Chapter 472 - Soul Ring Formed by the Emperor Azure Dragon, Is This Enough Evidence?

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At this stage, the soul pet’s intelligence would temporarily be activated. If it didn’t cultivate the Soul Guiding Skill, its subsequent growth would slow down, which was very disadvantageous to the soul pet’s future development.

Especially mental-type soul pets, they focused on mental-type cultivation.

The Soul Guiding Skill not only had to help mental-type soul pets cultivate soul power, but it also had to develop the mental strength of mental-type soul pets and help them activate their intelligence.

In the later stages, after its cultivation increased, the mental-type soul pet’s reliance on the Soul Guiding Skill would be low.

An awesome mental-type soul pet could develop a Soul Guiding Skill for itself with ten thousand years of cultivation.

Much modern technology research could not do without mental-type soul pets.

“It feels a little magical…” Ludi thought for a moment, “I’ve been hanging around the various online forums for the past two days. Many Contract Soul Masters are waiting and don’t think highly of this Soul Guiding Skill.”

“If there’s a problem with the Soul Guiding Skill, it will affect the soul pet’s life.”

“Even if you don’t use it, it’s still better than training and causing a problem.”

Not training would only affect the soul pet’s development.

If there was a problem, it would be a bigger problem than just development.

“But since the war zone chose to broadcast it live, it means that it has been tested clinically. It should be feasible… but it’s too exaggerated.”

“However, since it’s a live broadcast, I heard that the scholars and professors of the other war zones have all come to visit and learn. I’m afraid it won’t be that easy… When the Azure Dragon Engine was released, a bunch of problems were found… Although they were slowly resolved later, the status of the Azure Dragon Engine in the Federation is far inferior to the other two engines.”

“It’s also because it has slowly been perfected in the past few years and after the introduction of the Mechanical Divine Soldier, the Contract Soul Masters who chose the Azure Dragon Engine gradually increased.”

“The Azure Dragon Engine is said to have been developed for more than a hundred years.”

“The development of any basic Soul Guiding Skill requires at least ten years, let alone this Soul Guiding Skill that’s suitable for everyone. This development process probably can’t be counted in a hundred years. There are millions of soul pets, and it probably won’t be easy even in a thousand years.”

“There’s no news at all… If that’s the case, our war zone is too awesome.”

The few of them discussed.

Not only the Forest Academy, but the other universities and the vast number of Contract Soul Masters outside the academy were discussing and waiting.

“Where’s Brother Wang?” Wang Ka asked, “Why didn’t he come to watch the live broadcast?”

“Junior said that he went into seclusion to cultivate.” Shen Mingluan smiled and said, “He said that we’ll only know the effect after the promotion of this Soul Guiding Skill. The live broadcast is only a show. Moreover, the first set can’t be promoted to the entire country. It’s just a gimmick.”

“It’s useless to him now, so he won’t look.”

“That makes sense.” They covered their faces.

It was useless to Wang Che, but it was too useful to them.

“In my opinion, this kind of live broadcast promotion is useless even if a Heavenly King appears.”

Jiang Xiaoling smiled and said, “Other war zones are looking for trouble. It’s a fight between the higher-ups, but to us, it can’t be of much use. Moreover, we have to produce convincing experimental results. Otherwise, this will definitely become a loophole for other war zones.”

“Since the war zone chose to broadcast it live, it means that they have considered this point,” Li Yunxiu said calmly. “We can just wait and watch.”

“I think there might be a very powerful person coming out…” Dongfang Yao echoed.

Li Yunxiu and Lin Xi looked at each other.

“Sister Yunxiu, it seems that you think the same as me?” Lin Xi smiled.

“I think so too.” Li Yunxiu pondered and said, “But there’s no direct relationship between the two. It’s hard to say the effect of letting him appear in the war zone to promote it. However, among the younger generation, other than Wang Che, he’s the only one.”

“Sister Yunxiu, what riddle are you talking about?” Dongfang Yao was speechless.

“Oh, the live broadcast has begun! There’s no need for riddles. Let’s watch the live broadcast!”

The few of them looked at the distant live broadcast screen.

The first to come out was the famous soul pet professor in the war zone, He Huan.

There were no commentators or hosts.

For such a live broadcast, the ones who appeared were all authoritative and reputable figures.

“It’s June 29th, 10:00 AM sharp.”

