Chapter 2342

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Chapter 2342: Well Done

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When G3 and the rest came out, their bodies were covered with a 10-cm layer of dust.

“You’re a bunch of useless people! Useless! Relira found the oil depot. Were you guys really keeping watch of it? Were you really standing guard?” General Wu Weinu of Lin Country’s military group, was furious.

He was a general who was not friendly to China. His thoughts were completely inclined toward hegemony. If he decided to follow the hegemony, he would be able to become the largest country in South Asia!

Now that there was a fire in the forest, he was furious.

A small hidden oil depot of the military’s logistics was found and detonated in the most violent way. If the logistics were not secured, how could they take down the North?

“Beat him up tonight. Cut his head off! Cut his body into pieces!” Wu Weinu thought that the destruction was planned by Relira. He gave the final order and focused all his firepower on them!

Looking at the furious General Wu Weinu, someone asked nervously, “Are we still going to chase after the Chinese ambassador, then?”

What was there to chase? The scene here was a mess. How could they continue chasing after the ambassador?

General Wu Weinu retracted his order with a look of unwillingness on his face. The new regiment and the military group, in addition to the people sent by Relira, had allowed the Chinese ambassador to escape. How infuriating!

However, it was not appropriate for them to continue chasing after the ambassador. They needed to focus all their energy on Relira and destroy all his forces in one go!

An explosion suddenly occurred in a mountainous area in China. Even the people in China felt the tremors. When Relira, who was in a mountain village near the north armed forces, received the news, he laughed heartily.

“Good, good, good! Well done!” This was the last thing that Relira said to his subordinates. Wu Weinu and the allied forces concentrated their firepower and launched their strongest attack.

Soon, both sides received the latest report. The two commissioners sent by the hegemonic Western countries were strangled to death in the bathroom with a shower curtain wire. Both sides were shocked!

The two people were killed in the same way. This was a warning to the country!

It wasn’t a personal warning, but a country warning its neighboring country!

The answer was obvious. But where was the evidence?

The faces of the Kritzin General Wu Weinu of the new regiment turned green with anger. They had guessed that the deaths of the two commissioners were probably caused by the Chinese. But what was the use of guessing?

“General, do you think… the explosion of the oil depot is…” A senior official of Lin Country’s military group voiced his doubts. “Is it… related to China?”

The moment he raised his suspicion, he was immediately rejected.

“That’s impossible. China maintains its neutrality and will never take the initiative to harm other countries. I don’t think China will participate.”

“It’s not impossible. Look at how domineering China’s attitude is this time. They swept away their previous concessions and suddenly made things difficult for us.”

The sudden exercise caught them off guard!

“Although China suddenly became domineering this time, there’s a reason for it. Now that their exercise has started and our war isn’t concentrated in the North anymore, the Chinese have no reason to blow up our oil depot. From my point of view, it’s possible that it’s either the North’s armed forces or Relira.”

Outside, the sound of heavy rain could be heard. It sounded inexplicably annoying.