Chapter 1260 - Helping Hands

The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce Qingkong Xilan 2022/9/13 16:44:35

Qi Xiangyuan’s face was grim as he hung up the phone.

“What’s wrong? When is she coming?” a young man next to him asked.

“Forget it!” Qi Xiangyuan was furious. “She said she’s not coming!”

“Not coming?” The man was shocked. “Did you tell her about the situation here? How can she not come?!”

“Of course I did!” Qi Xiangyuan’s face became even more ugly. “I told her I’ll introduce her to a few friends, and help her understand the Qi family situation.”

“Then how come she refused?” The man was even more incredulous, “Could it be that she doesn’t care?”

“She obviously asked for my address! Then she turned around and said she wasn’t coming!”

“Ah-Yuan, I guess your sister is a bit temperamental!” the man joked.

“More than a little temper,” Qi Xiangyuan coldly snorted. “Yesterday I was almost killed by her!”

“Wow! So fierce!” the man marveled.

After blurting it out, Qi Xiangyuan realized that he had said too much. He hurried to change the subject. “Oh, don’t talk about these things. Let’s move on.”

However, the man was not willing to change the subject. “No! Just talk about her! I did not expect that you would have a sister like this, and she’s so pretty!”

Speaking of which, Qi Xiangyuan was also a bit proud.

Although Xia Xibei was not his full-sister, she was very beautiful and it was flattering to take her out.

Moreover, Xia Xibei had not yet returned to the Qi family, and her status was still ordinary. She was not so proud in front of him like Qi Xin, so his mood was still quite good.

He and Qi Xin had a good relationship, but it was a bit competitive because of the relationship between their parents.

Now, having such a beautiful sister was a pretty strong boost for him.

“I didn’t expect that my dad would be hiding a daughter!” Qi Xiangyuan sighed, “When my mom found out last night, she almost tore the house down!”

“Wow! She’s quite a fierce mom, huh?”

Qi Xiangyuan rolled his eyes but did not scold him, although he was still feeling shaky.

“My mother had said before that my dad can play around, but he couldn’t bring back any children. When a daughter suddenly appeared, my mother almost died of anger!”

The man looked sympathetic, but was also nonchalant, “Oh, women! Tthey are so petty! Even if there are a few more children, it won’t affect your status, so what’s there to worry about?”

“I feel the same way.” Qi Xiangyuan shrugged, “Anyway, I am a guy, she is a girl. No matter what, it will not affect my status. On the contrary, she could help me!”

This was Qi Xiangyuan’s consideration.

Although this sister of his, Xia Xibei, appeared very suddenly, when he thought about it, it was not a bad thing.

Anyway, Xia Xibei was a girl. When the time came, she could help with her marriage and be quite useful.

Then, he could also gain more help.

However, now it seemed that this girl was not very obedient!

“Yinglei will come over later. Weren’t you going to introduce your sister to him? Now that she isn’t coming, what are you gonna do?”

Qi Xiangyuan shrugged, “It’s not a big deal to be stood up. Besides, she is a beautiful girl, so naturally she is arrogant. You have to spend more time and effort to get someone like her.”

“I heard that he gave her 999 blue hydrangeas today,” the man said while stifling a laugh.

“Anyway, it’s not a big deal for him.” Qi Xiangyuan looked unconcerned, “When he comes over, I’ll just explain it to him.”