In the holographic live broadcast, He Huan seemed to have walked out of the scene and projected very clearly.

Even a corner of the inner hall of the Eastern Hall appeared extremely real.

Other than He Huan, there were also professors from the soul pet bases in the Eastern War Zone and several Heavenly Kings guarding it.

He Huan faced the live broadcast with a rare serious expression. She was wearing a formal white research suit and her originally messy long hair was combed.

It was impossible to tell her age from her serious expression.

He Huan was someone that all the Contract Soul Masters in the war zone knew.

Just leading the West Peak Research Base to develop many evolutions of the Bamboo Bear was enough to make her famous in the war zone.

“I believe the Contract Soul Masters watching the live broadcast already know the goal of this live broadcast.”

He Huan laughed, “However, before that, let’s welcome the soul pet professors and accompanying Heavenly Kings from the other six war zones…”

The officials asked as the live broadcast zoomed in on six different directions.

In every direction, there was a smiling soul pet professor and the representative Heavenly King of the war zone.

Behind them were many scholars and experts.

These were all famous soul pet professors in the various war zones.

The smiles on their faces were very warm.

The introduction of the live broadcast was simple. Those who wanted to investigate the origin and identity of these people would feel a chill behind their backs.

Otherwise, it was just a show.

After the introduction, He Huan stopped and continued with a smile,

“But today, I’m not the one hosting the first release of the Soul Guiding Skill. I’m only an assistant.”

Hearing this, the soul pet professors’ smiles paused.

They seemed surprised, but they still maintained their smiles.

With He Huan’s identity, she was an assistant?

Then who was the protagonist?

The Contract Soul Masters watching the live broadcast were clearly not like the soul pet professors on the live broadcast. Their expressions changed.

Their eyes were filled with curiosity.

“Haha… It seems that there are many capable people in the Eastern War Zone!”

At this moment, opposite He Huan, an old professor on the left smiled and said, “To have you as an assistant, Professor He, this person’s soul pet research level must be at the top of the Eastern War Zone? I wonder if it’s that old professor from your war zone?”

The old professor had a small beard. He had white hair and a youthful face. His eyes were sharp and he emitted a very strong aura.

Professor Mu Ye from the Sunlight War Zone.

He had once developed more than ten Soul Guiding Skills and had extremely high attainments in the training of the three elemental soul pets, grass, water, and fire.

He Huan glanced at him and paused.

“I can’t call him an old professor. He’s very young. His research level can’t be considered at the top of the Eastern Continent, but this Soul Guiding Skill is related to him.”

“In addition, this Soul Guiding Skill is only meant for enlightenment. In our federation, It’s just the beginning.”

Professor Mu Ye smiled and did not speak.

“Professor He must be joking with us!”

Sitting beside Professor Mu Ye, a handsome middle-aged man with long golden hair said playfully, “Don’t tell me this young man developed your Soul Guiding Skill?”

“They’re just related. I didn’t say that he developed it,” Professor He Huan said calmly. “Professor Ross, don’t think too much.”

“Sorry, sorry, I misunderstood.” Professor Ross from the Starry War Zone smiled apologetically, “If young people can develop a Soul Guiding Skill of this level, we old fellows can be buried.”

Professor Ross looked at the representatives of the other war zones.

The professors smiled.

He Huan snorted and said, “This young man is a young hero of our Eastern War Zone. I’ll let him speak!”

He Huan nodded slightly to the other side.

Countless gazes gradually pulled away from the live broadcast.

A figure slowly walked out under the light.

The six professors also looked over.

Just from the figure, it was very young.

When the light faded, they discovered that it was a young man wearing a mask and white clothes.

“His name is Wang Batian.”

He Huan slowly said, “I believe everyone is familiar with him.”

Hearing this name, countless Contract Soul Masters watching the live broadcast immediately burst into an uproar!

The six professors were also stunned.

Clearly, they had heard of the name before.

However, they did not expect him to appear here.

“I’m Wang Batian.”

Wang Che walked out and said calmly, “Regarding the first enlightenment Soul Guiding Skill used by everyone in the Eastern War Zone, the Beast Origin Skill, if there are any problems with this live broadcast promotion, I will explain to everyone and…”

He paused and looked at the six professors, “…these compatriots from the various war zones.”

Then, he walked up to He Huan.

The light seemed to have stopped.

The scene was very quiet.

Outside the scene, in the nine continents of the Eastern War Zone, countless cities and corners were not calm.

