Chapter 1263 - A Pair of Drugs

The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce Qingkong Xilan 2022/9/13 16:44:36

Han Xiang made a mysterious face, “Well, I can’t…”

“What do you want?” Gu Yinglei immediately understood his meaning. “I’ll give you whatever you want!”

Han Xiang chuckled, “We are brothers, how would I make such a demand?!”

“You brat!” Gu Yinglei came over and hugged his neck. “Hurry up! Otherwise, you won’t be able to walk out of this door today!”

“It’s not that I don’t want to give it to you, it’s really not that simple!” Han Xiang said while pretending to struggle.

“How is it not that simple? What’s going on?” Qi Xiangyuan also came over. “What will it take for you to give it to us?”

“A little bit of shares from my company in S City?” Gu Yinglei immediately said. “However, you have to give me a few more pills.”

“I can only give you one!” Han Xiang said seriously. “These things cannot be passed around. If it weren’t for the fact that we are good friends, I wouldn’t share them!”

“Damn! I’m even sharing the company with you, and you’re only giving me one pill? Are you my buddy or not?”

Gu Yinglei was not happy.

“One is enough, okay?” Han Xiang rushed to explain. “Just take one, and you can do whatever you want!”

He wore a lewd smile that everyone understood and winked.

“Do whatever I want?” Gu Yinglei immediately perked up. “How can I do whatever I want?”

“That is up to you.” Han Xiang did not explain in detail. “However, these drugs work in pairs. If you’re not sure who it’s for, you can’t use it indiscriminately.”

“A pair?”

“Yes.” Han Xiang pushed his hand away and lazily leaned on the sofa. “Since you are my brother, of course I want you to be well! Two people need to take this kind of drug. The other person who takes the pill can help you cultivate,” he said while wiggling his eyebrows. “Like Ah-Yuan said, if his sister is so good, then you can get even more benefits!”


Gu Yinglei and Qi Xiangyuan glanced at each other, both interested.

“How do we cultivate?”

This sounded exciting.

“Cultivating the yin to supplement the yang!”

Han Xiang didn’t take these things seriously at all.

To him, this kind of thing was too common, so common that he didn’t care.

Both of them were shocked.

They had indeed heard that the Han family had this kind of ability before, but they had never really been sure.

Now Han Xiang himself had admitted to it, opening their eyes.

“However, it will only work if you guys take these pills too. After all, not everyone has a hearth physique.”

“Hearth physique?”

This new phrase interested them.

“A hearth is specially cultivated to be used. Our family has a lot of hearths. They are all girls, young and beautiful, and many have not been used yet!”

In his description, those girls were mere objects, not worthy of him at all, let alone being treated as human beings.

In his opinion, these hearths were just simple objects that could be given away or used by them.

However, they were usually given to others so that they could gain more benefits for their own families. Moreover, these hearths were usually their sisters’ daughters, and they were not yet to this point.

Gu Yinglei and Qi Xiangyuan also did not feel anything wrong.

In their opinion, other people, especially girls, were there to serve them.

They usually had no lack of girlfriends, anyway. Now they could benefit from this kind of thing, so it was simply perfect!

“So can we have a hearth?”