Chapter 471 - Three Mechanical Engines! Eastern Conference Hall!

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After the Oracle Heavenly King left, Wang Che returned to school.

The materials he bought also arrived one after another. Some higher-level materials were exchanged for with points in school.

“Hmm, let’s refine pills next.”

Wang Che said to the little caterpillar, “Before cultivating in seclusion, you have to prepare the medicinal pills for cultivation. They’re mainly for you to consume.”

They had to turn the resources obtained from winning the competition into high-quality medicinal pills again.

This step was also rather crucial.

However, when he returned, the school was already discussing the first Soul Guiding Skill.

The news clearly spread very quickly.

Hearing that it was refining pills, the little caterpillar was rather unhappy.

Fortunately, after playing for a day, it still diligently refined it.

“This time, you have to refine a total of five kinds of spirit pills for your cultivation in the next three years. If it’s not enough, you can refine them when the time comes.”

Wang Che introduced its mission to the little caterpillar, “With your current pill refinement speed, you can complete it in a week. It can end before the summer break. You can also refine it when you have time during this period of rest.”

“First of all, it’s the Soul Origin Pill. This medicinal pill used to increase soul power cultivation is important.”

“Next, the Origin Stabilizing Pill is used to stabilize the soul power in the body. This is the least refined and can be used at crucial moments.”

“Spirit Wonder Pill, increase the strength of your soul and mental strength.”

“Origin Recovery Pill, a medicinal pill that can quickly increase soul power. It’s very helpful in cultivating soul skills. Focus on refining it.”

“The Heart Calming Pill. Cultivating for a long time makes you easily irritable. This medicinal pill is to help you calm down.”

Other than these five basic medicinal pills, there were also various staple food and snacks to assist in cultivation.

Three years was not long. Currently, Wang Che had enough resources.

This was because the main materials of these medicinal pills were provided by the soul plants in the spiritual field.

However, cultivating in seclusion consumed more energy than usual.

As for the Exquisite Fruit, it would definitely be refined by him.

If this natural treasure was accidentally refined by the little caterpillar, it would be a huge loss.

Then, it was time to modify the Magnetic Sword.

“Third modification, sword hilt modification.”

There were three parts that the Magnetic Sword could modify. The sword hilt, the sword guard, and the blade.

The sword guard and blade had been modified, leaving only the hilt.

“At the same time, there’s the engine modification.”

Before seclusion, he naturally had to modify these things first. When the Magnetic Sword reached the stage, he could directly install them.

When cultivating, there was no need to choose.

Wang Che made a few sketches for the Magnetic Sword to choose from.

The function was actually similar. It was mainly a matter of color and skin.

It depended on which one the Magnetic Sword chose.

In the end, in the discussion of the Magnetic Sword, Bear Treasure, and the little caterpillar, the little caterpillar strongly suggested using the Green Cliff Sword Hilt.

Bear Treasure preferred the black and white Yin Yang Sword Hilt.

The Magnetic Sword itself preferred the light purple Lightning Sword Hilt engraved with lightning patterns.

The three little guys argued.

It was clearly only a choice for the Magnetic Sword.

In the end, Wang Che also took out the Firefly Dream Spirit’s soul pet egg.

After Eggy came out, it immediately bounced into the discussion…

In terms of choice, Eggy had absolute authority. Once it chose, the Magnetic Sword did not object.

Seeing the three soul pets and an egg argue for a long time, Wang Che couldn’t help but smile.

In the end, he decided to modify the sword guard with the red and white Red Lightning Sword Hilt.

This was Eggy’s choice. Since Eggy chose it this way, it meant that this Red Lightning Sword Hilt might bring good luck to the Magnetic Sword.

Lightning Sword Wings, Purple Lightning Blade, and Red Lightning Sword Hilt.

It was like a set modification.

However, the Magnetic Sword liked the modification sketch that was finally fused.

It was much more suitable than the Lightning Sword Hilt it had chosen.

“Hmm, next is the engine.”

“The engine modification is more complicated and takes longer!”

The engine modification could be external or internal.

However, at the time of choice, the final effect had to be seen in reality.

Wang Che planned to modify the engine at the intersection of the three modifications of the Magnetic Sword, which was the center of the sword wings.