The discussion was like a tsunami, shaking the surroundings!

The live comments on the various platforms floated up like a snowstorm, covering the new projections of the live broadcast.

At the scene, an old professor suddenly smiled and said, “Interesting, such a grand promotion. It’s not Professor He or the most respected Professor Hong in the Eastern War Zone. Instead, a little kid like you is going to explain it to us.”

“You’re even wearing a mask. It’s a live broadcast, but you won’t look at people with your own eyes.”

“Isn’t that a little impolite?”

Wang Che glanced at the old professor and said casually, “I’m here to promote the Soul Guiding Skill, not my appearance. I respect you in my heart. Do you want to dig my heart out and see if I respect you?”

The old professor did not speak and only smiled.

“There’s no need for that. You’re here to promote the Soul Guiding Skill. We’re here to learn. Please briefly introduce this Soul Guiding Skill.”

He Huan smiled and thought to herself, ‘Wang Che feels different from usual.’

Could this guy have a dual personality?

“There’s no need for introductions.”

Wang Che continued, “You have information on the general introduction of this Soul Guiding Skill. I came here to promote it. Since I want to promote it, I’ll definitely focus on teaching it on the spot. I believe that when you came here to learn and visit, you naturally brought your soul pets?”

“Just let your soul pets learn it. Isn’t the Soul Guiding Skill used to cultivate?”

None of the six professors moved.

Professor Mu Ye stood up and smiled.

“That won’t do. We’ve seen the information, but there has to be a research process and example for any Soul Guiding Skill.”

“Not to mention anything else, just the research process alone is not on this information.”

“There are only four months of sample tests in the testing stage.”

“You have to know that any Soul Guiding Skill is not convincing without a detailed research process. Simply put, there’s a problem with its origin.”

“Let me put it this way.”

Professor Mu Ye took two steps and said to the camera, “In the early stages of the Fallen Ancient Era, after the calamity, it took hundreds of years to establish the Federation. After the Federation was established, the order had yet to stabilize. At that time, regarding the Soul Guiding Skill of soul pets, because it was invaded by a foreign civilization… many researchers placed their attention on those foreign races…”

“We secretly learned many cultivation techniques from those foreign captives and wanted to use them on our soul pets.”

“Because there’s a ready-made cultivation method, it only needs a few months to directly modify it for soul pets.”

“In the end… it’s the ‘mutated soul pet event’ that appeared in the student history textbook.”

“Therefore, if there’s no detailed process of a Soul Guiding Skill, it means that the origin is unknown. Just the results of the experiment are not enough.”

It was naturally impossible for the Beast Origin Skill to have a detailed process.

This thing had been in the cultivation world for more than ten thousand years and had been modified countless times.

It was impossible for He Huan and the others to fake it. This thing could tell at a glance.

If they were to explain the reason again, they would not be able to explain it clearly.

In fact, when He Huan and the others studied it later, they also suspected it… but they discovered that this was not a cultivation technique of the alien races.

However, they only confirmed it after experimenting with Wang Che.

Even so, He Huan and the others could not know the origin of this Soul Guiding Skill.

Or rather, there was a problem with the origin!

Therefore, there was nothing wrong with what Professor Mu Ye said.

This also directly grasped the core problem of this Soul Guiding Skill.

It had only appeared for a short time. Not to mention anything else, there was a huge problem with its origin.

There was a problem with the origin. If he could not explain it clearly, they would not learn it.

‘I’ll make you look bad.’

“Of course, it’s not that the foreign race’s cultivation method is bad.” Professor Mu Ye smiled and said, “They’re so powerful, so they naturally have their reasons. However, after cultivating their cultivation method, their soul pets might not be our soul pets anymore, but their mutated beasts.”

These words directly sealed the deal.

The audience frowned.

“To speak the truth.” Professor Mu Ye picked up the information on the table beside him, “When I first saw this Soul Guiding Skill, I was shocked! I think that with our Federation’s soul pet level, it’s impossible to develop such a powerful Soul Guiding Skill.”

“There’s nothing to admit.”

“I believe they think so too.”

Professor Mu Ye looked at the other professors.

“Among them, there’s an extremely complicated soul pet biology.” Professor Mu Ye looked at Wang Che with a burning gaze, “Not to mention the other functions described in the information, just one: It can allow public soul pets to cultivate and be enlightened. This can almost completely eliminate most of the enlightenment Soul Guiding Skills we have at this stage.”

