Chapter 2168 - Just Taking a Stroll…

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Chapter 2168: Just Taking a Stroll…

Qiao Mu was depressed.

Actually, she already knew what kind of place it was the moment she stepped into those pleasure quarters….

She had maintained a poker face just to tell everyone: ‘This darling does not know what the hell was this place!’

‘This was only a restaurant!’

‘A strange snack shop!’

Yet who knew her hubby would see through her at a glance.

Qiaoqiao was so pitiful, her every action being seen through by her hubby.

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Qiaoqiao at that time:?Qiuqiu, this Spring Abounding Parlor looks like a place for male escorts! Why would Ye Lingmin come to this kind of place? I’m going to follow her inside.

Qiuqiu:?Masta, Crown Prince Mo the Great will kill me, wuwuwu!

Qiaoqiao at that time:?How could that be? If you don’t say it and I don’t say it, only the Heaven and Earth will know. Who else besides us will find out!

She had never strolled through a male brothel in her previous life.?Since she happened upon it by chance in this life… might as well check it out!?Qiao Mu expressionlessly walked up the stairs.

‘Oh my, little lady. Does your family know that you are taking a stroll in our Spring Abounding Parlor?’

So talkative! How could she let her family know that she came to check out this male brothel?

Couldn’t they tell that she had just come to take a stroll!

Qiaoqiao recollected her thoughts and turned over. She did her best to show a sweet smile. “Hubby, don’t be fussy. Qiaoqiao is very sleepy!”

Mo Lian was deeply amused. He propped his head on his arm as looked at her with a smile. “Then go to sleep. Remember not to dream about ROYGBIV, or even Duan Yue! You must dream about Hubby.”

“Oh.” Qiao Mu turned around and faced him with the back of her head. She immediately closed her eyes and delved into her conscious pool to seek Qiuqiu for a “chat.”

“Qiuqiu, so you’re all tough now! You’re leaking your little master’s whereabouts to Hubby!”

“Wuwuwu, Masta, Qiuqiu is innocent. You don’t know how scary Crown Prince the Great and the Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal were. Both of them were threatening Qiuqiu. One of them wanted to roast Qiuqiu, while the other wanted to fry Qiuqiu in oil. The most wicked thing was that they even wanted to throw Qiuqiu into a manure pit. Wuwuwu, Qiuqiu cannot go into a manure pit, cannot!”

They sure were very wicked!

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“Masta, Qiuqiu is so miserable! Crown Prince the Great had even lit up a flame. So scary! Qiuqiu hates lightning and fire the most. Wuwuwu, Qiuqiu is so miserable!”

“Alright, stop trying to bemoan youre misery.” Qiao Mu directly blocked out this little guy.

This darn brat had exposed her whereabouts on purpose. No matter how wickedly those two men acted, they weren’t going to harm Qiuqiu. Don’t think that she didn’t know that!

She had originally thought that she wouldn’t be able to sleep.

She had drifted off to sleep in less than two minutes!

By the time she woke up, the sky was already dark…

Qiao Mu looked out the window in a daze, and she got up from the bed.

What happened??She actually slept all the way until nighttime.

The little fellow jumped off the bed. Just as she finished dressing, she heard the door open, and Mo Lian walked inside.

When Crown Prince Mo saw her, he could not help but grin. “Qiaoqiao has woken up.”

Qiao Mu felt like the crown prince’s gaze was filled with mirth.

“Mhm.” Qiao Mu used her hands to comb through her messy hair as she peered around. “It’s already so late! I didn’t expect to actually sleep the entire afternoon. Ha ha.”

“Hahaha.” Dao Wuji’s loud laughter came from outside the door. “My little sister-in-law! You haven’t just slept for an afternoon. You slept the whole day from last night to this evening!”

You really could sleep!