Chapter 1383 - A Familiar Routine

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Chapter 1383: A Familiar Routine

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Xia Xibei didn’t expect that Benny would be one of them.

However, it didn’t matter. No matter who it was that dared to make a move on her, they would have to suffer the consequences.

When Benny invited her to come to the birthday party, she agreed.

When she arrived, she even took the initiative to drink.

Those drinks were actually consumed. However, this amount of alcohol was just child’s play for her.

With her strength, it couldn’t be easier to shield the influence of these drinks.

However, her acting skills were still very good.

So, everyone was deceived.

She was then helped to the room and waited for the next step.

Sure enough, someone came and brought drugs over.

After taking these drugs, one couldn’t control their movements and would have intense desires.

This was specifically for her!

Thinking about this, Xia Xibei couldn’t help but laugh.

This kind of tactic… She had just experienced one not long ago!

That time, Qiao Haoming and the others tried to use this trick to force her to give in.

In the end, Xia Xibei personally taught them to behave.

Since taking these pills, Qiao Haoming’s body has changed.

He was into girls before and his body couldn’t stay away from them. However, after that time, he changed his sexual orientation.

Although his mental choice was a girl, his body chose the same sex.

Even now, Qiao Haoming was still not free from these influences and only had boyfriends. Now these people wee trying this again?

Xia Xibei was laughing about it when she suddenly stopped.

This routine was too familiar!

So familiar that she couldn’t help but wonder what was inside the bottle.

She took the bottle out, and carefully smelled it again.

In order to be more clear about the ingredients inside, she also carefully took a small sip.

She put the liquid in her mouth and tasted it carefully, and her expression became serious.

This drug had several ingredients that were the same as the last one!

Although the effect of the drug was not as ferocious as the last one and would not cause permanent effects, these ingredients were very difficult to find.

Moreover, the ingredients were so similar…

No one would believe that they weren’t connected!

Xia Xibei’s eyebrows were tightly locked and her expression was serious.

Just who was targeting her?

Several candidates popped up in her mind.

Although she didn’t want to fight with the world, the problem was that even though she didn’t want to fight others, others wanted to fight her!

So, there were quite a few people she offended.

Right now, the biggest suspect was Qi Xin.

No one but Qi Xin should hate her that much, right?

Thinking of this, Xia Xibei was shocked again.

Qi Xin was unlikely to have the ability to do so, but Ling Juan could!

Xia Xibei drew in a breath.

This must have something to do with Ling Juan!

Qi Xin was Ling Juan’s daughter, and Ling Juan would definitely do something drastic for Qi Xin.

Moreover, Ling Xiao had told her before that Ling Juan had a knack for medicine.

After so many years, Ling Xiao’s strength had not improved much because of her health, but what about Ling Juan?

Xia Xibei mentally connected these things and quickly came up with a terrible guess.

Everything was connected to Ling Juan!

Thinking of this, she glanced at the man who could not move on the bed.

Whether it was or not, she would find out.