Chapter 1326 - Master Wang: He Has Lived Enough. He Wants to Die

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Chapter 1326: Master Wang: He Has Lived Enough. He Wants to Die

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On the way back to Rhine Apartments from the Ninth Branch.

Ye Wangchuan received a call from Liang Conglin. After quietly listening to him explain the situation, he hung up with a cold expression.

Gu San, who was driving in front, felt the low pressure in the car. He looked back through the rearview mirror and asked carefully, “Master Wang, what’s wrong?”

Master Wang’s expression was not right!

Ye Wangchuan narrowed his eyes and rolled down the window to let the fresh wind in. His eyebrows were suppressed with hostility and coldness. After a long while, he said coldly, “Is there someone like Zhu Yuanhao in the circle?”

“Zhu Yuanhao?” Gu San did not react immediately when he heard this name.

He couldn’t remember who the other party was for a moment, but he vaguely felt that the name was familiar, as if he had seen it often somewhere.

He pondered for a moment and finally remembered where he had seen this name before. He blurted out, “Ah, I know this person. Isn’t he quite good friends with Miss Jiang? I often see them interacting in the group.”

It was fine if he did not mention Jiang Xianrou. When he did, the air in the car seemed to have turned colder.

Gu San vaguely felt that something was wrong and asked carefully, “Master Wang, why did you suddenly mention him? What did he do?”

Ye Wangchuan rested his elbow on the window. His eyes were extremely cold, lazy, and casual. He looked like he had a good temper and was very easy to talk to. “Nothing.”

Why would Master Wang think of Zhu Yuanhao if he didn’t do anything?

He heard the man’s low and hoarse voice before he could ask. “This guy has lived enough and wants to die.”

Gu San was speechless.

This… What did Zhu Yuanhao do? He was really capable to make Master Wang so angry!

Ye Wangchuan ignored him and picked up his phone that had been thrown to the side. He opened the group he had not checked in a long time and found Zhang Yang’s WeChat. He sent a message: [Help me ask where Zhu Yuanhao is.]

On the other side, Zhang Yang’s eyebrows twitched when he saw the message. He stood up from the sofa and held his phone with a nervous expression.

“What are you doing? You scared me.” Qin Si was sitting beside him and playing with his phone. Zhang Yang suddenly stood up. Distracted, his character in the game was shot. Qin Si turned to him and cursed. “F*ck!”

He threw the phone aside and was so angry that his face turned green. He said angrily, “I’m not playing anymore. I’m not playing anymore. What f*cking game is this? It’s all f*cking sneak attacks.”

Bo Jingxing sat opposite him and swirled the Icelandic black tea. The ice in the glass clinked with a cool sound. He smiled and looked gentle and easy to talk to. “Didn’t Qiao Nian draw you a dragon sniper rifle?”

Qin Si crossed his legs under the table and rolled his eyes casually. He even said indignantly, “Those idiots in the game came to kill me because I had a dragon sniper rifle. They made it seem like there was a bonus for killing me.

“I’ve already f*cking moved forward, but they still won’t let me off!”

Bo Jingxing was a little speechless when he saw that he was playing a game with an indignant expression. He happened to cover the twitching corners of his mouth with the glass and looked at Qin Si. Recalling what Jiang Xianrou had said on the phone this morning, he thought about how to plead with him.

“By the way, why are you looking for me today?” Qin Si stopped playing games and beat him to it. He looked at him strangely and said, “Aren’t you usually very busy? Why are you willing to look for me for a drink today?”