Chapter 1331 - Who Knew... Something Happened

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Chapter 1331: Who Knew… Something Happened

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After a few phone calls, Director Zhu had no choice but to fall weakly onto the sofa in the living room.

Next to him, Madam Zhu was crying her eyes out.

In the living room, he could only hear Madam Zhu sobbing softly. Distraught, Director Zhu stood up from the sofa, frowned, and asked her in a low voice, “What did Jiang Xianrou say when she called and told you about Yuanhao? She didn’t say why Master Wang took Yuanhao away?”

“I…” Madam Zhu was still crying. Her eyes were swollen, and she covered her face as if she didn’t have the strength to speak.

She had no idea how her son ended up in such a situation!

“Enough, stop crying! Will crying help? It’s a terrible time to be crying.”

“If it’s useful to cry, I want to cry with you too!” Director Zhu’s eyebrows twitched as he spoke anxiously. After saying that, he raised his hand and pressed between his eyebrows. He urged her in a low voice, “Think about it carefully. What did Jiang Xianrou say when she called you? Did she tell you why Master Wang took him away? I just called and asked around. There’s no news from the circle. Only you can think about it.”

Madam Zhu immediately shook her head and said firmly, “No, Miss Jiang didn’t say anything. She only told me that Hao’er was taken away by Master Wang. She didn’t say what Master Wang asked Hao’er.”

Director Zhu’s small but sharp eyes narrowed fiercely when he heard this. He said coldly, “Hehe, this must have something to do with her!”

“How could that be?” Madam Zhu looked at him in confusion. Why was this related to Miss Jiang again? Didn’t Miss Jiang inform them out of goodwill?

But Director Zhu’s face was cold. He didn’t make it too clear.

He knew what his youngest son was like. He was ignorant and incompetent in every way, and he was not motivated.

He only knew how to have fun and play with women.

These problems were not big for their family background. With someone taking over the family, Zhu Yuanhao only needed to be at ease and live a carefree life.

However, Director Zhu knew that his unfilial son had a dream—Jiang Xianrou.

Zhu Yuanhao had always treated Jiang Xianrou as his goddess.

He often nagged at him about Jiang Xianrou’s achievements. He talked about how Jiang Xianrou had gotten into Qing University, how Jiang Xianrou’s teacher was a domestic brain surgeon, and how Jiang Xianrou’s piano skills had exceeded professional level 10…

He knew what kind of person his son was. He also knew that a woman like Jiang Xianrou would definitely not like Zhu Yuanhao, so he did not care and let him be a lackey outside.

He thought that Zhu Yuanhao was young and impulsive. When he was older and more mature in the future, he would understand that it was impossible between him and Jiang Xianrou.

Who knew… something would happen!

Director Zhu was not someone to be trifled with. He suppressed the anger in his heart and said to Madam Zhu, who only knew how to cry, “I’ll call Jiang Zongnan. Their family has to come up with a solution. Otherwise, I won’t let them off if anything happens to my son!”

Director Zhu was furious and didn’t finish his threat.

Especially Jiang Xianrou.

He didn’t care what role Jiang Xianrou played in this matter, but he knew that with his son’s usual social circle, he wouldn’t be able to provoke the Ye family even if he had a few more lives.