Chapter 2343

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Chapter 2343: Won’t It Be Embarrassing If Word Gets Out?

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Sitting above, General Wu Weinu’s face turned dark.

In the end, he slapped the table impatiently and shouted, “No matter who it is, we must take down Relira first! Pass down the order and fire fiercely. Let’s see if Relira can survive tonight!”

A logistics oil depot was gone just like that. They didn’t even know who blew it up. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if word got out?

No matter who it was, they believed that this was done by Relira!

The battle started at 7:00 PM. At 2:00 AM, the gunshots suddenly became louder.

Ye Jian and the rest had already abandoned the motorcycles. They braved the heavy rain and arrived at Nanmen in two hours. Then, they sent the latest location back to their country.

At 3:40 AM, the heavy rain showed no signs of stopping. The sky was still as thick as ink. G3 and the rest picked up their pace after receiving J5’s location.

“We’re still 20 kilometers away. Hurry! Follow us!” G3, who was carrying a rifle on his back, wiped the rainwater off his face and waved his hand. He sped up and walked in the dense forest.

There were many poisonous insects in the forest of the country. There were also leeches that would secretly stick to their bodies and suck their blood. When they passed through the forest, they could only shake their bodies to get the countless unknown insects off them.

Ye Jian’s entire body was wet. There was a leech stuck to the back of her neck that was causing her pain. She raised her hand and touched it. The leech had already become round.

Ye Jian, who had just walked out of a rain of bullets, couldn’t help but shiver when she touched the small leech. She was so shocked that goosebumps appeared all over her body.

Land leeches were longer and bigger than water leeches. Their suckers were tighter too. One might not be able to pull it off with one’s bare hands.

She said to K7 beside her, “Help me with the leech.”

“You got bitten? Where?” K7 stopped and turned on the flashlight in his hand. On this rainy night, he saw a black object pressing against the back of Ye Jian’s neck.

Ye Jian took out her dagger. The sharp blade touched her skin. She felt a cold sensation. She could feel K7 using the blade to pry open the front suction cup of the leech. Then, he pried it open on the other end. The leech that was sucking blood until he was all swollen finally fell off.

K7 raised his leg and crushed them directly. Then, he raised his leg and used the tip of his toes to step on the mud to bury the black leech. The rainwater came pouring down, and there were no traces left behind.

Ye Jian wasn’t the only one who got bitten. Almost everyone got bitten along the way. There was one on their arms and legs. Snow Eagle, who was walking at the back, had one on his face.

The rain was too heavy. It made it difficult for them to walk in the forest. They grabbed the leaves with one hand and stepped on the thick leaves before sliding down slowly. If they were not careful, they would squat down and fall. Their tailbone would be in so much pain that their facial features would distort.

The air in the forest was not refreshing. As they walked in the col, besides the smell of decaying trees, rain and wind were also blowing over, bringing with them the smell of burning smoke.

At 4:30 PM, although the heavy rain didn’t stop, a faint green light finally appeared on the horizon. Ye Jian and the rest climbed up the mountain in the rain and saw thick smoke billowing on the northern side of the mountain.

The wind carried the smell of burning oil. They looked at each other and had an answer in their eyes.

There was the smell of burning oil in the wind. The rain was so heavy, but it didn’t suppress the thick smoke. No matter how they looked at it, it looked like an oil depot had exploded.

It was possible that if the underground oil depot exploded, the collapse of the soil around the oil depot would cover the open fire and produce thick black smoke that surged into the sky. That was why no one could see the open fire.