Chapter 473 - Wang Batian's Name Shakes the Federation

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The ancient dragon roar seemed to have traveled through time and returned to an ancient era thousands of years ago!

A loud cry shook the hearts of countless people!

Its golden-red eyes were filled with the flames of war!

The majestic Emperor Azure Dragon seemed to have fused with the statue outside the hall.

The dragon’s roar echoed, making it impossible to tell if it was real or fake.

“Emperor Azure Dragon!”

He Huan muttered in a daze.

The war zone even had advanced technology that could create the Emperor Azure Dragon’s appearance according to ancient portraits with holographic imaging. It could reach a 70% similarity!

However, looking at this Emperor Azure Dragon phantom…

No, the Emperor Azure Dragon image produced in the modern world was at most 30 to 40%!

Moreover, they were all powerless!

The brilliant dragon’s might, the edges and corners, and even the two rainbow-like dragon whiskers were far from being replicated by modern technology!

The difference was too great!

Especially the powerful aura that belonged to the true Emperor Azure Dragon!

Not only were the professors and Heavenly Kings of the six war zones in disbelief, but even He Huan’s professors and Heavenly Kings were in disbelief!

At this moment, the Contract Soul Masters watching the live broadcast were even more shocked!

The soul ring was the Emperor Azure Dragon?

Who was this Wang Batian?

Could he have lived from ancient times to modern times?

Or was he the reincarnation of the Emperor Azure Dragon?

Countless Contract Soul Masters had various thoughts.

“This kid…”

The Oracle Heavenly King was also stunned.

This was something she had not expected.

“Could this be the soul ring of a second martial soul? He didn’t reveal his martial soul… Where did this Emperor Azure Dragon’s soul ring come from?”

The Oracle Heavenly King frowned and thought to herself, “There’s indeed a wisp of the Emperor Azure Dragon’s soul will left in the Myriad Beast Mountain, but how can it become a soul ring? Moreover, that soul will has not been heard from for more than two thousand years.”

“Could this guy have awakened the soul will of the Emperor Azure Dragon in the Myriad Beast Mountain?”

“Impossible. Even if it’s awakened, its soul will will only affect the Contract Soul Master’s martial soul. How can it become a soul ring?”

“With the Emperor Azure Dragon’s pride, how can it become the soul ring of a human martial soul?”

“Although the soul beasts of that era were already in the process of joining forces with humans, it was impossible for a soul beast at the level of the Emperor Azure Dragon to become a human’s soul ring!”

This logic was very simple.

For example, the modern Cloud Sea Azure Dragon and so on, these ancient soul beasts wouldn’t choose to become human soul pets.

Even if after becoming a soul pet, it would avoid the Heavenly Tribulation and live longer with a higher cultivation level, those soul beasts all had their own pride!

However, they were very friendly with humans.

The Emperor Azure Dragon’s status bloodline strength was even above the Cloud Sea Azure Dragon. It was even a soul beast that had fallen in the Fallen Ancient Era. It was even more proud!

How did it become a modern person’s soul ring?

The Oracle Heavenly King’s mind was filled with questions.

As a Heavenly King, she could not understand.

“There should only be one possibility… This guy’s martial soul is not simple.”

The Oracle Heavenly King could only think of this possibility.

She was a Heavenly King who was very good at mental strength. She vaguely sensed a very special martial soul power hidden in the depths of Wang Che’s soul.

However, she could not determine the exact situation.

Before long, Wang Che’s body shook slightly and he retracted his soul ring.

It was just a display.

Professor Mu Ye came back to his senses and looked confused.

He looked at the other professors and realized that their gazes were similar.

No one expected this to happen.

Who would have thought that this national beast that had passed away for more than two thousand years would actually transform into a modern soul ring!

Of course, Professor Mu Ye did not consider the authenticity of the soul ring.

As a famous soul pet professor in the war zone, he still had this bit of judgment.

The Emperor Azure Dragon shadow formed by the soul ring could not be more real in all aspects, especially that powerful energy feeling!

The vast energy could not be faked!

