Chapter 1147 - Not Speaking For So Long

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Xiaolan stared at her kidnapper in disbelief.

The Dean of the Medical School of Imperial Medical University: Shen Ping!

The dean had always been dignified and high and mighty!

He actually colluded with these vulgar and ruthless hooligans to kidnap a freshman like her?

“You… Dean Shen…” Xiaolan was so shocked that her throat was a little hoarse.

Shen Ping narrowed his eyes. This female student actually recognized him. It seemed that he couldn’t keep her anymore.

Later, when she was forced to confess, he would kill her to prevent any future trouble.

However, it was good that she recognized him. Perhaps she could coax this innocent female student and find out Young Master Ye’s whereabouts.

He changed his attitude. “Yang Xiaolan, right? I heard that your results in the pharmaceutical school aren’t very good. I can make the decision to transfer you to the clinical medicine school. When you graduate, I’ll arrange the best job for you. How lowly is it to stand at the counter and sell jade? No matter how much you earn, you’re still a businessman. In the future, I’ll let you become a doctor in a big hospital. It’ll make your father proud and it’ll be easy for her to get married!”

Xiaolan sneered. “Ha-ha…”

Her face was bloody from the blows. Even when she smiled, her expression was stiff.

Shen Ping did not mind and continued to persuade her. “Since you’re a student, I won’t torture you. Tell me where the person surnamed Ye is, and you’ll get your share!”

Xiaolan stared fixedly at Shen Ping. She couldn’t guess why Dean Shen was looking for Young Master Ye.

However, she knew very well that Dean Shen was definitely up to no good!

If it was a straightforward motive, why couldn’t they have used normal methods to find her instead of kidnapping and bullying her like this?

Xiaolan licked her dry lips and squeezed out a few words. “I don’t know…!”

Shen Ping took a deep breath, and his face twitched slightly. This ignorant female student kept saying she didn’t know anything.

What kind of spell had that Mr. Ye cast on her?

Hmph! No matter what spell it was, he had to pry open this female student’s mouth today!

Dean Shen couldn’t hold on much longer. Ever since the last World Medical Competition, he had spent a huge sum of money to obtain the right to enter and had even hired the ghost doctor to be the chief surgeon. In the end, he had suffered a crushing defeat at Young Master Ye’s hands. Dean Shen had simply collapsed.

Some of the businesses that he had originally had agreements with were also withdrawn and transferred to Young Master Ye or Gu Qiqi’s team.

If the Shen family fell, all of Shen Ping’s assets would be destroyed, and he would be in debt for the rest of his life. His salary as the dean would be nothing!

He had been in charge for so many years. How could he tolerate his defeat?

Therefore, this time, he was going all out. He had to find that mysterious Young Master Ye and discuss cooperation.

If Young Master Ye was sensible and was willing to cooperate with him, it would naturally be easy.

If it didn’t work… Hehe, he didn’t mind killing him and taking all of Young Master Ye’s prescriptions for himself.

But the problem now was that he still didn’t know where Young Master Ye was!

The only people who knew that he was related to Young Master Ye were Bai Lang and Yang Xiaolan.

Of course, he did not dare to touch the Bai family, so he could only come and disturb Yang Xiaolan.

Unexpectedly, Yang Xiaolan was so tactless and stubborn. She actually refused to speak after being beaten up for so long.

Shen Ping was a little frustrated!

Behind him, a woman in a white coat and hat spoke sharply. Her tone was a little arrogant and princess-like—