Chapter 1449 - The Song Couple (177)

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This was especially true for a female celebrity of her age when her career was on the rise. Even falling in love would affect her, let alone getting married. She was simply risking her career.

Many fans posted long, heart-wrenching articles asking her who the other party was. They were worried that her future career would be affected and that she would not have any jobs to earn money and would be hidden at home.

Song Yiyan didn’t expect that she would have so many true fans, she was a little touched by the fans who were worried about her. In order not to let them worry, she prepared to post another Weibo post.

“Give me your hand.” Song Yiyan looked at Ji Xing.

Ji Xing obediently handed her his hand, not knowing what she was going to do.

Song Yiyan held his big hand and looked at their fingers. She felt that something was missing. “Do you feel that there’s a flaw?”

The marriage certificate was not with her. Otherwise, she would have flashed it.

Ji Xing smiled and nodded, his eyes filled with affection. He took out an exquisite box and opened it to reveal a pair of rings.

Song Yiyan was a little silly when she was pregnant. When she saw the ring, she realized that it was a wedding ring. No wonder she felt that something was wrong. “Why are you holding this?”

Before she came to the set, she had taken off her wedding ring and placed it at home. She had even forced him not to wear his wedding ring so both of them had left theirs at home.

“You didn’t allow me to wear it.” Ji Xing raised his eyebrows slightly and suddenly leaned closer. His hot breath was by her ear, and his voice was sexy. “I can’t even hold it?”

“Fine, you can do whatever you want.” Song Yiyan wanted to take a photo and post it on Weibo, but the man’s sudden intimate action made her body tingle and she leaned back.

Ji Xing stopped teasing her in the car. He grabbed her hand with his big hand and interlocked their fingers. “Take it!” he said gently.

It was rare for her to take the initiative and publicize their relationship. He naturally couldn’t ask for more.

Song Yiyan took a photo and edited it excitedly.

“I have a gold mine at home, don’t worry about me eating dirt. If I really can’t, I’ll go home and inherit billions of assets.”

It was easy for the fans. After seeing her reply, they asked her who her husband was. It was good that her family had billions of assets, at least they didn’t have to worry about their idol eating dirt.

There was no shortage of anti-fans and trolls at any time. They started arguing quickly and were also extremely jealous, they claimed that she was lying.

They said that she had inherited billions of assets and was even banned by the entire entertainment industry some time ago. Why was she pretending to be rich? She must have hooked up with a rich old man who paid to support her before she appeared in the entertainment industry.

The fans recalled that someone had once said that she was the eldest daughter of the Song family. She did not have a sugar daddy behind her, nor did she have a rich businessman with a big belly and a fat waist. She instead went after a rich old man who was about to die.

Soon, they found the comment and took a screenshot. They tried to clarify and slap those anti-fans in the face, why did they have to go against them?

However, the anti-fans would not admit to this. They were still arguing below, clamoring that Song Yiyan would dare to say anything for her vanity.

If the Song family found out that she was an actress who ruined their family’s reputation outside, they would definitely not let her off and make her suffer.

She even said that if it wasn’t for the old man, she would have posted it to clarify. She didn’t dare to speak up and they were clamoring for her to release her husband’s photo if she had the guts.

Song Yiyan showed Ji Xing the comments on her phone and smiled. “Do you want to take a look, rich old man?”

Ji Xing took her phone and took a photo of himself.

“What are you doing?” Song Yiyan wasn’t ready to expose him yet. Seeing him take a photo, she already guessed what he was going to do. She reached out to snatch the phone.

Ji Xing moved quickly and had already sent the photo out. He showed it to her. “Look at your old man. How does he look?”

Song Yiyan gritted her teeth and glared at him. “Who asked you to post it? Do you know how disgusting some people are online? They’ll lick your photo!”

“Do you smell something strange?” Ji Xing put his phone away and approached her, his handsome face was almost pressed against hers.

Song Yiyan asked, “What smell? Did you fart?”

When Ji Xing heard her words, she ruined the atmosphere. “Are you jealous that I sent the photo?”

Song Yiyan snorted and tried to push him away. “Would I be jealous?”

Ji Xing asked, “What else? Are you afraid that other women will yearn for my beauty?”

Song Yiyan burst out laughing and pinched his face. “Look at yourself in the mirror and see what kind of beauty you have. You narcissist.”

Ji Xing pressed his forehead against hers, his voice becoming deeper and sexier. “Really? Then I want to see what the netizens think.”

Ji Xing casually patted her while the light was dim. It was in the backseat, and half of Song Yiyan’s leg was exposed beside her.

Below Weibo, everyone was going crazy.

Song Yiyan’s husband had personally taken a photo to prove that he wasn’t an old man or a greasy uncle.

Instead, he was a handsome man. Even if it was the most casual shot and the most straightforward angle, it did not ruin the man’s beauty.

The anti-fans did not expect Song Yiyan’s husband to personally prove that he was not old and ugly. He has a good relationship with her. There were no more than two male celebrities in the entire entertainment industry who looked better than him.

At this moment, the anti-fans refused to give up and continued to attack Ji Xing. They said that he was a gigolo who had been photographed some time ago and was a kept man, he might be a young master from a club!

Among the anti-fans, some people did not even seem to have brains and would do anything. Some people said that they had requested for him in a certain clubhouse and that they were young masters.

Miraculously, the clubhouse did exist. They were all professional haters who were good at making up stories. Before long, Ji Xing had become the top young master who had been picked on by many rich women.

Song Yiyan was overjoyed when she saw their comments, they were too talented. It was a pity that they were anti-fans. They might as well write novels which would sell well!

“Are you the most popular young master in a club?” Song Yiyan hooked Ji Xing’s chin frivolously and clicked her tongue. “You don’t look that good either? How did you become the top gigolo? Are you very skilled?”

After saying that, she looked in a certain direction and stopped.