“Currently, there are three main types of mechanical soul pets.”

This was a technological competition between war zones.

The Illusion Engine of the Clear Capital War Zone was the most advanced.

However, the Illusion Engine announced by the Clear Capital War Zone was a lower version for other war zones.

This meant that if mechanical soul pets in other war zones carried Illusion Engines, they would definitely be weaker than mechanical soul pets in the Clear Capital War Zone.

They could pay a large sum of money to purchase the latest era’s Illusion Engine or they could directly study it but the price would be huge.

“The weakness is that it does not support a large number of mechanical expansions. It’s impossible to modify a sword into a mechanical fighter jet or armor.”

Normally, mechanical soul pets with Illusion Engines were extremely strong.

They were not Mechanical Divine Soldiers, but they were extremely destructive.

The mechanical technology that the Clear Capital War Zone was most proud of.

As a soul pet developed in the modern world, many characteristics of mechanical soul pets were very different from traditional soul pets.

For example, the learning of soul skills.

The soul skill of a mechanical soul pet was a mechanical soul skill that combined modern firearms and soul power to form powerful destruction.

Without the support of a powerful engine, mechanical soul pets could not learn it.

For example, the illusory soul skill He Huan had mentioned previously, a support soul skill, required the Illusion Engine.

To be able to increase a soul pet’s attributes in all aspects, and it was only a support soul skill, it was a powerful soul skill that was completely comparable to the Illusion Engine.

Wang Che understood this.

The mechanical engine was similar to the Nascent Soul of an immortal cultivator.

After cultivating to a certain realm, if one could not cultivate a Nascent Soul, they would not be able to break through the upper limit.

Traditional soul pets and Contract Soul Masters usually needed to condense a soul core at a hundred thousand years of cultivation or Level 90.

The soul core was similar to this energy core.

The difference was that mechanical soul pets had no cultivation restriction on the use of engines.

It could be modified and installed with an engine at ten thousand years of cultivation.

The reason was that the subsequent engines could be upgraded.

Traditional soul pets and Contract Soul Masters could not.

“This is the powerful characteristic of a mechanical soul pet. At ten thousand years of cultivation, it has the power core of a hundred thousand-year soul pet.”

“In addition to the mechanical expansion, so in the later stages, the upper and lower limits of mechanical soul pets are very high.”

“The precondition is that you have money to burn.”

There was a price to pay for being powerful.

The price was to burn money.

“Currently, the Illusion Engine sold in the Clear Capital War Zone has been customized for more than a year. The lowest level ten-thousand-year soul pets have at least 50 million.”

“If it’s a little lacking, a civilian-level Illusion Engine will cost more than ten million.”

“Not to mention the subsequent upgrades, it also has to be provided by the Clear Capital War Zone. It’s another expenditure.”

This amount was very exaggerated.

Modern students, even those with slightly richer families, could not take out 50 million in one go.

The civilian-level Illusion Engine was actually a simplified version.

If this thing was installed on his mechanical soul pet, the upper limit would decrease.

The reward for the King’s Cup was only so much.

The mechanical engine was the most advanced technology in the Federation and was also a technological monopoly.

With this technology, the war zone could develop the most advanced Mechanical Divine Soldier. Then, through the engine and the most modern firearms, the mechanical soul skill that erupted could reach the level of a comet.

It was comparable to a million-year soul pet!

Moreover, a mechanical soul pet could be used for exploration outside the planet. The effects were extremely profound.

“One of the other two engines is the God Engine of the Divine Europe War Zone. It’s on the same level as the Illusion Engine.”

The Divine Europe War Zone was very far from the Eastern War Zone, two war zones away.

Moreover, the God Engine was not sold to the public. It was a true monopoly.

“The last one is the Azure Dragon Engine developed by the Eastern War Zone. It’s a mechanical engine named after the Emperor Azure Dragon. It focuses on mechanical expansion, but is weaker than the Illusion Engine in all aspects…”

These were the current three mechanical engines of the Federation.

The other war zones did not have technical support and could not develop engines that belonged to their own war zones. The Divine Europe War Zone did not sell them to the public.

Therefore, if the mechanical soul pets of the other war zones wanted to modify the engine, they could only introduce the mechanical engines developed by the two war zones, Eastern and Clear Capital. It was very troublesome.

