Chapter 1240 - The Arrival of the Demi-Saint! 3

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Chapter 1240: The Arrival of the Demi-Saint! 3

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Regardless of whether the plot was as big as what Situ Yongren had imagined…

When he said that it was true, it would be true regardless of what kind of statement the Jiang Clan of the Pu Xuan in the Northern Region said!

It was nothing more than a community that shared the same interests.

Ripples were formed slightly in the deep sea.

After Situ Yongren and Huang Quan went silent, the thumping sound of their heartbeat could be heard loud and clear. It was like a tornado, stirring up the deep sea and causing the surge of the undercurrents.

It was a suffocating wait indeed!

Situ Yongren was so tensed up at that moment. He clenched his fist so hard that his nails almost pierced through the flesh on his palms. The veins on his temples bulged as well.

Suddenly, they felt a strong undercurrent. It seemed that there was a movement on their sides.

Situ Yongren shouted out loud as he turned his head around. He saw Lord Huang Quan of Yama reaching out his hand to touch the back of his head.

Situ Yongren was stunned, “Elder?”

“What a surprise!” Xu Xiaoshou twitched his mouth into a smile and said, “I am bored. By the way, I am just scratching my head. Why are you so agitated?”

After he finished his words, he scratched the back of his neck twice.

Situ Yongren was so speechless.

At that time, he even had the intention to kill.

The great enemy was just around the corner, could he stop fooling around?

“Condemned, Passive Points +1.”

“Cursed, Passive Points +1.”

Misfortune never came singly indeed!

Just as Situ Yongren was cursing and swearing in his mind, the high-frequency thumping of the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale stopped all of a sudden.

Water flowed rapidly to both sides not far away from them.

At the tip of the waves, the clouds of mist gathered as they formed a figure. An elder smiled as he landed.

He had eyes that were as clear and pure as a child’s eyes. But, his hair was grey. He had frosty brows and wrinkles all over the corner of his eyes. He looked kind though.

The Spell Forbidden Barrier under the deep sea had sealed everyone’s power!

The appearance of the elder this time was not covered by the clouds and mists.

As for the true appearance of a demi-saint, anyone who raised their head to look at it would have a feeling of having a mortal blaspheming the saints. Their souls would tremble at first sight.

“Dong!” With just a glance, Xu Xiaoshou’s heart stopped beating.

“Dong!” Situ Yongren looked over and felt the same thing as well.

Obviously, the elder had not done anything yet. However, both of them felt like they were standing right in front of the spiritual god. They felt inferior and had no strength to resist it at all.

“Are you Huang Quan?” said the Elder as he stopped. His gaze was so sharp as if he was about to pierce through Xu Xiaoshou.

“Startled, Passive Points, +1.”

Under the golden mask, Xu Xiaoshou’s face turned pale instantly.

Water Ghost did not deceive me at all!

He should not have waited for the arrival of the demi-saint. On the contrary, he should run away a long time ago.

It was not the first time Xu Xiaoshou met the demi-saint in person. Still, he could not say a single word under the overwhelming pressure of the demi-saint.

Situ Yongren’s reaction was much better than Xu Xiaoshou.

It was because Situ Yongren had always been at his supreme master’s side. He was kind of used to such overwhelming pressure.

“Jiang Buyi, the demi-saint!”

He opened his eyes and said these words with all his might.

On one side, Situ Yongren saw the great contribution waving at him. On the other side, he saw the grim reaper reaching out his reaper’s scythe gradually.

His hands were shivering vigorously behind his back. He almost turned around and shouted at Lord Huang Quan who was just beside him.

“I recognize him. He is in his true form!”

“Even if you are lying to me, as long as I survive, he has nothing to gain. But…”

“What the fuck are you waiting for? Hurry up and bring me along with you. It is time to run! He is the true form of the demi-saint!”

It had never crossed Situ Yongren’s mind before.

Lord Huang Quan of Yama, whom he regarded as the god of calming the deep sea, actually had a lower cultivating level as compared to him!

The demi-saint spoke. However, Xu Xiaoshou could still unable to move at all, not even his little finger!