeply shaken.

He was looking at the remains of the Dragon clan, which was stronger than the Feng clan and known as the leader of the Eight Golden clans!

The former glory of the Dragon clan was reduced to ashes and rubble.

“So this is Chu Kuangren’s power?”

The Second Young Master Feng looked at Chu Kuangren’s back with an inconceivable gaze.

“He shall be the one and only champion in the Battle of the Heavenly Champions, the one who rules over the Immortal World.”

The fanatic admiration that the Second Young Master Feng had for Chu Kuangren grew stronger.

He had only met Chu Kuangren for the first time today, yet he was already convinced by Chu Kuangren’s outstanding demeanor.

Feng Yu felt the same as well. She even had a feeling that with Chu Kuangren’s help, the Feng clan’s reputation would surely rise to a new height.

Shi Ying and Ru Xue came over.

Jing Hui reacted strangely to Shi Ying as though she sensed something in the girl.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Kuangren casually asked.

“Nothing.” Jing Hui shook her head. Then, she subtly turned around and murmured to herself, “What is she up to again?!”

“Hm. Interesting.” Chu Kuangren chuckled. He knew Jing Hui must have found out something, and it further proved his speculation that Shi Ying was originally from the Buddhist world.

“Alright, Hong Hua. You, go cultivate the Restful Mantra with Jing Hui and learn how to control the evil qi in you.

“As for Feng Yu, I want you to investigate the Arcane Deity Sect for me.”

“Yes, Master.” Feng Yu nodded.

After that, she sent the order to Breeze Seeking Inn and devoted all the Feng clan’s resources to the investigation of the Arcane Deity Sect.

“Congratulations, host! You have won a God-tier prize, the Ninth Rebirth Heavenly Soul Pill!”

Chu Kuangren was doing his gacha roll on that particular day.

It had been a while since he got something useful, and that prize somehow caught his interest.

The Ninth Rebirth Heavenly Soul Pill was an ancillary pill that could boost one’s soul energy.

“Soul energy is difficult to level up, and it has been a while since my soul realm got any enhancement. The Ninth Rebirth Heavenly Soul Pill came just at the right time,” Chu Kuangren said with a smile.

He took the pill out without hesitation and consumed it for refinement.

The moment the pill went down his throat, a large amount of soul energy erupted inside him.

His mind ocean shook!

All three souls were awoken, and the Eighteen-Cycle Trinity Soul Refinement was used to absorb the overflowing soul energy in him.

Heaven, earth, human, all three souls combined and separated repeatedly until the Ninth Rebirth Heavenly Soul Pill boosted his soul realm to the Thirteen Cycle!

All three souls in his mind ocean were basking in golden light that could outshine the sun!

The Gilded Soul realm!

All three of his souls had reached the Gilded Soul realm!

Normal, Immortal, True Consciousness, Gilded, Desolation, Requiescence, Chaos, and Transcendence were the eight realms of the soul.

Chu Kuangren had achieved the Gilded Soul realm, which only a Gilded Immortal could possess. In addition to that, not only one but all three of his souls were in the same realm.

It was terrifying because he could easily overpower most of the Gilded Immortal in terms of the soul realm.

“Not bad.” Chu Kuangren smiled.

It was then that the jade scroll at this waist buzzed.

He got a message from Feng Yu regarding the Arcane Deity Sect.

“Arcane Deity Sect, Nine Heavens Deity, Ninth Heaven Lapis Lazuli Realm… the Luo clan!”

The information clearly stated that the Arcane Deity Sect settled down in a place called the Ninth Heaven Lapis Lazuli Realm. After it was destroyed, the secret realm was closed and got lost in the river of time.

Now, it was under the control of the Luo clan, one of the Eight Golden clans. Although they kept it a secret, the Feng clan had its ways to pry open the seams.

However, some of the sky-prides managed to get hold of the news and learned of the existence of the Ninth heaven Lapis Lazuli Realm. A number of them were going to the Luo clan to access the secret realm, and that included the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoists and company.

“Luo clan, huh? Let’s go pay them a visit,” Chu Kuangren murmured.

Since Shang Honghua was cultivating the Restful Mantra with Jing Hui, only Chu Kuangren, Shi Ying, and the Iceworm Ru Xue went to the Luo clan.

Meanwhile, in the Luo clan’s territory, schemes and plots were brewing in the dark.

The sky-prides that caught wind of the Ninth Heaven Lapis Lazuli Realm came flocking like birds.

The elders of the Luo clan were discussing the matter inside the main hall. As the sky-prides came flocking, it left the Luo Clan Leader no choice but to open it up.

The other elders sighed but were helpless against it.

The Luo clan might be one of the Eight Golden clans with a reputation on the Golden Continent, but they were no one in the grand scale of the Immortal World.

Each and every sky-pride had a massive and substantial background, and they were not equipped to face the pressure from the outside world. Therefore, they decided to open up the Ninth Heaven Lapis Lazuli Realm.

“Don’t worry, Clan Leader. We might have to open up the Ninth Heaven Lapis Lazuli Realm, but based on our experience in the countless expeditions into the secret realm, I’m confident that I can secure a lead and bring glory to the family. I might even locate the legendary Arcane Deity Sect and acquire the treasures from the West Matriarch Ruler,” said a young man in white.

The young man with the thin brows was the most outstanding sky-pride of the Luo clan, having broken through to the Higher Third Grade cultivation base.

It was worth noting that only a handful of sky-prides in the younger generation had achieved a Higher Third Grade cultivation base.

However, it did not mean they could rival the top-notch Prodigies. At most, they could qualify as a common Prodigy. The reason why they were able to achieve such a high cultivation base was because of the rich spiritual energy on the Holy Violet Emperor Planet and their advantage in cultivation.

Therefore, his cultivation base was enough to make him stand out from his peers, which fueled his confidence in the expedition into the secret realm.

“Luo Yifeng, you and Yan’er are our only hope in this expedition into the secret realm. We are relying on you two to make us proud,” Luo Clan Leader said.

The Yan’er that the Luo Clan Leader mentioned was the other sky-pride of the family, Luo Yan.

“I understand. Sister Yan’er and I will do our best,” Luo Yifeng said with a nod.

Outside the Luo clan, sky-prides and Prodigies alike were gathering, waiting for the Luo clan to open up the Ninth Heaven Lapis Lazuli Realm.

They were not worried about the Luo clan rejecting them because they knew the Luo clan had no choice but to succumb to pressure.

While waiting, the sky-prides sized up one another carefully. After all, they were all rivals in the Battle of Heavenly Champions.

“I didn’t expect the Eastern Sovereign Immortal Hall to send three of their Divine Daoists and Divine Maiden here. What a scene.”

A number of the sky-prides recognized the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist, Eastern Sky Divine Daoist, and Great Arbiter Divine Maiden from afar.

Each and every one of them was a top-notch Prodigy on their own, especially the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist as he had awoken the Chaos Celestial Demon Physique. He was labeled as unmatched among the younger generation.

“Other than the three from the Eastern Sovereign Immortal Hall, we should pay attention to the others as well. Even that clan is here.”

Someone looked into the void and saw a group of people in violet robes that had patterns of eyes sewn onto them.

They were the oldest clan in Holy Violet Emperor Planet, the Violet Eye clan.

“The Violet Eye clan rarely shows up in public. It seems they can’t stay in the dark anymore now that this great era has arrived.”