Chapter 1145 - Xiaolan's Punishment

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How would Qiu Qiu know that Gu Qiqi was Young Master Ye?

By cursing Young Master Ye so indignantly, he was cursing Gu Qiqi.

Of course, Gu Qiqi wouldn’t really hold it against him. After all, it wasn’t a crime to not know.

However, she replied firmly, “That’s impossible. Gong Jue wouldn’t kidnap Xiaolan.”

He straightened his body with much difficulty and breathed. As a result of this series of actions, his face became even paler, and there seemed to be a sharp pain circling in his chest, almost shredding his organs!

A few of his bones were broken, and he was overly exhausted. Now, he was just relying on his stubborn willpower to continue walking forward.

He lowered his head to take a look. There was a broken and sharp white bone on the dried grass.

Half of it was stuck in the ground, and the other half was hidden in the grass. As he didn’t see it previously, he stepped right onto it.

Someone’s corpse was just left here.

Chu Ning retracted his gaze and continued walking forward. The chains on his arms and legs seemed heavier as they suppressed him, and he couldn’t breathe.

Every step he took seemed to be walking on the tip of a sword.

Everything on his body was either lost or damaged. Only his tortured body was living like a zombie.

He didn’t know how he came to this place, and he couldn’t recall how long he had been here. The only thing he could do was walk forward continuously, hoping that he could leave this place one day.

Chu Ning swallowed the bloody taste in his mouth and clenched his teeth tightly.?I… can never die! Yue’er is still waiting for me!?

On the first floor, after Elder Meng repaired the barrier and the main entrance, he couldn’t help but turn back, shake his head, and sigh.?Luckily, basically nobody comes to Fengmin Mountain, and very few people appear in the vicinity. If not, the commotion that Rong Xiu previously caused would… If word got out, many people would be shocked until their jaws dropped.?

Elder Meng flicked the dust away and stroked his beard, planning on going up to take a look. Suddenly, a strange commotion came from the six doors.

He knitted his brows and focused on the six doors floating in midair!

On the surface, these doors looked exactly the same as they normally would. However, Elder Meng had guarded this place for many years and was very familiar with everything. He could confirm that it was not an illusion!

He walked nearer to the six doors and meticulously examined them for a while. However, that ripple didn’t appear again.

Everything was normal.

Elder Meng knitted his brows.?For some reason, these few doors seem amiss lately…

Thinking of this, his heart skipped a beat, and he hurriedly went upstairs!

When he passed by the second floor, he stopped in his tracks and said to Rong Xiu, “Rong Xiu, take good care of him. You can tell me if anything happens!”

Rong Xiu lightly nodded. “Thank you, Elder Meng.”

Then, Elder Meng rode on the dust and continued going upward. His steps seemed hurried.

Rong Xiu squinted his phoenix-like eyes slightly. Then, he got up and walked a few steps forward.

Standing by the stairs, he looked down.

There should’ve been seven doors there, but only six were left.

His hand gently held the pole, and his slender and white fingers knocked against it twice before he looked up.

The stairs in the middle of the pagoda spiraled all the way up.

Looking up from here, the stairs of every floor intersected and formed a disciplined and illusionary image.

Elder Meng’s figure quickly disappeared into the top floor.

Rong Xiu seemed calm, yet his phoenix-like eyes were so deep that one couldn’t see the bottom of them, causing one to be unable to see through him.

The location of the last door… seemed to be understood without speaking.

A soft sleepy voice came from behind.

Rong Xiu looked over and tightly held the pole as veins vaguely appeared on the back of his hand.?Her failing to break through at such an important juncture will definitely cause some harm to her. But luckily, she failed when she tried to break through to become an intermediate stage-nine warrior—this can still be handled.?

If something happened when she broke through into the Apotheosis Realm…?Rong Xiu’s eyes turned dark.

After a moment, he took out something from the Cosmic Ring. Then, he lightly extended his fingers, and a layer of faintly golden dust scattered in the air.

Outside Fangzhou City.

In the deserted land of a hidden place, the air rumbled. Following a ray of purple light, a tall and slender figure walked out from the dark space!

It was a young lady dressed in red. Her skin presented a healthy malt color, but it didn’t hide the youthfulness in her almond-like eyes.

“Hu… I’m finally here!” She lightly exhaled.?I felt like I was in the transportation formation for ages… But luckily the process was very stable, or perhaps because that person was too strong, so I didn’t feel any aftereffects at all.

“Did he directly create a transportation formation…” She smacked her lips and guessed with some uncertainty, feeling even more shocked.

She wondered about the extent of that person’s strength…

Without a word, she closed the bathroom door and started changing!

A moment later, a handsome and cold young man walked out of the washroom!

He was wearing a metallic silver jacket, black leather pants, and leather boots. His hair covered his eyes, and his tie was wrapped around his wrist. The elegant Young Master Ye had never been so dazzling and unruly!

In an abandoned house on the outskirts of the imperial capital.

Yang Xiaolan was thrown to the ground by a strong force and felt dizzy.

Her mouth was wrapped in tape, and her limbs were tightly tied, making it impossible for her to move.

These people were so terrifying. They were simply demons!

The first man stepped forward and grabbed her long hair. He twisted her face towards him. “Tell me, where is Young MasterYe?”

Xiaolan gritted her teeth and shook her head.

The man sneered. “Little girl, you’re really stubborn. Let’s see how long you can last after I punish you!”