Chapter 1384 - To be Enjoyed By All

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Chapter 1384: To be Enjoyed By All

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Being drugged, the man on the bed began to make strange noises.

Xia Xibei raised her eyebrows and gave him another pat, and he lost his voice.

The room was dim, and only the streetlights outside were still a bit bright.

However, this was not a problem for Xia Xibei.

She didn’t turn on the lights, she just hid and waited quietly.

After ten minutes, there was a sound at the door.

Soon, the door opened and a figure walked in.

The visitor also did not dare to turn on the light, but wobbled a bit, as if drunk.

He swayed and walked to the bed, then stood for a while, before reaching out to touch the person in the bed.

He was relieved that there was someone in the bed, and that the person was asleep.

Soon, the visitor lifted the covers and lay down on the bed.

Just as he lay down, a black shadow appeared in front of him.

Then, he felt a tap and lost consciousness.

After knocking Benny unconscious, Xia Xibei grabbed one man in each hand, went to another room, and threw them onto the bed.

Benny woke up with an unfamiliar man’s voice in his ear, and it sounded strange.

His heart immediately jumped.

Before he could react, the man next to him had already hugged him and started rubbing against him.

Being hugged by a strange man, Benny’s goose bumps rose up.

If he didn’t have any sense, he might have already shouted out.

What the hell is going on here? Who the hell was this?

He tried to push the man away, but after taking the drug, the man’s strength was more than his.

A moment later, he found himself in the man’s arms and his lips blocked.

Benny was wide-eyed and startled, whimpering and struggling, but he couldn’t fight off the man, even after he had been drinking.

This man was not an ordinary person to appear here. It was not difficult for him to deal with a big man like Benny.

In addition, the man took drugs and was hyperactive; Benny simply could not break free of him.

Seeing that things were about to develop in a terrible direction, Benny was desperate.

The next second, he couldn’t help but close his eyes as the lights in the room suddenly came on.

It took him a while to get over the blinding light.

He was stunned just looking at the person in front of him.

Xia Xibei? Shouldn’t she be lying in bed?

Turning his head again to look, he almost lost it.

This was indeed a man, and a very tall and strong one at that.

Benny was not skinny, but in front of this man, he looked like a wimp.

By now, his clothes were gone, and the man was hugging him and rubbing him all over.

What was even more alarming to him was that Xia Xibei had a cell phone in her hand!

“What are you doing?!” he asked, looking at Xia Xibei in horror as he scrambled to stop the movements of the man beside him.

Wasn’t Xia Xibei already drunk?

Looking at her now, there was nothing wrong with her!

Strange thoughts rushed through his mind, making him unable to hold on.

“I should be asking you, why did you come to my bed?”

Benny did not even know he had changed rooms and could only subconsciously defend himself.

“Drunk?” Xia Xibei laughed and went back to taking pictures.

“Stop taking pictures!” Benny’s face turned pale as he frantically refused Xia Xibei’s shots.

“You’ve got a nice body,” Xia Xibei laughed. “Such a nice figure should be appreciated by everyone together.”

These words made Benny’s face change abruptly.