Chapter 1447 - The Song Couple (175)

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Shen Mengmeng nodded. “An agency is scouting me. My mother is in contact with them.”

She didn’t expect to be chosen as the second female lead in a big movie so quickly. She hadn’t signed on before and didn’t have a manager, so her mother had taken a place as her manager at the last minute.

“Your debut is a good role. There must be a lot of companies fighting to sign you.” Song Yiyan smiled and asked her, “Is there any you like?”

Shen Mengmeng nodded and carefully looked at Ruan Xiao not far away. “I want to go to Senior Ruan’s studio, but I don’t know if he’s willing to sign me as a newbie.”

Song Yiyan was on good terms with her, so she didn’t hide it from her. “Your Brother Ruan is now a member of my company.”

“What?” Shen Mengmeng’s eyes widened in disbelief. When she regained her senses, she grabbed her arm and asked tentatively, “Sister Yanyan, can I go to your company too? Although I’m a newcomer and have just debuted, Director Li said that I’m malleable and my acting skills have improved very quickly. I’ll work hard.”

Song Yiyan looked at the silly girl in front of her and really wanted to ask what was so good about Ruan Xiao that was worth her putting in so much effort.

Shen Mengmeng’s family background was not bad, she was from a scholarly family and her family members were all famous local people. She felt that she had taken things too seriously with Ruan Xiao.

However, the young lady liked it. As an outsider, she couldn’t care less. Whether they could achieve anything depended on the two of them.

She saw that Ruan Xiao did not have any interest in Shen Mengmeng. After all, Ruan Xiao was too utilitarian and ambitious, he wanted to climb up the ranks too much.

As he climbed up, anyone could become a stepping stone under his feet. If he had to choose between his relationship and career, he would definitely choose his career.

“You should go back and think about it and ask your family for their opinion!” Song Yiyan also felt that she was quite malleable and looked very recognizable.

The current trend in the entertainment industry was that newcomers who entered the industry did not have their own characteristics. They were too similar in their looks and there were not many people who looked like Shen Mengmeng.

In time, if they were nurtured well, even if they could not become an international A-list celebrity, it would be easy for them to rise to the domestic A-list.

“You don’t want to sign me?” Shen Mengmeng bit her lip in sadness and disappointment. Then, she clenched her fists and looked at her seriously as if swearing an oath. “I understand. I didn’t qualify, I will work hard.”

She was only in her second year of university, and her acting skills were too rusty. She had been spoiled by her family since she was young, and she was also lacking in terms of being a person. She would work hard to make up for these shortcomings.

“It’s not that you don’t qualify. I think you’re quite good.” Song Yiyan didn’t expect her to misinterpret her meaning. She sighed softly. “I’m asking you to go back and think about it. You might be saying this on impulse now, you can make a decision after you calm down and compare between different agencies.”

She quite liked this child. She had a good personality, but it might be because her family doted on her. She was career-minded and not very strong.

Although she was a pacifist herself, she was lenient to herself and strict with others. She did not want her company’s artists to be so accepting. If they were not aggressive and competitive, how could they stand out in the entertainment industry where there were many talents?

“Then can I sign with your company?” Shen Mengmeng asked carefully.

“Go back and think about what you want. Tell me when you figured it out.”

“Okay, I understand.”

Shen Mengmeng knew that Sister Yanyan was responsible for her.

Logically speaking, everyone should be relaxed after the filming of the movie ended. It was inevitable to drink and celebrate.

However, because Ji Xing and Song Yiyan were around, no one dared to persuade them to drink.

When it ended, the group was still awake. It was even more comfortable than being drunk every time.

Song Yiyan and Ji Xing returned home after filming today. The Song family was even more lively than during the new year.

Their wedding was scheduled for the 28th of this month. It was less than a week away.

Song Yiyan was initially unwilling, but because of the filming, it had been delayed from May to August. On second thought, if this continued, they would get married in September, the hottest time of the year.

Moreover, her stomach had grown visibly in the past two days. It made her feel like blowing a balloon.

However, she was also satisfied. At least he did not try his best to grow while she was filming and made her film with a big stomach. He was still a good son.

She had taken a day off last month and agreed to go to the hospital for a gender test.

In the end, ever since she found out that it was a son in her stomach, she was doomed. Her family, especially Ji Xing, began to urge her to have a second child and ask her for a daughter.

Her body had been sore for nearly a month and a half, and her legs cramped every night. In recent days, her calves had begun to show signs of edema.

Every time this happened, Ji Xing would despise his son so much that he wanted to drag him out and beat him up.

“Brat, if you continue to torture your mother, I’ll teach you a lesson in the future.” Ji Xing looked fiercely at Song Yiyan’s stomach and massaged her feet and legs.

“You can scare him now.” Song Yiyan frowned slightly and smiled at him. “When you’re old in the future, let’s see how he deals with you.”

“He dares to deal with me?” Ji Xing looked at the young lady’s swollen calf, his eyes filled with heartache. He flicked her stomach lightly. “We’ll settle the score when you come out.”

Why was this brat so annoying? He made his wife suffer so much. Not only did her leg cramp every night, but her leg was starting to swell.

It had only been less than five months. If he grew older, who knew how much more he would torture her!

He wished he could swap souls with her. He would suffer all the pain.

“If it’s a daughter, will you settle the score?” Song Yiyan felt that he was biased and wanted a daughter. Who knew that it was a son?

“It doesn’t matter if he’s a son or a daughter, he’s a smart person. We have to teach him a lesson.” Ji Xing just couldn’t bear to see her suffer, it had nothing to do with the gender of the baby in her stomach.

“If it was a daughter, your attitude wouldn’t be so bad.” Song Yiyan snorted. “Why do you men all like daughters?”

Jun Shiyan was the same. Sheng Sheng said that it might be because he was not around when she gave birth to Xiaoqi. In order to make up for his regrets, he had to be with her 24 hours a day.

In the beginning, he had to bring her along when he went to the company to settle matters. Now, it was even more exaggerated. He was afraid that she would get into trouble, so he decided not to go to the company and work at home.

He was not inferior to Jun Shiyan, the two of them were really brothers. She was filming a scene, but he had to accompany her the entire time. His work was also through video conferencing, and contracts were signed on the set.