Chapter 970 - Success, Lightning Strikes! (2)

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“I see.” Grandmaster Hua Yuan nodded in enlightenment.

“So what’s going on? Why the hold-up? How many sets of ingredients did you prepare? Even if he’s a triple-grandmaster candidate, this isn’t right,” Grandmaster Kirton said.

“Grandmaster Kirton, you’re thinking too much. We only prepare three sets of ingredients for the grandmaster-level assessment. You should know that the ingredients for the Nine Essence Soul Congealing Pill are rare, so we only managed to get two sets,” Grandmaster Hua Yuan shook his head and replied.

“Two sets!” Grandmaster Kirton was dumbfounded. “Why is it taking so long then?”

“Grandmaster Wang Teng’s dan might be of a high quality.”

Grandmaster Kirton’s gaze changed. He knew what Grandmaster Hua Yuan meant. The other party didn’t fail. Instead, he was gradually infusing the ingredients into the pill. This was most likely a high-level dan.

“Does this mean that he’s at the last step?” Grandmaster Kirton asked agitatedly.

“Yes. What’s more, he only used one set of ingredients,” Grandmaster Hua Yuan complimented with a smile.

“One set!” Grandmaster Kirton felt a stab in his heart.

Everyone looked at him with different emotions in their eyes.

The Nine Essence Soul Congealing Pill had made Grandmaster Kirton famous. His success rate was said to be 60%. At the same time, the quality of his pills could reach the fifth level.

However, Wang Teng managed to succeed with only one set of ingredients. From the time he was spending, the quality of his pill would probably exceed the fifth level too.

Based on this, Grandmaster Kirton seemed to have been defeated by Grandmaster Wang Teng.

The middle-aged man from the Ji family couldn’t care less about the mood. He asked excitedly, “Does that mean that this grandmaster’s dan will be of a high level?”

“You are?” Grandmaster Hua Yuan asked curiously.

“This is Mister Ji Yuanqing from the Ji family,” Grandmaster Alfred introduced.

“The Ji family!” Grandmaster Hua Yuan was shocked. He nodded and replied, “Mister Ji Yuanqing, you’re right. The Nine Essence Soul Congealing Pill made by Grandmaster Wang Teng will be a high-level dan.”

“That’s great!” Ji Yuanqing clapped his hands happily.

The higher the quality, the better the effects. This was a widely known fact. To him, it was a great piece of news.

“This is?” Grandmaster Hua Yuan didn’t know what was happening. He was puzzled.

“One of my family members injured his soul and needs the Nine Essence Soul Congealing Pill urgently.”

“I see. What a coincidence. You can ask Grandmaster Wang Teng to sell his pill to you. I think he won’t reject the chance to befriend the Ji family,” Grandmaster Hua Yuan smiled and said.

“Hahaha, as long as the refinement is successful, the Ji family will give Grandmaster Wang Teng a fair price.” Ji Yuanqing laughed.

Grandmaster Kirton didn’t feel good. He should be the one gaining this favor, but in the end, it landed in the hands of a grandmaster he had never seen before. He had pushed the chance in this person’s face.

“I wonder when he will succeed. Why don’t you go back to have some rest?” Grandmaster Hua Yuan suggested.

“No way. We’ll wait here until Grandmaster Wang Teng succeeds.” Grandmaster Alfred shook his head firmly.

“That’s right, we’ll wait here,” Ji Yuanqing agreed hurriedly.

Grandmaster Hua Yuan didn’t persuade them further. At their stage, staying up for one night wouldn’t affect them.

He turned around and returned to the assessment room.

Grandmaster Kirton also wanted to go in, but he was too embarrassed to ask. Thus, he remained outside.

Wang Teng was still working on the refinement patiently. He didn’t know that the audience outside the room had gotten bigger.

Time passed slowly. Soon, dawn arrived.

The sun rose up into the sky, heralding a new day. Many people came to the Secondary Career Alliance early in the morning and started working on their own businesses as always.

But in this calm and peaceful atmosphere, a beam of white light suddenly shot out from the Secondary Career Alliance.

