Chapter 1148 - The Hanging Girl

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“You don’t want to talk? Dean Shen, why are you still talking nonsense with her? Just attack!” The more she heard that arrogant princess accent, the more familiar it sounded.

However, she had been slapped too many times just now. She didn’t know if it was because her eardrums were damaged, but Xiaolan couldn’t hear clearly anymore.

Before the princess could finish speaking, she had already walked to the side to answer the call. “Hello? We’re still interrogating her… Are you kidding me? Yang Xiaolan is Gu Qiqi’s friend. Do you think I’ll show mercy when dealing with Gu Qiqi’s people?! Tell me, is there any other effective way to torture someone? What? Hang upside down? That’s good! What else? Tell me! Yes, continue!… Alright, I know, I know. I’ll delete the call message. You’re really long-winded!”

The princess cut off the call impatiently and deleted the call history. She turned around and looked at Yang Xiaolan ferociously.

Yang Xiaolan’s hearing and vision were blurry, and her thinking speed became slower. Who was this woman calling?

Could it be that Shen Ping and this woman were not the real mastermind?

Why was someone still giving advice to this woman?

However, it sounded like this woman was also very impatient and did not take her seriously…

Xiaolan didn’t have time to figure it out.

Suddenly, the world spun!

The strong men had already grabbed her hair and pulled her off the hanging ring. Then, they grabbed her feet and hung her up again!

Blood rushed from her entire body to her mind!

The feeling of blood rushing to her head was very painful!

In particular, Xiaolan’s scalp had been numb from being pulled just now, and now it was filled with blood. It was simply a pain worse than death.

The woman’s high heels stopped in front of her. Her tone was sharp. “Aren’t you going to say anything? Hehe, did you see my shoes?”

The woman kicked her feet. Her high heels were right next to Xiaolan’s face as she hung upside down.

“I don’t even know… how to say it?” Xiaolan struggled to spit out the words.

“Hehe, you’re still being stubborn even at the brink of death? What benefits did that Ye guy give you to make you defend him like this? Isn’t he just a gigolo!” The woman’s tone was a little sour.

Young Master Ye was handsome and elegant. Wherever he went, all the women’s gazes followed him.

However, Young Master Ye did not pay her any attention at all.

Who did Yang Xiaolan think she was?

She actually had Young Master Ye’s contact information and had spent so much time with him because of her father’s cancer!

She was different from Shen Ping. Shen Ping had made a comeback for the Shen family, and she was now interrogating Yang Xiaolan about Young Master Ye’s whereabouts because she wanted to vent her anger.

“If you don’t tell me, you’ll become a free shoe-polisher, bitch!”

The woman threatened fiercely.

The sharp high heels were already poking at Yang Xiaolan’s delicate face.

At this moment, Yang Xiaolan’s vision was already blurry.

Of course she was afraid.

Who wouldn’t be afraid of pain and death?

However, at this moment, Yang Xiaolan’s conviction became even firmer—she definitely couldn’t tell them where Young Master Ye was, nor could she let these freaks know that Qiqi and Young Master Ye were friends.

Otherwise, these freaks would definitely deal with Young Master Ye and Qiqi.

She said with all her might in a hoarse voice, “You’re the one who’s cheap. You’re not even worthy of cleaning Young Master Ye’s shoes!”

The woman opposite her was instantly enraged. “B*tch, what did you say? You’re indeed Gu Qiqi’s lackey. Your words are the same as hers! Alright, I’ll let you see the consequences of going against me!”

As she spoke, she raised her high heels and mercilessly poked at Xiaolan’s face!