Chapter 979

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Chapter 979: Uproar In The Great Qian City!!! (2)

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The fourth bolt of lightning was a little too powerful!

Wang Teng also detected the power of this calamity lightning. At the same time, he knew that his Lightning Slap wouldn’t be able to withstand the damage. Immediately, he disappeared on the spot and shot towards the thick pillar of lightning.

As he dashed out, he activated his Ancient God’s Body and boundless strength flooded cells. Blood gushed around like lava while an occult golden rune appeared on his forehead.

Fourth-level Strength of Ultima!

Wang Teng knew that he mustn’t underestimate the power of this bolt of lightning. Hence, he released six punches at once, releasing his fourth-level Strength of Ultima to its maximum.

Multiple fist auras piled onto one another and formed a gigantic fist mark. It slammed heavily into the lightning pillar.

Thunder clapped. There was a huge explosion, and frightening shockwaves swept through the sky, causing the air to tremble.

The lightning pillar didn’t disappear, but it grew thinner. It was less than half its original size.

Wang Teng stopped punching. He shot to the side and allowed the remaining lightning pillar to land on the Lightning Slap.

The Lightning Slap was still covered with lightning. When the lightning pillar landed on it, the glow became more dazzling.

Everyone was staggered when they saw Wang Teng in action.

“Isn’t that the grandmaster alchemist from the morning?”

“Did he craft this weapon?”

“Really? He’s a grandmaster blacksmith and a grandmaster alchemist?”

“Maybe he’s just helping a grandmaster blacksmith who saw how he dealt with the lightning calamity in the morning.”

Everyone started discussing uncontrollably. All kinds of guesses were thrown around. They thought that the weapon had nothing to do with Wang Teng, but when he acted, things started to get a little complicated.

At this moment, the calamity seemed to have come to an end. The dark clouds calmed down and no thunder was heard again.

Peace resumed in the sky. The Force in the area stopped trembling too.

Gradually, the dark clouds disappeared. The sky was bright and sunny again.

This was a calamity. It came and went quickly.

But the crowd didn’t disperse. Everyone was staring at the weapon engulfed in lightning. This brick could withstand 3.5 strikes of lightning. What would it become in the end?

Was it destroyed or did it survive?

By right, a grandmaster blacksmith wouldn’t let his weapon suffer the lightning calamity on its own. No grandmaster blacksmith was this stupid.

Also, Wang Teng acted in the end. This meant that he still cared about his weapon. There was a reason for his negligence.

Grandmaster Mo De and the other grandmasters weren’t stupid. They realized Wang Teng’s purpose. He had instilled a tinge of calamity lightning in the weapon and allowed the lightning to strike it directly. He wanted the Lightning Slap to absorb the lightning Force.

From the looks of it, he was about to succeed!

Grandmaster Mo De and the others suddenly got curious. What would the final Lightning Slap look like?

Wang Teng was filled with anticipation too. He stared at the ball of lightning and waited patiently for the Lightning Slap to absorb all the calamity lightning.

He wasn’t in a hurry. He scanned the crowd and collected all the attribute bubbles dropped.

Constellation Force (Lightning)*150

Constellation Force (Lightning)*200

Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning*35

Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning*30

Constellation Force (Lightning)*250

The attribute bubbles merged into his body.

He received 800 points of constellation lightning Force and 65 points of Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning this time.

The constellation lightning Force circled his body once before entering his lightning constellation, increasing his power.

The Heaven-Earth Calamity Lightning turned into a bolt of silver lightning and entered his consciousness. It laid there quietly.

The original bolt of calamity lightning had been instilled into the Lightning Slap. This bolt was newly formed.

Other people might not be willing to instill calamity lightning into a weapon after receiving it. However, Wang Teng didn’t have such concerns. He used it whenever he wanted.

This was why the Lightning Slap went through this ordeal.

By the time he absorbed the attribute bubbles, the Lightning Slap had also completed its transformation. It turned back into a brick and floated silently in mid-air.

The people below widened their eyes as they stared intently at the purple-gold brick. They looked as if they wanted to see through the brick.

However, that honestly seemed to be... just a brick.

There was nothing special about it.

Was it just a brick and not some other weapon?

This absurd thought appeared in everyone’s minds. They didn’t feel good. They felt that they should reconsider their perspective of the world.

This was a brick. What was unique about it?

Which grandmaster blacksmith would make it? Did he have nothing better to do?

Wang Teng didn’t know about their thoughts. His eyes shone brightly when he saw the Lightning Slap. He reached out and beckoned the weapon over. The Lightning Slap flew toward him, landing on his palm.

Grandmaster Mo De and the others hurried over and stared at the Lightning Slap.

Grandmaster blacksmiths noticed different things compared to an ordinary martial warrior. There was astonishment in their eyes.

“The lightning energy in it is powerful!”

Grandmaster Mo De exclaimed in shock. He stretched out his hand and wanted to touch the lightning patterns on the weapon. The instant he touched them, a spark shot out from the Lightning Slap.

Grandmaster Mo De’s beard turned straight from the electrocution. He was stunned, looking a little funny.

The people beside him were surprised too. They tried their best to suppress their laughter. The grandmasters were able to control their expressions well.

Unless... they really couldn’t control it!

Grandmaster Mo De’s face turned black.

“Grandmaster Mo De, are you alright?” Wang Teng asked in embarrassment. He didn’t think that this would happen.

“I’m... fine!” Grandmaster Mo De waved his hand.

He couldn’t blame a brick, right?

“But this Lightning Slap seems even more extraordinary now after the calamity!” Grandmaster Boke complimented.

“Indeed, this small spark almost burned me. This is a powerful weapon.” Grandmaster Mo De regained his composure and nodded in agreement.

His heart was still palpitating because of that spark. It would be terrifying if its entire potential was released.

“Haha, looks like the bet paid off.” Wang Teng smiled happily.

Everyone stared at him with a complicated expression when they heard him.

Truthfully, altering a grandmaster-level weapon wasn’t an easy task. Wang Teng made it sound simple, but Grandmaster Mo De and the others could imagine the difficulty he had experienced. This wasn’t an easy task that could be completed within a few seconds.

Most importantly, Wang Teng succeeded!

He modified a third-rank grandmaster-level weapon to the fourth-rank grandmaster level. And it seemed more powerful than an ordinary fourth-rank grandmaster-level weapon.

Grandmaster Mo De knew that he couldn’t replicate this.

Grandmaster Wang Teng was skillful!

The grandmasters were entirely convinced after seeing Wang Teng’s mastery. They started to feel respect and admiration towards this grandmaster who was much younger than them.

“Let’s go back to the alliance,” Grandmaster Alfred suddenly said.

“Oh right, let’s go back first,” Grandmaster Hua Yuan said hurriedly.

No one objected. They crowded around Wang Teng and returned to the alliance.

An uproar erupted in the crowd. This grandmaster-level weapon was made by the grandmaster alchemist in the morning!

He was a grandmaster blacksmith too!

This was unbelievable!

As the grandmasters left, the crowd below slowly dispersed. But discussions about Wang Teng never stopped.

Many people had already started investigating him earlier. However, Wang Teng hadn’t entered the alliance yet, so there was very little information available. Outsiders weren’t able to know anything.

But with his additional grandmaster blacksmith title, his fame increased. More efforts were put in to investigate him.

After some time, the news that a triple-field grandmaster had joined the Secondary Career Alliance spread through the city like a tsunami.

The entire city was in an uproar!