Chapter 1137 - Be Good, If Your Exam Results Are Bad, You'll Be Punished...

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Until her death, Bai Mori’s eyes were wide open, unwilling to accept the outcome of being sentenced to death.

What right did she have to be eliminated…

She was actually no match for a brat from the countryside.

She actually couldn’t steal Gong Jue’s heart.

If she could do it again, she would definitely make that brat die without a corpse! She would definitely make Gong Jue obsessed with her and marry her!

In the morgue late at night.

Bai Mori’s eyes were still wide open as she was thrown into a pile of corpses on death row, waiting to be cremated the next morning.

In the darkness, a pair of man’s gray leather shoes stopped silently beside the body…

Bai Mori’s death sentence quickly made the headlines the next morning.

This was a very serious crime in the empire. Not only was Bai Mori dead, but her reputation had also been completely destroyed.

And all the newspapers of the day were bashing Bai Mori for her crimes.

Logically speaking, Bai Mori was a member of the Bai family after all. It was fine if she was secretly executed.

However, she was humiliated so openly. Even if she died, her name would be covered in dust and in a mess.

It was obvious that there must be a big shot behind this, so they had to crush her to the end.

At the same time, Bai Yeyuan made a statement to remove Bai Mori from the Bai family’s genealogy.

The Bai family had completely cut ties with her!

Xiao Ning sent Gu Qiqi a WeChat message. “Qiqi, although my uncle is really cold and doesn’t have any kinship at all, I think he’s quite satisfied with how he dealt with Bai Mori! If he were to save Bai Mori and seek justice for her, he would be a scumbag! Last time, Bai Mori almost killed me with the family law! She wanted to cripple my hands! What a vicious woman!”

Gu Qiqi replied, “Yes. However, only when he doesn’t bully you anymore will I remove his title of being scum.”

Xiao Ning was speechless.

She was too guilty to reply.

Thinking about it carefully, her youngest uncle seemed to be the worst to her.

In other matters, he seemed to really be impartial in separating public and private matters, with appropriate rewards and punishments.

Although he was a little cold, at least he wouldn’t bully others for no reason.

But why was it that when it came to her, he could bully her as much as he wanted?

He had always treated her as a toy. When he was happy, he would play with her gently. When he was unhappy, he would still play with her. The only difference was that when he was unhappy, he would hurt her very much!

Just as he was thinking about it, Bai Yeyuan’s message came in!

“Little Lemon, pay attention in class. Don’t forget what I told you last night. Your exam results are based on 90 points. One point less for every subject and you have to do that for an extra hour at home… Do you understand?”

How could she not understand?

Xiao Ning trembled and her legs involuntarily tightened.

How did Bai Yeyuan know that she wasn’t paying attention?

She replied shakily, “Got it…”

Unexpectedly, Bai Yeyuan replied instantly, “Relax your legs. If you close them so tightly, others will guess what you did last night. Be good.”

Xiao Ning’s legs twitched and she almost fell from the high chair in the veterinary school.

Gu Qiqi was also listening to the class in the pharmaceutical school.

A certain man’s messages also came to harass her from time to time.

He even posted a selfie of herself taking a shower in the morning. In the hazy fog, the man in the mirror had a good figure.

Gu Qiqi quickly closed it shyly.

This stupid man was really shameless. Why was he flirting instead of working early in the morning?

She prepared to switch off her phone.

Otherwise, her deskmate would think that she was looking at an indecent picture later.

Just as she was about to turn off the phone, a phone suddenly rang and vibrated.

When Gu Qiqi saw the caller ID, she was a little surprised, but she also expected it…