Chapter 975 - Grandmaster Wang Teng Is Unconventional! (2)

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Dark weight luminary gold was a unique metal ore that would change its weight according to the amount of Force instilled in it. As for the cloud lightning crystal, it was a lightning-element crystal that could store and attract lightning Force.

These were the two main ingredients of the Lightning Slap.

Wang Teng’s gaze turned serious. He thought for a moment and placed the golden brick made of dark weight luminary gold into the furnace.

This brick that had accompanied him for a long time was melted into a golden liquid.

He felt sad for some reason.?Farewell, my dear brick.

Next was the cloud lightning crystal.

He picked up the cloud lightning crystal with his spiritual power and threw it into the Emerald Glazed Flame. Upon touching the flame, sparks started jumping on its surface. It made a crackling sound.

The four grandmasters stared at this scene with wide eyes. They were a little nervous.

But soon, the scorching heat engulfed the sparks on the surface of the crystal and the palm-sized cloud lightning crystal transformed into a ball of purple liquid.

Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief.

Grandmaster Mo De exchanged glances with his colleagues. They were astounded.

Wang Teng’s gaze turned intense. It was time to merge all the materials. He controlled his spiritual power and poured all the other materials into the liquid form of the dark weight luminary gold.

He was exceptionally careful during the entire process. Every single step and the proportion of materials were by the book.

However, compared to making dans, this process was simpler. After all, there were fewer ingredients.

Sometime later, all the materials had merged into the dark weight luminary gold. But its color was still gold. There was no change.

Finally, Wang Teng shifted his gaze to the liquid form of the cloud lightning crystal. With his thoughts, the liquid crystal gradually went closer to the liquid gold, which had merged with all the other ingredients.

A shrill hissing sound was heard continuously. The cloud lightning crystal seemed to despise the dark weight luminary gold. They were at a standstill.

Wang Teng didn’t think that these two materials would have such a hard time combining. They seemed to be arch enemies.

Fortunately, he was patient and calm. He didn’t lose his composure in this situation. Instead, he controlled his spiritual power and decreased the speed of the merging. He combined the two materials together as if he was boiling soup over low heat. His method lowered the resistance between the two materials.

The four grandmasters nodded their heads silently.

Although young, Grandmaster Wang Teng seemed extremely experienced in forging. He wasn’t impatient and kept his composure well. No wonder he had such achievements at a young age.

They would have been extremely proud of themselves if they were one-tenth as patient as Wang Teng when they were young.

Time passed slowly. Around six hours later, under Wang Teng’s patience and effort, the cloud lightning crystal finally merged into the dark weight luminary gold.

The liquid metal was no longer gold anymore. There were lines of lightning-like purple patterns on the surface. It was strange and beautiful.

Wang Teng opened his eyes and nodded in satisfaction when he saw the condition of the metal after the merging. He kept his Emerald Glazed Flame.

As the temperature subsided, the liquid metal slowly turned solid. He used his spiritual power to place it on the smithing table.

Wang Teng remained on his knees as he grabbed the two smithing hammers on the table with his spiritual power.

The two smithing hammers were more than a hundred kilograms. They floated in the air as if they were held by invisible large hands and pounded the metal on the table.

The grandmasters were stunned.

How is this possible?

Normally, they would wield the hammers personally and use their strong physical bodies to forge the weapon. Yet, Wang Teng used his spiritual power to do it. He looked extremely relaxed too. It was vastly different from their usual forging style.

No, it was different from all the blacksmiths!

Grandmaster Wang Teng was unconventional!

“Grandmasters, do you have additional hammers I can use?” Wang Teng’s voice suddenly sounded in their ears.

He felt that the progress of the two hammers was a little slow. Hence, he wanted to use more of them. This would quicken the process.

The four grandmasters were shocked.

Did he think that two hammers weren’t enough?

“Grandmaster Wang Teng, how many do you need?” Grandmaster Mo De asked helplessly.

“As many as you have,” Wang Teng replied casually.

The four grandmaster blacksmiths looked at one another.?Grandmaster Wang Teng, are you serious?

“Shall we lend you our hammers?” Grandmaster Mo De hesitated and asked.

“Sure.” Wang Teng nodded.

Grandmaster Mo De acted instantly. He glanced at the other three grandmasters, and all of them took out their hammers.

“Catch them!”

Wang Teng pulled the hammers over with his spiritual power easily.

The hammers of these four grandmaster blacksmiths were heavier than the two provided by the alliance. But it wasn’t a problem for Wang Teng.