Chapter 477 - Contract with the Firefly Dream Spirit, Fourth Soul Pet!

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“This ice egg is conscious?”

At this moment, something seemed to have happened to Eggy. It bounced a few times and ran to the ice egg.

It touched and the ice egg immediately rolled away.

Eggy rolled over again…

This way, one chased after the other.

Eggy chased after the ice egg like a domineering CEO.

Finally, the ice egg arrived in front of Wang Che. The ice patterns on the eggshell were a little dim.

Eggy bounced to Wang Che’s feet and rubbed against him.

It seemed to be asking for credit.

“Is it bullying the other egg?”

Eggy did not seem to be affected by the ice egg.

It seemed that the hatching of this ice egg might be related to Eggy.

Since the Oracle Heavenly King asked the Oracle Phantom Spirit to help them predict the Ice Palace and see the future…

“If you think that way, could it be that the Oracle Phantom Spirit asked those Heavenly Kings to place this ice egg in the reward pool of the King’s Cup?”

Wang Che’s heart jumped as he felt that it was very likely.

In fact, the Oracle Phantom Spirit did this on purpose!

“Is that guy looking for opportunities or trouble for me?”

“Considering that Eggy is with me, it shouldn’t look for trouble. It should have found an opportunity, right?”

“Although the Oracle Heavenly King didn’t say anything…”

Wang Che felt that he had roughly guessed it.

“Then we’ll refine a batch of Spirit Marrow Pills first and increase your quality to the Transcendent grade.”

“In that case, you’ll be born Transcendent.”

“I can also give the little caterpillar and the others some pressure.”

Thinking of this, Wang Che began to refine the Spirit Marrow Pill.

The refinement process was actually quite complicated. According to the standard of the cultivation world, a furnace would take at least a few months.

However, according to the standard of this world, if it was slightly lower, there was only one main material after all. Coupled with the little caterpillar’s special flames, it could be completed in a few days.

There was nothing to say about the refinement technique.

It was still the Seven Styles of Tempering Star that he had refined previously.

Previously, when refining pills, the little caterpillar spat fire and the Magnetic Sword chose the materials.

Now that there was Bear Treasure, the efficiency was even higher and faster.

They were all tool pets.

Wang Che struck the air with a hand seal.

Like a star explosion, light interwove.

42 round pills floated in the air.

Wang Che glanced at it and took the 42 freshly refined Spirit Marrow Pills.

Each was the size of a green bean.

It emitted a refreshing fragrance.

If one observed carefully, they could see thin patterns on the pill that contained rich energy!

“The Connate Soul Flame is indeed a good thing. With the Capital Divine Fire Token, I only need the pill refinement technique.”

Wang Che had a strange expression.

In his previous life, with his cultivation, even if he refined it, the production would not be so high.

Most of the essence would be lost.

It was just like when he used the Nine Coral Root to refine the Spiritual Perception Pill.

However, the secondary materials needed to refine the Spiritual Perception Pill were much fewer than the Spirit Marrow Pill. It was not a soul plant planted in the spiritual field.

There was not enough.

Therefore, the refinement did not take long and was completed in a day.

This time, it took five days.

When the pill was born, the little caterpillar and Bear Treasure ran over like Taotie smelling a fragrance.

“You can eat it later.” Wang Che said, “I’ll hatch your fourth brother first.”

While refining the Spirit Marrow Pill, Eggy watched.

Wang Che waved his hand and Eggy jumped over.

“See if you can absorb this.”

Wang Che took out a silver Spirit Marrow Pill and gently crushed it into the egg crack.

This treasure pill had a very strong effect even if it was powder.

The fragments of the pill seeped into the egg.

Gradually, the egg glowed.

The little caterpillar let out a cry and pointed at Eggy.

Its aura was strengthening!

Wang Che nodded slightly. Transcendent soul pet aura!

It was getting closer and closer!

It might even be able to hatch directly!

Wang Che fed the second, third…

He continued to feed the tenth one!

Finally, the aura changed again. Dazzling golden patterns appeared on the surface of the eggshell.

Powerful soul energy constantly erupted!

Wang Che immediately chanted the soul contract.

The incantation transformed into a light pattern that landed on the ground between Wang Che and Eggy.

Ethereal soul energy flew out of Wang Che’s body and into Eggy.

At the same time, a majestic life force erupted from Eggy and flew into Wang Che’s body.

Almost instantly, Wang Che felt his weak state gradually recover.

The after-effect of forcefully using the Primordial Seal Breaking Technique was almost healed in the blink of an eye!

“Under the life contract, how huge is the life force this little guy provided…” Wang Che sighed.

