Chapter 482 - Asura Black Badge

The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World Lu Yi 2022/9/13 16:42:15

When Ye Jiushang returned to the Ninth Lord’s Estate, he first went to see if Xue Fanxin was asleep. He then left quietly without disturbing her.

Ruying and Suixing were waiting for him in the study. Although they were here for a long time, they did not have any complaints. Seeing Ye Jiushang enter, they bowed in unison. “Greetings, Master.”

“Yes.” Ye Jiushang nodded gently in response. Then, he sat on the main seat and asked, “Have you finished dealing with the matters at the Nine Cloud Palace?”

“Master, it’s basically been settled, but there was a small accident,” Ruying said with a lowered head in shame.

Suixing did not speak and lowered his head. He blamed himself for not doing a good job.

Ye Jiushang was very calm. There was no change in his emotions at all. He sat there elegantly and asked casually, “What happened?”

“The Holy Maiden of the Sacred Fire Sect escaped.”

“How did she escape?”

“I don’t understand either. At that time, she and the elders of the Sacred Fire Sect had already been surrounded by us. Logically speaking, they shouldn’t have been able to escape at all. However, when we entered, we only saw those elders. There was no trace of the Holy Maiden. Those elders of the Sacred Fire Sect all chose to commit suicide. Before they died, they even said that their Holy Maiden will return to take revenge for them and destroy the Nine Cloud Palace.”

“How shameless.” Ye Jiushang sneered. However, he felt that this matter was not simple.

He had already killed the Sect Master of the Sacred Fire Sect, heavily injured the remaining experts, and even sealed off all the paths of survival for the sect. Logically speaking, those people in the Sacred Fire Sect were definitely dead, and no one could escape. However, something unexpected still happened.

He was really curious how the Holy Maiden of the Sacred Fire Sect had escaped.

“Master, this is a suspicious item I found at the scene. It looks like a shattered badge, a black badge.” Ruying took out some badge fragments and handed them to Ye Jiushang.

He took the fragments and looked at them carefully. Soon, he saw some clues. “Asura Black Badge.”

This was the Asura Black Badge of the Asura Hall. Those who held the Asura Black Badge could summon the Asura Envoy by crushing it. Every Asura Black Badge could raise a wish to the Asura Envoy, who would definitely try their best to fulfill it.

“Asura Hall?”

Back in the Duke’s Estate of the Nanling Empire, the people from the Asura Hall had also appeared. He remembered clearly that that person had been blown up by Xin’er.

Too much had happened recently. Coupled with the fact that the people from the Asura Hall had never appeared again, he had not started investigating this matter.

Unexpectedly, before the matter in Duke’s Estate was over, the Asura Hall had caused a ruckus again.

“Master, you mean that this is the legendary Asura Black Badge that can fulfill any wish?” Suixing asked in surprise. He had not expected the Asura Black Badge to appear in the Sacred Fire Sect.

“This is indeed the Asura Black Badge. Since the Asura Hall has chosen the Sacred Fire Sect, they are going against the Nine Cloud Palace. The two of you go and investigate the Asura Hall properly. I want to know everything about them.”

“Yes.” Ruying and Suixing accepted this mission without hesitation. At the same time, they finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, their master did not blame them for not doing their job and letting the Holy Maiden of the Sacred Fire Sect escape.

Actually, their master was quite easy to talk to, but the premise was that he was in a good mood. They could tell that their master was in a good mood now.