“However, the status of the Eastern War Zone has also increased year by year because of the Azure Dragon Engine.”

There were only a few aspects of the strength of a war zone in modern times.

One was the number of Heavenly Kings.

The second was the soul pet’s research level.

The third was the level of technology.

In these three aspects, one and three were at the top of the Eastern War Zone.

Secondly, it was slightly inferior.

“These three engines represent the most advanced technology in this world to a certain extent.”

Wang Che pondered and said, “However, I should develop and forge the Magnetic Sword’s mechanical engine myself.”

The strength of these three engines was actually compared on the Internet. The Azure Dragon Engine was inferior, and the God Engine was similar to the Illusion Engine.

Although the Azure Dragon Engine was relatively bad, back then, as long as the middle to high-level Contract Soul Masters in the Eastern War Zone trained mechanical soul pets, they would support the national product and choose the Azure Dragon Engine.

After all, if he bought it from the Clear Capital War Zone, he would definitely not get the latest version of the Illusion Engine.

Because the Azure Dragon Engine had just been developed, its potential was indeed endless, but Wang Che did not intend to choose.

Then he could only develop it himself.

If Wang Che was a pure immortal cultivator, it would be impossible to develop such a cutting-edge technology with his own intelligence without decades or centuries of effort.

However, Wang Che was not a pure immortal cultivator…

He had traveled the universe and observed many cosmic civilizations. He had some research on the technology of various civilizations.

Otherwise, the sword furnace would not have been forged.

The sword furnace of the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace was definitely not something that could be created in the cultivation world.

The three modifications to the Magnetic Sword also included a certain alien civilization’s technology.

However, the Magnetic Sword was relatively weak and did not need to add too many factors. Coupled with the special Divine Sword Lightning Control Scripture it cultivated, it was easy to get into conflict. It could not master it.

Therefore, the technology was not high.

The bulk of it was still on the mechanical engine and the mechanical expansion behind.

‘How to Expand a Magnetic Sword into a Magnetic Star Warship’

It was very difficult.

Wang Che’s plan for the Magnetic Sword was to first expand it into a mecha.

“I know what engine to make.”

“You might not have the right to choose.”

“In other civilizations, this thing’s technology is not low. If I want to create it… Fortunately, there’s a top-grade soul crystal. Otherwise, it would be a joke.”

Forging an engine was not difficult for Wang Che.

The difficulty was that there were no materials.

It was definitely very difficult to find similar materials in this world to fuse with the mechanical engine of an alien civilization.

Wang Che did not have the strength to explore outer space now. It was naturally impossible to obtain alien materials.

Just a top-grade soul crystal was definitely not enough.

“However, when the other world invaded, they should have left behind many things… The two engines of the Clear Capital War Zone and the Divine Europe War Zone should have been developed from this other world civilization.”

“The fact that the Eastern War Zone can develop the Azure Dragon Engine means that the Eastern War Zone also preserved the spoils of war from another world civilization… There should be alien materials on it.”

“However, this thing concerns the lifeblood of the war zone. Ordinary people can’t come into contact with it, let alone use it.”

Even if Wang Che’s identity was extraordinary, it was impossible to come into contact with these materials.

“If you want me to promote the Soul Guiding Skill… Once it succeeds, it should be feasible to use this opportunity to come into contact with these materials.”

“There’s a way to use the Magnetic Sword’s engine.”

For his soul pet, Wang Che still had to worry a little.

After the Magnetic Sword’s seclusion cultivation path was confirmed, only Bear Treasure was left.

There was no hurry. Bear Treasure was mainly adapting to the new cultivation technique and soul bone.

However, its soul power cultivation was low. It was not too late to discuss it when it reached ten thousand years of cultivation.

The little caterpillar began to refine the five spirit pills Wang Che had mentioned. The Magnetic Sword and Bear Treasure helped it.

In the morning, Wang Che received a message from the Oracle Heavenly King.

“Tomorrow, I’ll go to the Imperial Capital to participate in the first live publicity conference for the Beast Origin Skill.”

At the same time, there was a list in the message.

On the list were professors from various worlds and Heavenly Kings who had come to visit.

Wang Che glanced at the list and discovered that there were really many people.

