Chapter 1382 - Beat Somebody At Their Own Game

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Chapter 1382: Beat Somebody At Their Own Game

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This was a small two-story house, and the room that Xia Xibei was in was on the second floor.

However, the balcony outside was not too high from the ground.

Now, a person climbed up from there.

Soon, the man reached the bedside.

Looking at the sleeping girl on the bed, he showed a sinister and sleazy smile.

Then, he took out a small bottle from his pocket.

The small bottle contained some liquid.

He opened the lid, then opened Xia Xibei’s mouth, about to pour the liquid in.

When he was about to succeed, the girl in front of him suddenly opened her eyes.

The movement was too sudden, it was as if she was haunted. She scared him, especially in the dim night.

Before he could react, he felt a blackness in front of his eyes, and the girl in front of him sat up.

Then, he felt a pain in his body. He was dizzy and fell on the bed.

When he fell on the bed, his hands were empty and his things were gone.

His face suddenly changed and he panicked.

Before he could do anything, he felt Xia Xibei give him a hard slap on his body.

Then, he couldn’t move.

His eyes were wide and he was horrified to the core.

Xia Xibei opened the bottle she got from the man and smelled it.

It was really good stuff.

Then, she poured the liquid into the man’s mouth.

The man whimpered, but could not resist.

He didn’t know what kind of magic Xia Xibei had used, but he couldn’t move!

It was simply too terrible.

So, he could only passively swallow the liquid.

His eyes were so wide that they almost came out of their sockets.

He soon sensed that something was wrong. His body was suddenly surging with a dry heat that could not be released.

At this time, he also finally understood what it was.

Although he had been sent to do this, he wasn’t sure what it was.

Now, it seemed that this was definitely a date rape pill!

Moreover, this girl, who was supposed to be asleep, was actually fine!

She obviously already knew everything!

Thinking of this, the man became even more desperate.

Xia Xibei poured the liquid into his mouth before putting the bottle back into his pocket.

The reason Xia Xibei would pretend to be drunk was, of course, to draw out the people behind this.

Needless to say, when she first received the email, she was furious.

Who wouldn’t be angry when their own boyfriend betrayed them?

However, she quickly calmed down.

She knew that it was definitely someone messing around.

Although Qiao Yanjue was very impatient every time she called his phone after that, she knew that it wasn’t Qiao Yanjue.

She used other phones to contact Tang Luo afterwards and asked Tang Luo to check for her, and found out that Qiao Yanjue’s phone had been tampered with.

Every time she called Qiao Yanjue’s phone, it would be transferred to another place, and the person there used Qiao Yanjue’s voice to fool her.

If anyone else had found out that their boyfriend was so cold to them and that there had been cheating evidence in place, they would have broken down long ago or just broken up.

However, Xia Xibei was not so simple.

Moreover, the email also revealed the truth of the matter.

Qiao Yanjue has long known her true identity. It was absolutely impossible for him to say that she was “not a rich girl.”

After all, she was the real daughter of the Qi family.

Xia Xibei did not even need to find other evidence. Just this sentence alone was enough to sober her up.

However, she did not expose the truth, but used the plan for her own purpose.

Now, the people who set her up finally came to the door.