Chapter 1444 - The Song Couple (172)

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Song Yiyan was tempted by the man’s expression and couldn’t control herself.

During pregnancy, a pregnant woman’s endocrine imbalance would cause her to want it every day. However, her willpower was strong and she controlled it. But how could she control it when he was flirting with her like this?

Li Rong and the others shivered in the cold wind. Seeing that the weather was gloomy and the clouds were dark, they did not know if it would rain immediately. They looked in the direction of the RV.

The windows of the RV were one-way glass, so he couldn’t see anything. The soundproofing was good, and he couldn’t hear anything. He didn’t know what was going on inside.

Was she awake? Or was she still unconscious? He had to give them an explanation and hear their sincere apology!

Ruan Xiao lowered his voice. “Director Li, why don’t you knock on the door and ask?”

Li Rong rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you go?”

Ask what? Was he looking for trouble?

Ruan Xiao chuckled. “You’re the director.”

Li Rong said, “You’re the main lead!”

The relevant actors and staff thought to themselves, “The director and main lead did not want to ask, did they want the staff to ask instead?”

In the end, it was Li Rong who took responsibility. He braced himself and walked forward to knock on the door.

The two were on the sofa and Song Yiyan was straddling Ji Xing’s waist like a hooligan. When she heard the knock on the door, it was as if someone had splashed a bucket of cold water on her and extinguished the fire.

The heat in Ji Xing’s eyes faded bit by bit. He swallowed, his Adam’s apple sliding sexily. After seeing the young lady glare at him, he got up and went down to open the door.

Seeing that Song Yiyan was in good spirits, Li Rong was so grateful that tears streamed down his face. Thank God, thank you, ancestors. Miss Song was fine.

Otherwise, he would not be able to find his way back even if he died!

“Yanyan, the ambulance has been waiting for a long time. Let’s go to the hospital and have a detailed checkup.” Li Rong looked at her with a sincere and worried expression.

Song Yiyan said, “No need. I’m fine.”

Li Rong quickly began to apologize. “I’m really sorry. It’s my fault for filming a summer scene on such a cold day.”

“How can you blame the director for this? You just want to make the movie good.” Song Yiyan was very polite.

It was not the director’s fault.

As an actress, she had to have professionalism and film all kinds of scenes. No one could guarantee that they would film according to the season. There were many situations where she would film summer scenes in winter and winter scenes in summer.

“It’s good that you understand.” Li Rong was so grateful that he wanted to cry. He glanced inside. “Mr. Ji, is Yanyan really not going to the hospital to take a look?”

If this big shot didn’t say anything, they wouldn’t be confident. If they were to be marked by this big shot, not to mention filming, whether they could survive in the entertainment industry would be up to him.

I heard that this big shot’s business has already developed into the entertainment industry. I believe the entertainment industry will be reorganized in a few days.

Ruan Xiao followed beside Li Rong. After all, he had caused the scene with Song Yiyan to be retaken three times today. He was the one who had caused her to be drenched in the rain for so long.

Song Yiyan looked at the scene in front of her and felt that she was being too arrogant. “It’s okay, he’s cooking. You guys can go back to the hotel!”

Li Rong did not dare to say anything else. “Have a good rest tomorrow and the day after. I’ll arrange your scenes for you later, your health is more important.”

Ruan Xiao added, “Yes, health is the capital of the revolution. No matter what you do, you have to take care of your health first.”

The staff and relevant actors also heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that there was no big trouble. Seriously, the big shot followed them to scare them.

Song Yiyan decided that if she took on another role in the future, she would never agree to let Ji Xing follow her. It would make her look like the empress, everyone had to serve her and please her.

She had to ask Sheng Sheng if she received the same treatment when she was filming. Did she feel uncomfortable?

Ji Xing had already served all the dishes on the table. The pork trotters and chicken soup had been simmered on the stove over a casserole, and the fragrance was overwhelming.

Song Yiyan was unhappy without meat, her eyes sparkled as she ran towards the pork trotter. As she picked up a piece of pork trotter and bit into it, her other hand tore off a chicken leg.

A mouthful of chicken drumstick and a mouthful of pig trotters. No matter what, the way she ate was elegant and good-looking.

Seeing that her appetite was so good, Ji Xing was relieved and reminded her, “There are sweet and sour pork ribs in the pot!”

Song Yiyan nodded. “Do you have steamed fish?”

Ji Xing said, “Yes, Grandpa asked someone to send it over.”

She liked to eat the steamed fish made by the chef at home. The chef was good at making steamed fish.

He had also followed suit for two days, but even if he followed the steps completely, he could not make it taste the same. He felt that it was lacking a little.

Ji Xing served the steamed fish and picked up his chopsticks to carefully remove the bones. He placed the fish on the plate in front of her.

After she got pregnant, her appetite grew. She didn’t say much and said that she let the baby eat everything.

Every time it was time to eat, Song Yiyan felt that it was better to bring him along. If he wasn’t around, who would cook for her and peel prawns for her?

The rest of the filming went very smoothly. There were no more accidents and no more NGs.

What made Song Yiyan happier was that perhaps because she insisted on exercising, the baby had been very obedient and did not disturb her anymore. Because of her physique, he did not show too much affection.

When Qiao Yuan said that she was pregnant, it was similar. When she found out she was pregnant, she was already five or six months pregnant. When she gave birth to her, her stomach wasn’t especially big.

At that time, the family had said that the child would definitely be thin and weak. Who knew that when she was born, she would be a fat girl who weighed seven to eight kilograms? She was not small at all.

On the day the filming ended, the crew gathered, ate, sang, and said goodbye. After that, they went their separate ways. It was unknown if they would have another chance to work together in the future.

The actors benefited the most this time. With Li Rong’s guidance and Boss Ji’s pressure, their acting skills improved rapidly.

At the end of the shoot, the actors, who were on tenterhooks every day and were looking forward to filming and leaving as soon as possible, actually felt reluctant. They deeply felt that they had been addicted to being abused.

However, even if they were addicted to being abused, they still enjoyed it. Who didn’t want their acting skills to improve steadily and beat others up? It made their acting skills improve by leaps and bounds, what kind of miracle was this!

Ruan Xiao had drunk too much and became bolder. He held a glass of wine and toasted Ji Xing. “Assistant Ji, thank you for this filming. I toast you.”