Chapter 1334 - System in the USB, Can You Make Another

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Chapter 1334: System in the USB, Can You Make Another

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“Fine.” Jian Jin laughed.

Her face looked ordinary, the kind of face that could not be found in a crowd, but there was arrogance at the corners of her eyes and eyebrows. That arrogance was different from Jiang Xianrou and the others.

Jian Jin’s arrogance was a control that she naturally revealed with her ability. Compared to Jiang Xianrou’s arrogance that was nurtured by her family, it was even more fierce and murderous.

Compared to her, Jiang Xianrou was like a flower raised in a greenhouse. The two were incomparable.

“If you say so.” Jian Jin didn’t care about the Jiang Corporation or the Jiang family. She had only mentioned them again for Qiao Nian’s sake. If not for the fact that Qiao Nian was related to the Jiang family by blood, she wouldn’t even have taken another look at them.

The Jiang family was not considered a top family in Beijing.

They were even weaker in a place like the illegal district.

Jian Jin was one of the few big shots in the illegal district. The family hierarchy she interacted with was much higher than the Jiang family!

Both at home and abroad.

In the country… only the Ye family was worthy of her attention.

“Right.” Remembering the Ye family, Jian Jin thought of her boss. She looked at the girl on the other end of the video with dark, bright eyes and asked, “Qiao, when do you have time?”

Qiao Nian held the Coke can in her hand. Her fair fingers were long and slender. Her skin was fair, and her knuckles were distinct. They were so white that they dazzled the eyes.

Her own posture was relaxed, carefree, and cool. She looked up and said casually, “Yes?”

“Can’t I look for you for no reason?” Jian Jin smiled and didn’t keep her in suspense. She told her concisely, “Boss Lu is in the country. The few of us haven’t gathered in a long time. Let’s meet for a meal another day.”

Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes, hiding the coldness in them. She didn’t object. “We’ll see. I might not have time.”

She didn’t wait for Jian Jin to say anything.

She tried to be patient. “I’ve been busy.”

Jian Jin knew that she was in a software competition and studying, so there was a good chance that she was quite busy. She shrugged and said readily, “Okay, tell me when you’re free. I don’t have much to do, anyway. I’ll be staying in the country for a while. Just summon me whenever you’re free.”

Qiao Nian rubbed her fingertips against the can and frowned slightly when she heard that she would be staying in China for some time.

She was about to say something when her phone suddenly lit up.

Qiao Nian glanced at the caller ID and said to the woman on the video call, “Let’s talk another day! I have to take this call. I’m hanging up.”

“Yeah, bye-bye.” Jian Jin waved goodbye at the other end of the video.

Qiao Nian operated the mouse with one hand and hung up.

She picked up Liang Conglin’s call unhurriedly. Her voice was hoarse from the shower. “Hello, Principal Liang, what’s the matter?”

Liang Conglin had called her only that afternoon, and now he was calling again.

Qiao Nian could roughly guess what the other party wanted to tell her. If she guessed right, Liang Conglin would be telling her that the USB drive was missing.

The middle-aged male voice on the other end of the phone was slightly deep. He asked her very seriously, “Qiao Nian, can you make another system from that USB drive?”

Decked in home clothes, the girl didn’t look too surprised when she heard this. She calmly turned off the chat software on her laptop and leaned back in her chair, rested her elbows on the computer table and sat diagonally, then asked casually, “Why?”