Chapter 1381 - Getting Drunk

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Chapter 1381: Getting Drunk

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Xia Xibei was only 18-years-old, and although she was already an adult, she was not yet old enough to drink in M.

However, as long as no one talked about it, no one would care about such things.

Moreover, today she was obviously in a bad mood, so she had the idea of drinking to drown her sorrows.

Before anyone could react, she had a drink!

Well, she already drank it. What else could they say?

They could all see that she was definitely hurt by love, and in this case, they couldn’t stop her.

So, everyone just watched as she raised the bottle and started drinking.

By the time they grabbed the bottle down, the bottle of wine was already half gone.

Moreover, she was obviously much slower after drinking.

Her expression was a bit dull, her eyes were empty, her expression was sluggish, and she made one feel pity for her.

“Don’t drink anymore!”

Seeing her getting drunk, Nora got anxious and pulled her back to prevent her from continuing.

“No, it’s okay! I want to drink!”

Xia Xibei waved her hand and spoke sluggishly.

Nora was exasperated and laughed.

She was so drunk, and she said she was fine?

“Forget it, I’ll take her back! You guys take your time,” Nora stood up.

“No need!” Benny immediately stepped forward. “I have a room over here, let her rest there! Besides, if we go back like this, and if the director finds out…”

This comment made everyone look at each other.

Yes! Going back like this, if the director and Xia Xibei’s agent knew she had been drinking, they would definitely be angry.

Moreover, they were out on leave today. There was no need to be criticized by the director because of this matter.

Thinking of this, Nora nodded her head.

“Then… Fine, I’ll take her over to rest.”

“Good.” Benny nodded, “I have quite a lot of rooms here, enough for her to rest.”

Nora helped Xia Xibei, whose expression and movements were much slower, but still very well-behaved, go upstairs.

She could not help but sigh, “This girl is just too young, and has not experienced much. It’s just a relationship! What’s the big deal?!”

For Nora, there were so many men in this world, there was no need to get hung up on one.

“You know she’s young, it’s normal that she can’t come out of it for a while,” Benny followed and agreed.

The two of them took Xia Xibei to the room.

The guest room was large and the bed inside was also quite big.

Nora helped Xia Xibei to the edge of the bed, let her sit on it, took off her shoes, and made her lay down.

After being tossed around like this, in a short while, Xia Xibei had fallen asleep.

“Luckily, she didn’t go crazy after being drunk.” Nora breathed a sigh of relief. “Otherwise, it would have been difficult to deal with.”

The most fearful thing was the person who acted crazy with alcohol; that was simply too scary.

Even though she was drunk, she was still a good girl. How cute!

Looking at her rosy face, Nora couldn’t help but sigh, “Such an amazing girl. Who on earth knows so little about cherishing her?”

Benny laughed, “The kind of person who knows too little about cherishing.”

“I’ll stay here and keep her company,” Nora said.

Benny shook his head, “No need. It’s still so early, what are you doingguarding her? Besides, it’s safe here.”

The party had just started and Xia Xibei was already drunk.

If Nora was here to guard her, the night would be wasted.

After being persuaded by Benny for a while, Nora finally nodded, “Okay then.”

Anyway, nothing would happen here.

So, the two of them left the room.

In the room, the sleeping beauty was sleeping soundly.

Half an hour later, there was a movement at the windowsill.