Chapter 1146 - The Mastermind

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The tape on Xiaolan’s mouth was instantly torn off by the man!

However, this man did not pity her and wanted to untie her.

Instead, after pulling off the tape, he grabbed her hair and lifted her up!

“Ah—!” Xiaolan screamed as she realized that the man was hanging her hair from a hanging ring in midair.

Her scalp hurt terribly.

“Are you going to tell me?!” The man slapped her again.

The corners of Lan’s mouth immediately cracked.

Bright red blood trickled down the corner of his mouth.

Xiaolan still refused to admit it. “I don’t know.”

Young Master Ye had left her an email address, but these people were so fierce. She wondered if asking about Young Master Ye would be disadvantageous to him.

Xiaolan didn’t dare to reveal anything.

The man changed his question. “Who else knows Young Master Ye, hmm?”

Xiaolan pursed her lips. The taste of blood and the pain in her mouth made them tremble. “I don’t know.”

Gu Qiqi and Gong Jue knew Young Master Ye, but she couldn’t betray her friends!

What if these terrifying people found Gu Qiqi?

Although Qiqi was very powerful, she couldn’t handle so many people.

Furthermore, it seemed like Master Jue wasn’t by Qiqi’s side recently. No one was protecting her.

“Didn’t Ye give your short-lived father cancer treatment? How can you not know his contact details?!”

‘He’s … just a doctor. We’re just patients, nothing else!’

“No other connections? Hmph, cancer drugs are so expensive. Why would he give them to you for nothing? Who are you kidding?!”

Yang Xiaolan smiled bitterly.

There were such good doctors in this world. They treated patients for free and gave away medicine for free.

‘You’ve never seen it before, so of course you don’t believe me.’

Young Master Ye had done her family a great favor. How could she betray him at a time like this?

“We… We were just lucky. We… don’t know anything else.” Xiaolan’s voice was already a little hoarse. She felt that her scalp was almost not hers anymore. It was so painful that she was about to lose consciousness.

“F*ck! Damned b*tch, if you don’t say it, I’ll send you to hell!” The man was furious. He directly kicked Xiaolan in the stomach.

It was so painful that Xiaolan arched her back like a helpless shrimp.

The man was addicted to torturing her and kicked her a few times in a row. He simply kicked her like a sandbag and swung her around in midair.

Instead, a mechanical chuckle sounded from his throat.

Xiaolan’s stomach churned from the kick. She couldn’t help but feel a surge of blood that sprayed into the air in a parabolic line.

She was hanging on like a rag doll, but even so, she still insisted on not confessing…

Behind her, she suddenly heard a flurry of footsteps.

“How stupid. I hired you to get information, but why haven’t you made any progress yet? What’s the point of just hitting her? You won’t tell such a stubborn woman to talk even if you kill her! You have to use someone more ruthless!” A displeased male voice sounded.

The leader frowned. “What more ruthless?”

Immediately after, a female voice sounded. “Of course it’s a method to make her beg for death? Heh heh, don’t you know how to do that?”

“No! When we fought, we always made each other vomit blood, until the other party’s gang admitted defeat and confessed. It’s not that troublesome! Hurry up and settle the payment!”

So this kidnapper was just a mercenary.

The real mastermind was this man and woman?

Xiaolan felt that the girl’s voice was especially familiar. She had probably heard it before, and she might even know her.

Even that man was not a complete stranger…

She tried her best to open her swollen eyelids and finally saw the man and woman in front of her.

The woman was wearing a loose white coat and a hat that covered half her face. Xiaolan didn’t recognize her.

However, that man did not hide anything at all.

That man was actually—

Heavens, her worldview was shattered. She had never expected it to be him.