Chapter 1442 - The Song Couple (170)

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Director Li had already said that they could avoid the rain. But if Song Yiyan insisted on getting drenched in the rain, he had no choice.

He didn’t want to be drenched in the rain either. It was such a cold day, who would be willing to film in the rain?

“Let’s work hard for this scene and adjust our condition. We’ll pass in one take!” Li Rong was still very confident in the two of them.

Song Yiyan’s acting skills were very good. She was a talented actress, she could act in whatever role she wanted.

Ruan Xiao was also an experienced actor, and his acting skills were not bad. At first, he was a little lacking when working with her. Later, under the pressure of Song Yiyan’s assistant, he had to adjust himself to his best state every time he acted, trying to pass in one take.

Otherwise, if there were more than three takes, the look in that big shot’s eyes was really unbearable. He felt that if he didn’t finish it quickly, he would be killed by him.

It was precisely because of this that Song Yiyan was very relaxed when filming. The actors in her scenes were all quite good, and there would definitely not be a situation where there were more than 10 scenes.

Ruan Xiao wondered if it was because he was nervous but the first scene was NG.

Song Yiyan smiled at him and encouraged him. “It’s okay. Let’s do it again, relax.”

“Okay.” Ruan Xiao’s voice was trembling, and his scalp was tingling with nervousness.

The big shot outside the arena glanced at him threateningly, making his legs go weak. He deeply suspected that if he couldn’t pass this time, he would lose his life.

Oh no. He messed up! He would be killed by that big shot for letting Song Yiyan get drenched!

When Song Yiyan looked over, Ji Xing had returned to normal. His face was dark and expressionless, like an ice sculpture.

The staff present were all worried for Ruan Xiao. They secretly looked in Ji Xing’s direction and did not see any dangerous actions from that person, but they were not relieved.

They did not know who that person was.

However, what they knew was that all the management staff, actors, including the main leads and directors, treated him with reverence.

It was obvious that Song Yiyan’s assistant was not an ordinary person.

Li Rong sighed in his heart and looked at Ruan Xiao, who was either drenched in rain or cold sweat. Why did he make a mistake at the critical moment!

However, this kind of scene was very difficult to shoot. It tested the actors’ acting skills greatly, it also tested the director and cameraman’s ability to control the entire scene.

Li Rong personally ran forward and spoke to the two of them, telling them how to adjust to the best angle and condition.

Ruan Xiao was so nervous that his body was stiff. The more he wanted to take a good shot, the more nervous he was because of the pressure.

Song Yiyan was fine, but she felt a little cold. Even with the heating talisman, how could she not be cold in this weather?

“Director Li, I understand.” Ruan Xiao adjusted his breathing and tried to get through the next round. Otherwise, he would really be killed.

In order to conserve her strength, Song Yiyan didn’t say anything and made an OK gesture.

“I’m sorry.” Ruan Xiao apologized to Song Yiyan immediately.

Everything was fine in the beginning. At the last moment, he didn’t know if it was because he was under too much pressure, but he actually forgot his lines. His mind instantly went blank and he couldn’t remember anything.

He was not the only one who was trembling in fear. Even the staff beside him began to sympathize with him as it was the second time. If it happened again, he would probably lose all his bones.

Ji Xing’s eyes were cold, and his narrow eyes were like a bottomless cold pool. His gaze landed on Ruan Xiao. Damn it, how could someone be so stupid? He couldn’t even remember his lines.

Should he teach him how to act and remember his lines?

Song Yiyan felt the murderous gaze from outside the arena. She turned around and saw Ji Xing looking away, she turned around and ran in his direction. “Go outside and wait for me!”

Ji Xing frowned and said through gritted teeth, “Why should I go outside?”

“You’re throwing your weight around here and scaring him out of his wits. How is he going to act properly?” Song Yiyan was wondering why Ruan Xiao was acting so strangely and stiffly, it turned out that he was frightened by him.

“He’s useless, yet he’s blaming others?” Ji Xing’s murderous gaze swept across Ruan Xiao. “He can only blame himself for not being good at acting!”

Some people were motivated by pressure. If he hadn’t been watching from the side, would the actors’ acting skills have improved so quickly? Would the number of NGs have decreased?

Ruan Xiao quickly agreed with a smile. “Mr. Ji is right, I’m useless. I’ll definitely pass in one take next time.”

He felt that he would lose half his life after filming this movie, his face was covered in cold sweat. If it hadn’t been for the rain, it would have been too embarrassing for anyone to see him.

Song Yiyan lowered her voice and whispered, “Go out and wait. I’ll give you a surprise tonight.”

Although she had never had a good impression of Ruan Xiao because she always thought that he was egotistical, utilitarian, and shameless, he was quite tactful and knew what to do and what not to do. His acting skills were passable.

Ji Xing did not say anything, he only smiled coldly. Every cell in his body was telling him clearly that it was impossible to get away!

The next scene began soon and Li Rong did not dare to delay. It was already a cold day, and as time passed, the actor’s clothes would freeze. It was too difficult!

If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have… No, he would still have looked for Song Yiyan.

The eldest daughter of the Song family was easy to talk to. She did not have a temper and was very professional, her acting skills were also amazing.

However, her boyfriend was the nightmare of the entire production team. Although, thanks to his strict supervision, the quality of the movie and the acting skills of the actors had a quantum leap.

This time, Ruan Xiao went on stage with the determination to die.

Under extreme pressure and threat, one’s potential would be infinitely explored and magnified.

In the third take, Ruan Xiao performed extremely well, far beyond his own ability.

Song Yiyan was someone who could get into character in a second.

When the two of them were acting, the staff present felt the same way and were pulled into the movie world.

Tears streamed down Li Rong’s face as he looked gratefully at Ji Xing. Only with pressure could one have motivation, he was right.

Ruan Xiao’s performance had far exceeded his expectations, it was perfect. The best scene of the entire movie was born.