“When a technology far beyond the current level appears, there’s only one possibility.”

“Other civilizations have appeared in this world.”

As soon as he said that, everyone was shocked!

Their scalps turned numb and their hair stood on end!

This professor’s words seemed to have revealed an unbelievable truth!

It caused a storm in countless people’s hearts!

Wang Che smiled and thought to himself, ‘Not to mention the level of these professors, their judgment and perspective are indeed at the level they should be at.’

In fact, not only in this world but in any civilization.

Especially in this world, which had experienced an invasion, it was even more sensitive to such things.

This was because those foreign civilizations far exceeded the level of civilization back then.

He Huan was a little nervous. Actually, she had expected this to happen…

The Soul Guiding Skill Wang Che gave was a civilization crystal from the Remote Antiquity Era.

However, the Remote Antiquity Era was a broken civilization that had long perished. No one knew.

Modern people did not even understand some soul beasts from the Remote Antiquity Era, so there was no way to prove it.

They believed Wang Che because they had tested it and found that there was no problem with the Soul Guiding Skill.

However, if they came to find trouble, they would definitely make an issue out of it…

“Therefore, learning it or not is one thing.”

“The origin of this Soul Guiding Skill is unknown. How can we dare to let our soul pets learn it?”

“No matter how powerful it is.”

“I can only say that it has research value, but if you want to spread it, I’m afraid you have to reconsider.”

Professor Mu Ye said calmly.

Outside the live broadcast, there was already an uproar.

Wang Che said calmly,

“Who said that the origin is unclear?”

“Oh?” Professor Mu Ye paused, “I’m all ears.”

Wang Che slowly said,

“This Soul Guiding Skill comes from the Remote Antiquity Era. It’s indeed not a civilization of this era and belongs to the Remote Antiquity Civilization.”

“It’s written in the information, right?”

Professor Mu Ye laughed and said, “Young man, the ancient civilization has long been extinct. No one knows. How did you know? Who will believe you?”

“In an even earlier era, those soul beasts no longer exist. In that era, humans might not have been born yet. Isn’t it ridiculous to say that this came from that era?”

“The civilization technology contained in this Soul Guiding Skill is impossible to be a product of that era!”

Professor Mu Ye stated firmly.

Wang Che said, “However, this Soul Guiding Skill comes from a soul beast from the Remote Antiquity Era. It’s not completely dead.”

Professor Mu Ye smiled.

Even the audience felt that Wang Batian was talking nonsense.

“What soul beast?” Professor Mu Ye asked.

“Emperor Azure Dragon,” Wang Che said.

These words were even more exaggerated than before.

Even He Huan was stunned.

The distant Oracle Heavenly King was stunned.

“Emperor Azure Dragon?” Professor Ross stood up, “Young man, your words are too ridiculous. The Emperor Azure Dragon is indeed a soul beast from the Remote Antiquity Era, and it’s even the national beast of your war zone. However, it no longer existed in that calamity and has died for more than a thousand years.”

“Your Eastern Continent was only established a thousand years after the Emperor Azure Dragon died! How can the Soul Guiding Skill be related to it?”

“Once you say it, you can’t take it back. You’re defaming your war zone!”

“Although the Emperor Azure Dragon’s body is dead, its will has not died.” Wang Che shook his head.

“What evidence do you have to prove it?” Professor Mu Ye stared at Wang Che, “There’s nothing you can say. Show me the evidence. Not to mention anything else, if it’s related to the Emperor Azure Dragon, I’ll accept the origin of this Soul Guiding Skill!”

No one knew the civilization of the Remote Antiquity Era.

It could exist or not.

Therefore, one could say that it came from the Remote Antiquity Era or not.

The precondition was that he had to show evidence.

“It’s simple to get evidence.”

Wang Che waved his hand and said, “Stand back…”

Professor Mu Ye walked to the side calmly.

He Huan opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she still retreated.

Wang Che narrowed his eyes and his body shook!

A mysterious dragon-shaped soul ring gradually appeared on his body!

Accompanied by a dragon roar that seemed to have come from the ancient era!

In an instant, the soul ring transformed into an ancient True Dragon that roared at the modern world!

Wang Batian’s faint voice sounded.

“This is the soul ring formed by the Emperor Azure Dragon. Is this enough evidence?”

Everyone fell silent…