Chapter 1328 - Got Jiang Xianrou a Precious Gift

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Chapter 1328: Got Jiang Xianrou a Precious Gift

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Qin Si glanced at him and said coldly, “Don’t tell me you want to support Jiang Xianrou? I’ll be blunt. I’m on Sister Qiao’s side. If she really instigated Zhu Yuanhao to find trouble with Sister Qiao, I’ll fall out with you too if you stand up for Jiang Xianrou.”

“Did I say that I wanted to stand up for her?” Bo Jingxing was so angry that he laughed. He pushed his glasses up his nose bridge and said dejectedly, “I know Qiao Nian, too. I’m not as unreasonable as you think. I’m just going to see what’s going on!”

Seeing that he did not seem to have any intention of supporting Jiang Xianrou brainlessly, Qin Si fell silent and tacitly allowed him to go with him. He led the way and walked in a hurry.

In a high-end restaurant in Beijing.

Zhu Yuanhao still didn’t know that disaster was about to befall him.

At this moment, he was taking out the carefully selected gift and handing it to the woman sitting opposite him with a fawning expression. “Miss Jiang, please accept this.”

Jiang Xianrou saw a small box. The velvet box was square and only the size of a palm. It looked exquisite.

The corners of her eyes and eyebrows restrained their arrogance. Her fair face looked natural and graceful, and she had the aura of a socialite.

She did not show much desire. Facing Zhu Yuanhao’s gift, Jiang Xianrou was very calm and even a little disdainful. She didn’t even extend her hand and simply asked, “What is this?”

“This is a kind of medicine that can prolong one’s life that I managed to get through my father’s connections.” Zhu Yuanhao was a little proud when he mentioned this, but he restrained his frivolous tone in front of Jiang Xianrou. He tried his best to look steady and explained to her with a smile, “I heard from my father that this medicine is very rare. Even on the black market, you have to find many connections to buy it. You can’t even buy it right now. It’s precious.”

“What medicine is so magical?” Hearing that it was precious, Jiang Xianrou reluctantly picked up the box and opened it. There was a small white pill in a glass bottle.

It looked familiar at first glance, but she couldn’t remember where she had seen it before.

Seeing that Jiang Xianrou was finally willing to accept it, Zhu Yuanhao said ingratiatingly, “This pill is magical. In any case, it’s very rare on the black market. My father bought this pill through his connections previously and has never been willing to use it. I heard that Old Master Jiang’s health isn’t good. Old Master Jiang will definitely be happy if you give this to him. This way, you won’t have to…”

The door was kicked open before he could finish speaking.

Zhu Yuanhao subconsciously shut his mouth and raised his eyelids, about to flare up. “Who the f*ck…”

His expression changed as if he had been slapped when he saw who it was. “Wang, Master Wang??”

Why was Master Wang here?

Zhu Yuanhao was still in a daze.

The man gave him a glance, exuding a chilling aura. His thin lips touched faintly. “Take him away.”

Zhu Yuanhao’s legs instantly went limp, and he broke out in a cold sweat. His lips trembled as he said in confusion, “Master Wang, what did I do?”

Gu San was already leaning against him with a smile, but it was a fake one. The smile did not reach his eyes. He replied coldly as he walked towards him, “You didn’t do anything. You’re just looking for death.”

What was he doing if he wasn’t courting death by instigating his girlfriend to steal Miss Qiao’s USB drive for the competition?