The life force provided by a Transcendent soul pet was simply unimaginable!

In the life contract, both parties’ souls and lives were exchanged. The stronger the soul pet, the more majestic the life force provided!

The more benefits it had for humans!

Therefore, in the modern world, it was normal if he nurtured a Transcendent soul pet.

However, it was very difficult to sign a life contract with a Transcendent soul beast.

Wang Che closed his eyes and felt the majestic life force nourish his entire body. A portion of it was refined by his martial soul and transformed into Hundred Refinements soul qi.

His soul power level kept rising.

He was only one step away from Level 30.

The benefits of signing a Transcendent soul pet were incomparable.

Of course, to Wang Che, it was actually not much different from nurturing a Transcendent soul pet.

Moreover, it gave off a sense of achievement.

At the same time, light gradually shattered from the eggshell.

A soft voice sounded.

The little caterpillar and Bear Treasure’s eyes widened!

Especially the little caterpillar, it seemed to have returned to the time when it was born!

Although it could not remember what it was born…

But seeing its fourth brother hatch, it probably felt the same…

In fact, it was worlds apart.

When the little caterpillar hatched, how could there be these special effects?

When the eggshell shattered, the little caterpillar came out wrapped in fetal fluid… There was no light effect at all.

At this moment, Eggy had shattered and was glowing brightly.

Fortunately, this was in his martial soul. If it was outside, it would definitely disturb the school.

This was the benefit of a construction martial soul.

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In the light, a little beast floated out of the eggshell…

It was a soul pet that was sixty to seventy percent similar to the Firefly Dream Spirit.

Its entire body flickered with fluorescent light. Its eyes were like dreamy stars. Its limbs were tender and small, and its skin was like a newborn baby. There was a small tail behind it.

Other than the color being different from the Oracle Phantom Spirit, as soon as it was born, Wang Che had a mysterious feeling!

At the same time, a series of information surged into Wang Che’s mind.

Through the life contract, the soul pet’s information gradually appeared.

Name: Firefly Dream Spirit

Attribute: Mental-type

Species: Phantom Soul Beast

Existing soul skills: Mental Perception, Phantom Blessing.

Soul Skill Sequence: Telekinesis (100 years), Spatial Travel (1,000 years), Spirit Halo (1,000 years), Diligent Step (1,000 years), Divine Will Space (10,000 years), One Thought Flower Blossom (10,000 years), Myriad Transformation (10,000 years), Heavenly Phenomenon (10,000 years), Heavenly Balance Order (10,000 years), Divine Blessing Domain (10,000 years)…

Species Soul Skill: Twin Alternation, Destiny Blessing (Cooldown)

Legacy Power: Power of Divine Will (Sealed)

Legacy Awakening: Immemorial Body (Sealed)

The information fused into Wang Che’s mind.

There were a lot of soul skills.

This was the exchange of life contracts.

The difference was that in the previous life contracts, be it the little caterpillar, the Magnetic Sword, or Bear Treasure, there was actually very little information about them.

For example, the little caterpillar and the Magnetic Sword did not have the last few attributes.

Bear Treasure had a soul skill sequence, but it was very short.

There was only a thousand-year soul skill sequence.

Only through different evolutions would there be a soul skill sequence.

However, Bear Treasure’s evolution was a new path. In other words, any soul skill Bear Treasure learned now was the first sequence of the Heaven Trampling Overlord!

“Even if it’s only in its initial state, it’s completely on a different level…” Wang Che sighed.

For example, the little caterpillar was the initial N rarity soul pet.

The Magnetic Sword and Bear Treasure were considered R soul pets.

Then, the Firefly Dream Spirit was a UR soul pet.

They were worlds apart.

The Firefly Dream Spirit had lived for countless years. It did not have many soul skills, but each one was the most suitable for it.

Moreover, it had learned it after countless hardships.

It was a proper ancient soul beast.

If not for its special cultivation method, it would not have signed a life contract with a human.

“The difference from the Oracle Phantom Spirit should be a different curse.” Wang Che muttered.

In the ancient era, the Firefly Dream Spirit had the ability to predict fortune, but this ability affected the karma of the world.

Therefore, a curse was placed on it. As long as it was born, it would definitely have bad luck that would affect everyone around it.

This was also the reason why the Oracle Heavenly King called the other one the Oracle Phantom Spirit.

However, because that one had been corroded by the Dark Beast and the power of this Firefly Dream Spirit, it had long mutated into a dual attribute mental and demon spirit soul pet.

It was extraordinary.

At the time, both Firefly Dream Spirits had been corroded by the power of the Dark Beast. In order to survive, one of them could only give the other its life force to resist the power of the Dark Beast.