Who knew what kind of power the soul ring formed by the Emperor Azure Dragon had?

Why did such a powerful person appear in the Eastern War Zone?!

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At this moment, not only was Professor Mu Ye thinking this, the professors of the other war zones also thought so.

“Professor, I’ve already answered your question.”

Wang Che said calmly, “Are you satisfied?”

Professor Mu Ye did not speak.

In fact, even if this kid proved that he was closely related to the Emperor Azure Dragon, he did not believe that the Soul Guiding Skill came from the Remote Antiquity Era.

It could only be said that the other party had already thought of an explanation for this Soul Guiding Skill’s background.

He naturally could not take back what he had said in front of the live broadcast.

He had to say that he believed it.

“There’s no problem with the source.”

At this moment, Professor Ross took a deep breath and walked out to slowly say, “However, there’s a problem with the experiment. The information Professor He Huan gave us indicated that it has only been three months. As Contract Soul Masters, I believe everyone understands that the cultivation of the Soul Guiding Skill, especially the enlightenment stage, requires at least a year of training before your soul pets leave the enlightenment stage.”

“Since this Soul Guiding Skill comes from the Remote Antiquity Era, let’s not talk about the others for now. Then, it might not completely adapt to the many modern soul pets. Can you guarantee that this Soul Guiding Skill can allow a soul pet to cultivate for more than a year safely?”

“Your experiment process is too short. If a soul pet cultivates this Soul Guiding Skill for a long time, what problems will appear? Your Professor He Huan didn’t show any experimental examples. In this information, the one who cultivated the longest was only three months old.”

Hearing this, Professor He Huan heaved a sigh of relief.

She was no longer worried.

“Of course there are examples.” Wang Che said calmly, “However, the user of the Soul Guiding Skill is not under Professor He Huan.”

“Oh? Where is that?” Ross narrowed his eyes and asked, “The Soul Guiding Skill for clinical trials, especially for enlightenment, has to be cultivated for at least ten thousand years to completely detect the problem of this Soul Guiding Skill. It will take at least a year.”

“If there’s no suitable test subject, I suggest that you study such a powerful Soul Guiding Skill for a year or two before promoting it.”

“Or you can share a portion and let everyone study it together.”

Wang Che glanced at him and continued, “Actually, the Contract Soul Masters watching the live broadcast all know the test subject.”

“In fact, I think you’ve heard of them.”

Ross frowned slightly.

The other professors had a bad feeling.

As for the countless Contract Soul Masters watching the live broadcast, their hearts jumped.

At this moment, a voice slowly sounded.

“Three days ago, Wang Che won the King’s Cup. His first soul pet, the green caterpillar, was the first soul pet to cultivate this Soul Guiding Skill!”

“As of today, it’s been almost a year. Its cultivation is also close to ten thousand years.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was in an uproar again!

The Contract Soul Masters in front of the live broadcast were stunned!

That little bug had cultivated this Soul Guiding Skill?

Almost instantly, a thought appeared in countless people’s minds.

“Even if the Heavenly King stops me, in the future, my soul pets will all cultivate this Soul Guiding Skill!”

In fact, many Contract Soul Masters could not be bothered to think about the use of this Soul Guiding Skill.

Which soul pet was the most awesome in this year’s King’s Cup?

It was definitely the bug that had evolved into a True Dragon!

How could the Soul Guiding Skill it cultivated be bad?

Or from a different perspective, could it be because of this Soul Guiding Skill that the little bug could reach this step?

Immediately, countless Contract Soul Masters’ hearts burned!

When this trump card was used, the professors opposite understood something.

These guys had done this live broadcast on purpose.

In fact, it was specially done after this year’s Eastern War Zone King’s Cup!

It was at this moment…

Professor Ross closed his eyes.

He did not even ask to verify it.

The other party was clearly waiting for them to provoke them and blow this matter up to alarm the entire Federation.

Now, if they did not come to the Eastern War Zone, the Soul Guiding Skill they sold might only affect this war zone.

After today, this would probably directly affect the other war zones.

There was no stopping the promotion of this Soul Guiding Skill.