Representatives of the other six war zones were present.

“What a huge lineup…”

He prepared for a day.

At this moment, the news had been released for three days. The live broadcast had also been released.

The entire war zone was discussing this matter.

Especially since the news of visiting and learning in the other war zones had already spread. After all, it was a live broadcast.

The Internet was in an uproar.

Wang Che sat on the back of the Oracle Heavenly King’s Ink Feather Green Spirit and headed to the capital.

“It’s 7:30 in the morning. The live broadcast will begin at 10. Do you have any idea?”

The Oracle Heavenly King sat on the neck of the Ink Feather Green Spirit and asked, “These old fellows all came with a goal. When my war zone’s Azure Dragon Engine was released, a bunch of old fellows also came to find trouble.”

The Oracle Heavenly King’s tone was unfriendly.

“It’s okay.” Wang Che nodded, “The effect of the Beast Origin Skill is obvious. It’s just so-so.”

“This is different from the King’s Cup competition.” The Oracle Heavenly King hesitated for a moment, “In the competition, both sides’ strength is obvious. Whoever is stronger will win. In this kind of live broadcast, when you face some extremely cunning old fellows from other war zones, if you’re not careful, you’ll be used by the other party. At that time, you’ll make a fool of yourself…”

“It’s okay. I’m just using Wang Batian’s identity anyway.”

“What does Wang Batian’s embarrassment have to do with me?”

“…” The Oracle Heavenly King.

Imperial Capital, Eastern Conference Hall.

It was a sacred ground that usually only appeared in the news.

To the citizens of other continents, this place was quite sacred.

To the people of the Imperial Capital, this place was probably the kind that they could see every day and vomit.

However, it was not that simple to go in and cause trouble.

Not everyone could enter.

“That’s the statue of the Emperor Azure Dragon!”

The huge Ink Feather Green Spirit landed at the flight point of the Eastern Conference Hall.

The surrounding air had already been cleared. Private soul pets were not allowed to fly in the nearby air.

When Wang Che arrived, it was very quiet.

The most famous thing in the Eastern Conference Hall was the statue of the Emperor Azure Dragon.

It was more than a hundred meters long and was carved vividly.

The dragon head was in the center of the hall. It floated down and a sacred and majestic aura surged!

“A hundred years ago, this place was also called the Azure Dragon Conference Hall. Later on, it was changed to the Eastern Conference Hall.”

“Professor He is already waiting there.”

Because it was a live broadcast and the location was so special, no media dared to track the report.

“Are you ready to go in?”

The Oracle Heavenly King glanced at Wang Che again.

Wang Che put on the mask and nodded slightly. He followed the Oracle Heavenly King in…

At this moment, countless Contract Soul Masters in the Eastern War Zone were looking forward to it…

“Hurry, hurry, hurry! Little Luan! This is the first Soul Guiding Skill usable by all soul pets in our war zone! It’s definitely a revolutionary change!”

Bai Xiaoluo waved excitedly at Shen Mingluan behind her.

Although the King’s Cup competition had ended, they were still a team and would still train together.

“What’s the hurry? It’ll begin in half an hour!”

Shen Mingluan walked to Bai Xiaoluo’s side and smiled, “This is even grander than when the Azure Dragon Engine was released.”

“The Azure Dragon Engine is only used for mechanical soul pets, but this Soul Guiding Skill is used by everyone! Not to mention everyone, even if it’s used for a type of soul pet, it’s still revolutionary!”

Wang Ka, who followed over, said, “The meaning is different. What does it mean by everyone? It means that when the time comes, it can even be used for all types of soul pets. That will definitely be an unbelievable miracle! I remember that the research level of soul pets in our war zone isn’t very high… many attribute soul pets’ Soul Guiding Skills were introduced from other war zones.”

“For example, my mental-type soul pet, the Nonsense Beast. It’s the Ancient Soul Guiding Skill developed in the Starry War Zone. The price of more than 500,000 is very expensive! It’s even a Soul Guiding Skill specially used for enlightenment cultivation. If you don’t cultivate this Soul Guiding Skill, you’ll fall behind by a huge amount in the infant stage. Your soul skill learning will also fall behind.”

The enlightenment stage of a soul pet was crucial.