This one almost died.

Therefore, this one did not have much strength left.

However, its mental strength had recovered greatly after Wang Che set up the array to evolve the soul power of the Dark Beast and added the soul restriction.

However, its cultivation was not as high as Wang Che had imagined.

To the Firefly Dream Spirit, mental cultivation was far more important than cultivation.

“This Firefly Dream Spirit gave its life force to the Oracle Phantom Spirit… It lost the ability to predict fortune and disaster.”

“However, the abilities of the Firefly Dream Spirit, the spatial ability used to escape, the Heavenly Balance Order that controls energy balance, the Myriad Transformation to disguise itself, and the powerful mental power are all intact.”

“Moreover, because it lost the ability to predict fortune, the curse also disappeared. Not only that, but it also has the opposite species soul skill, Destiny Blessing.”

Destiny Blessing was the species soul skill of the Firefly Dream Spirit.

It could change the luck of its companions and bless their luck.

However, it could not affect itself.

Moreover, this move should be very exaggerated.

“This should be the reason why I could draw three rainbow flashes previously.”

Without the ability to predict fortune, it would actually be in great danger.

If it was in the Remote Antiquity Era, without this ability to predict the future, it would probably be easily tricked and captured by some powerful soul beasts.

‘Then the Oracle Phantom Spirit should have expected this, so it wanted to use its soul pet identity to be protected by a human.’ Wang Che thought to himself.

The Oracle Phantom Spirit had definitely expected this.

Otherwise, it would not have taken the opportunity to say that it wanted to hand its compatriot over to him.

“The Power of Divine Will should be its overlord power… It’s also the mental power it’s proud of. Unfortunately, it’s in a sealed state. It should be because it’s just born and is too weak. If not for the Dark Beast, these powers should be in a normal state… However, if not for the Dark Beast, it might have a hundred thousand years of cultivation as soon as it was born.”

Wang Che waved his hand.

This fairy-like soul pet landed in Wang Che’s palm. It raised its round head and looked at Wang Che.

Those sparkling eyes were abnormally attractive.

As for the legacy awakening, the Immemorial Body should be its physical body.

Its lifespan seemed to be extremely short and could only cultivate for a hundred years.

In fact, it could transform into an egg and be reborn with an endless lifespan.

The Firefly Dream Spirit’s tail swayed like grass in the wind.

“Ssss!” The little caterpillar below shouted.

‘Let me touch it!’

As it spoke, the little caterpillar jumped up and onto Wang Che’s arm.

Compared to the Firefly Dream Spirit, this little caterpillar that was dozens of centimeters long was a huge creature!

The Firefly Dream Spirit did not seem to be afraid of the little caterpillar and lowered its tail.

The little caterpillar chuckled and crawled towards the Firefly Dream Spirit.

The little caterpillar usually took care of Eggy, who had hatched for months.

At this moment, the Magnetic Sword also flew over and transformed into a sword body. It was like a small sword circling the Firefly Dream Spirit as if it was very excited!

It had a new companion!

Bear Treasure immediately ran to the side and touched its head. It looked around and extended its paws to touch it.

However, it remembered that its claws were rather sharp and was afraid of accidentally scratching it, so it retracted them as soon as it extended them…

Seeing the little caterpillar pounce over, the Firefly Dream Spirit immediately floated up. The little caterpillar missed and landed on the ground below Wang Che’s palm.

The little caterpillar’s body was extremely elastic. It landed on the ground and bounced a few times…

The Firefly Dream Spirit laughed like a child.

The three little guys immediately surrounded the Firefly Dream Spirit.

They were like strange uncles…

Looking at the newborn soul pet, they probably felt very curious.

“Alright, stop playing.”

“Little caterpillar, your medicinal pills are refined too slowly. The failure rate is not low.”

Wang Che pondered and said, “I can try Little Firefly’s ability.”

The Firefly Dream Spirit immediately floated to Wang Che’s shoulder.

It probably felt that Wang Che’s shoulder was a little hard and flew to sit on his head.

Wang Che: “…”

“Ssss!” The little caterpillar hissed.

‘Try what?’

“Let’s try using the ability it knows now,” Wang Che said, “Phantom Blessing.”

With such a soul pet that basically didn’t need to be taught, Wang Che suddenly felt very relaxed.

The Phantom Blessing consumed life force and gave its companions a small amount of luck. It could affect some changes to a small extent.

This move was the basic version of Destiny Blessing.

It had learned this since birth.

The strength of the Phantom Blessing was probably not enough for Wang Che to draw the rainbow flash, but it should not be difficult to steadily produce purple and golden flashes.