Chapter 1236 - Hoodwinked! 2

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Chapter 1236: Hoodwinked! 2

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After completing the task, Greedy the Cat Spirit was whimpering weakly now.

The Three Loathsome Eyes had consumed too much energy. As Situ Yongren had been studying the Divine Secret all the time, his mental strength was strong. Therefore, after fighting against it for a long time, even Greedy the Cat Spirit, who was purely a ghost beast, could not withstand it any longer.

“Wait a minute! Haha!”

Xu Xiaoshou still had one more thing on his mind.

He executed spatial displacement on all the defensive spiritual weapons such as jade pendants, tiny pagodas, and bracelets on Situ Yongren and crushed them through the deep water pressure.

Since he could not own them, he would destroy them!

“That’s all. You may release the control now.”

Since he had taken everything he could and destroyed those he couldn’t, Xu Xiaoshou would not let Greedy the Cat Spirit waste his energy further.

Of course, he was not stingy at all. He took out one small object from the pile of treasure he obtained from Situ Yongren. That object was the Saint Origin Pill. It was super effective in regaining strength. Xu Xiaoshou fed Greedy the Cat Spirit with the Saint Origin Pill to regain his strength.

The deep sea was a terrifying terrain. Greedy the Cat Spirit still had to maintain his combat strength at all times.

After consuming the Saint Origin Pill, Greedy the Cat Spirit became lively again in an instant.

Greedy the Cat Spirit wasted zero energy. Situ Yongren became poor overnight, while Xu Xiaoshou turned rich on the spot.

After Situ Yongren regained consciousness, he felt that he had experienced a long nightmare even though it only happened a moment ago.

The moment he woke up in the water ball, he was shocked when he found that all the shiny objects on his body had gone.

Other than his clothes, he was left with nothing at all. Not even the jade hairpin on his head!

“What have you done to me?”

Situ Yongren drew his lips together as his eyes welled up.

All his wealth had gone!

In order to survive in Dongtianwang City, Situ Yongren brought almost everything with him.

However, he was not an extravagant person. He was extremely meticulous in calculating all his gains and losses. He would maintain his assets in a value-added status at all times.

However, it was absolutely beyond his expectation to encounter a bandit.

He had lost everything!

Situ Yongren was so depressed right now. He almost collapsed on the spot.

“Why are you so angry? I just get a little something from you. That’s all!”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled as he looked at the young man right in front of him. He was staring at Xu Xiaoshou fiercely. Then, Xu Xiaoshou reached out his hand and said indifferently, “Split open!”

As the spatial power spread…

The water ball started to crack!

“Please don’t do that!”

Situ Yongren’s mind was about to burst.

The threat of death and the anger of being poor all of a sudden interweaved in his mind. He had bloodshot in his eyes instantly.

Everyone knew about the water pressure in the deep sea. Situ Yongren had witnessed the death of people with their spiritual source drained after the water ball burst. Their bodies were crushed by the water pressure too.

Every single piece of the defensive spiritual weapon on his body had been destroyed by Huang Quan!

Without the protection of the water ball, he would be buried under the deep sea for sure.

“Please don’t! Elder, I beg upon you!”

“I can give you everything, but I can’t die. I really can’t…”

One second ago, Situ Yongren was still crying. The next moment, when he realized there was no water pressure around him even though the water ball cracked and the water flow seemed to be pushed out of his body, he was stunned.

Could Lord Huang Quan control the water flow under the deep sea?

“You should thank yourself for having such a great supreme master. Otherwise, you would be a dead man by now,” said Xu Xiaoshou faintly.

He could use “Transformation” to transform into Lord Huang Quan’s appearance. When there was a need, he could use the Imitator to switch between Water Ghost and Huang Quan’s abilities.

In this way, there would not be any restriction for the imitator to imitate one person at a time.

“Thank… thank you, Elder, for not killing me…”

Situ Yongren was terrified. He felt that he was the meat on somebody’s chopping block now.

Even though he was in danger now, he managed to calm himself down quickly. When he realized that his identity might be worthy to someone else, he said anxiously.

“Don’t worry, Elder. I will not inform my master about it. I will not try to kill myself to summon the will of the demi-saint of my master too. Furthermore, I have no intention to protect myself with the Demi-saint’s will nor counter Elder’s thought.”

“I am not threatening you, Elder,” said Situ Yongren.

He continued, “I understand that you keep me alive for a reason. Please tell me how I can help you.”

He lowered his head and said in a respectful tone. He understood the principle of being humble when one was trapped in an inferior situation.

“You are smart. You actually know how to make yourself useful.”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed with emotion. This person who came from a powerful family was no ordinary man indeed. At least, he did not say something stupid like “Don’t you dare to touch me today!”, which made him not able to say the words “Try me!”.

“Since you are a big… I mean an understanding person. I shall not beat around the bush with you.”

Xu Xiaoshou continued to use the “Swallow the Mountains and Rivers” technique to exert psychological pressure on Situ Yongren. At the same time, he got hold of the tone of a big shot and said calmly, “Let’s talk about cooperation then.”

“Cooperation?” Situ Yongren raised his eyebrows curiously.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded, “Just do whatever I instructed, and don’t do anything that you shouldn’t do.”

“Well, all right,” said Situ Yongren in a straightforward manner.

He did not pop any questions like “Why?”, “What was the thing?”, “What can I get by doing so?” or any other irrational questions. Well, this made Xu Xiaoshou think highly of him.

He was a worldly-wise man indeed! Xu Xiaoshou had to be careful to prevent himself from being countered. Xu Xiaoshou gave it a thought and spoke in a calm manner.

“Of course! I will not let you do things for nothing.”

He continued, “The exchange of benefits is equal in value. Even though you are under my control now, I will reward you according to the things you do for me.”

“I believe that this information would be of great merit to you.”

Information? Situ Yongren was dwelling over this word. He was expressionless when he replied humbly, “I dare not ask for any return from you, Elder. I understand my current situation and stand now.”