The Forces in the surrounding vibrated, and a powerful string of energy was sucked over.

After the white beam of light appeared, dark clouds started to gather above the Secondary Career Alliance. Within a few seconds, as more and more dark clouds gathered, the sky turned completely black.

However, the other areas of the city were still bright and shiny. The weather was sunny.

This strange scene attracted many people’s attention.

Bolts of lightning swarmed among the dark clouds like silver snakes. A terrifying pressure bore down on the alliance building.

“This is… the lightning calamity!”

Someone recognized the origin of the dark clouds and lightning and exclaimed.

“Which grandmaster made a grandmaster-level dan? Or a grandmaster-level weapon?”

“I haven’t seen a grandmaster in action for some time!”

“I didn’t expect this huge surprise early in the morning.”

“Prepare your peanuts and popcorn. Get your seats. There’s no need to squeeze…”

Everyone rushed out of their houses to witness this lightning calamity.

At the same time, in the assessment room, Grandmaster Hua Yuan and the other three examiners were overjoyed when they saw the sudden pillar of light. They screamed in delight.


“Quick, open the dome of the alliance!”

Actually, he didn’t need to say it. When the beam of light appeared, the dome opened automatically.

A thicker beam of white light shot out of Black Meteorite, causing the original beam of light to widen. It soared right into the sky.

The lightning in the dark clouds seemed to have been provoked. The silver bolts danced wildly, and thunder roared, echoing in the entire city.

Wang Teng stood up. The dark clouds had become thicker and denser. They seemed to be pressing down. Yet, he remained calm. He looked up at the dark clouds just a few meters above his head.

Bolts of lightning clashed among the clouds and released thunderous roars that clapped right beside his ears. It was a magnificent and frightening scene, sending chills down one’s spine.

So this is the lightning calamity of a grandmaster-level dan!

There was a tinge of awe in the depth of Wang Teng’s eyes.

This was the dream of countless alchemists. They hoped that they could make a dan that would attract the lightning calamity!

This was the only way they could overcome the invisible barrier and advance to the grandmaster level. It would be a great honor for them.

You can’t suppress yourselves too, right?

Wang Teng smiled and waved his hand. The lid of Black Meteorite flew away, and three purple streams of light charged out. They formed a tail of purple light as they flew into the sky.

“Three lines of purple light!”

The grandmasters in the room were staggered. Their eyes widened in amazement.

“I didn’t see anything wrong, right? Those are three pills!”

“Am I having an illusion?”

The grandmasters stared at the sky in disbelief.

Wang Teng flew into the sky, following the three dans closely as they charged out of the opened dome of the building.

“Let’s go and take a look.”

“Let’s go!”

“Go, go, go!”

Grandmaster Hua Yuan and the other three grandmasters regained their senses. They glanced at one another and rushed out.

The people waiting outside the room saw the same scene and darted out of the building. They floated in the sky.

“Grandmaster Wang Teng managed to refine the Nine Essence Soul Congealing Pill… wait, why are there three dans?!”

Everyone stared at the three flaring balls of light spinning around the beam of white light. They were in a daze. The only emotion left in their hearts was astonishment.

“Three dans at once? This…” Grandmaster Kirton couldn’t find his voice anymore. The shock on his face was apparent.

“Three pills!”

“Oh my god, this grandmaster made three pills at once!”

“Does anyone know this grandmaster? He’s so frightening!”

“He seems unfamiliar, and he’s not wearing the Secondary Career Alliance attire. Is he not from the alliance?”

There was an uproar among the spectators below. Their voices went right up into the sky.

Wang Teng changed his appearance after he saw so many people. After all, he hadn’t settled his affair with the Cao family, so he shouldn’t reveal his ability too soon.

Grandmaster Alfred, Grandmaster Hua Yuan, and the others were confused. They didn’t understand why Wang Teng’s facial features had changed.

But they didn’t have the time to think…

A terrifying lightning bolt boomed in the sky.

Three bolts of lightning shot down from the dark clouds, bringing along a powerful and frightening power of the heavens with them. They smashed into the three purple dans within the beam of white light like three silver lightning dragons.