“Wang Che is quite extraordinary.”

Wang Che said calmly, “I met him a year ago. Coincidentally, I had just obtained that Soul Guiding Skill, so I asked him if he was willing to try. He agreed resolutely and nurtured that little bug until now. I often paid attention to it. I didn’t expect it to be like this today.”

“Therefore, I think there’s no need to say anything about this Soul Guiding Skill.”

“If you want to confirm it, the Oracle Heavenly King happened to bring that little bug over. You can let it demonstrate this Soul Guiding Skill on the spot.”

“No, no need.” Ross waved his hand, “Our base sent news that there’s an urgent matter and asked me to return quickly. I’ll bring this information back and study it well. I won’t disturb you.”

With that, Ross cupped his hands and left.

The other professors could not stand it anymore and also stood up to leave.

At this point, they could only quickly return to the war zone and minimize the impact of this matter.

Seeing this, the Contract Soul Masters watching the live broadcast in the Eastern War Zone laughed.

However, they looked at the mysterious young hero wearing a mask through the screen. For a moment, they were fascinated and worshiped him.

The young hero, Wang Batian, would resound throughout the entire Eastern Continent and shake the Federation!

The rest of the live broadcast was basically hosted by He Huan. She mainly introduced the specific cultivation method of this Soul Guiding Skill to the Contract Soul Masters.

Wang Che only watched from the side.

He Huan and the other top soul pet professors in the war zone were still trustworthy.

In the Beast Origin Skill, other than the insects that Wang Che had already modified, there were also two other types.

They were mixed together as the first set of the Beast Origin Skill.

The rest were planned for the next half a year.

The modification of the Beast Origin Skill was not complicated.

This modification was actually a form of translation. It was not very difficult.

It did not change the cultivation core of the Beast Origin Skill.

After the live broadcast ended…

“I really didn’t expect you to act so well as Wang Batian!”

The Oracle Heavenly King was all smiles, “However, you can even take out the Emperor Azure Dragon’s soul ring. We didn’t expect it… With the Emperor Azure Dragon’s soul ring, you should be able to become an official hero of our Eastern War Zone in the future.”

“Do you need a Heavenly King bodyguard?” The Oracle Heavenly King teased.

“Then I won’t stand on ceremony,” Wang Che said seriously.

“You really dare to agree?” The Oracle Heavenly King smiled and said, “There are only a few dozen Heavenly Kings in our Eastern War Zone. Every one of them has important matters to attend to. It’s impossible to have bodyguards. Many Heavenly Kings are not in the Eastern War Zone yet. Those in the Eastern War Zone are extremely busy every day.”

“Tell me, you’ve made a huge contribution this time. What do you want?”

“By the way, your Magnetic Sword is almost ten thousand years old, right? It should be about time to introduce the modification of the mechanical engine?”

“Do you want me to give you the latest Azure Dragon Engine developed by our Eastern War Zone?”

The latest research had not been released, which meant that it was still being tested.

The value was extremely high and could not be bought outside.

“No need.” Wang Che waved his hand, “I need some materials.”

“What materials? Tell me. There are still some natural treasures in the war zone.”

“Not natural treasures.” Wang Che paused, “Our Eastern War Zone should have the remains of the otherworldly civilization’s invasion, right?”

The Oracle Heavenly King’s expression changed slightly as she looked at Wang Che solemnly.

After a while, she nodded.

“That’s enough. Let me see. Can I choose some materials from these remains?” Wang Che smiled.

“Why do you want these materials?” The Oracle Heavenly King frowned, “These materials all contain some dark magic power. To soul pets, it’s not a good thing. If you want to modify them, you don’t have to choose these.”

“Moreover, we haven’t studied many of the materials of the debris thoroughly. If we give them to you rashly, we’ll probably harm you.”

“I’m tough enough,” Wang Che said.

“…” The Oracle Heavenly King.

Thinking that the curse of the Oracle Phantom Spirit did not cause any fatal danger to Wang Che, the Oracle Heavenly King actually believed these words.

The Oracle Heavenly King thought and said, “Alright, follow me!”