Chapter 1389 - Got Away

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Chapter 1389: Got Away

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Ling Juan waved her hand, “All right, you don’t have to worry about these things. Taking good care of this matter is the priority.”

“Yes! I know! I will definitely handle it properly!” Bai Meixue nodded heavily.

“Okay, I’ll go to the bathroom first.”

Ling Juan got up and walked out.

Bai Meixue didn’t stop her, but stayed in her position to think.

After waiting for a while, Ling Juan didn’t come back.

Bai Meixue looked confused.

Then, she called Ling Juan.

However, the call did not go through and no one answered at all.

She called twice more, but no one answered.

Bai Meixue had a strange feeling.

After waiting for another ten minutes, Ling Juan still didn’t come back.

Now she knew that the situation was not right!

Bai Meixue took the bottle out of her pocket, opened the lid, and the smell of the drug inside made her frown.

This was indeed the drug brought by Ling Juan, and it also had the ingredients of the spirit plant Cold Heavenly Chi in it.

Cold Heavenly Chi was a basic-level spiritual plant that could deal a serious blow to the immune system.

If one took such a thing, the body’s immune system would collapse and one would not be able to continue cultivating.

Unless the antidote, which was a high-level spiritual plant, was found, the person would be ruined.

However, in this world, such high-level spiritual plants did not exist.

Therefore, this was poison with no antidote.

From this, she could see that Ling Juan was indeed trying to kill Xia Xibei.

If Xia Xibei was unable to cultivate and all her talents were gone, she would no longer be able to pose any threat to Qi Xin.

Even if things were exposed afterward, Qi Xin would not have had any problems.

After all, between a ruined genius and an intact genius, any fool would know which one to choose.

What a cruel trick this was!

A mocking smile appeared at the mouth of Bai Meixue- Xia Xibei.

Ling Juan was really evil!

However, where was Ling Juan?

It had been half an hour, Ling Juan must have come out of the bathroom already.

She immediately got up and went to look for Ling Juan’s whereabouts.

She searched all the restrooms in the mall, but Ling Juan was nowhere to be found.

Ling Juan had escaped!

Xia Xibei’s brow furrowed and realization dawned on her.

Ling Juan should have found out her true identity and fled.

She just wondered, when did Ling Juan find out her identity?

Xia Xibei had found out Bai Meixue’s movements from Benny before.

So, she chose to return the favor.

Previously, Ling Juan and Bai Meixue had used forged evidence to deceive her, so she could turn the tables on them as well.

So, Xia Xibei pretended to be Bai Meixue and contacted Ling Juan to meet her.

She had suspected that Bai Meixue and Ling Juan were still in contact, but after having Bai Meixue under surveillance for so long, she could not find any clues about their contact.

In addition, she had to train and had no time to deal with this matter.

This time, Bai Meixue couldn’t resist making a move and was exposed instead.

Xia Xibei seized this opportunity and finally found a way to contact Ling Juan.

To Xia Xibei’s surprise, Ling Juan was staying in M country.

No wonder she couldn’t find Ling Juan’s whereabouts in Hua. She was hiding here!

Still, Xia Xibei didn’t expect Ling Juan would be so alert and just run away!

Xia Xibei couldn’t help but frown. How in the world did Ling Juan notice the problem?

Obviously, her acting and voice were flawless!

Although she looked taller than Bai Meixue, with the cover of the table, the problem could not be seen at all.

Could it be that her question about Chang Qianzi’s real daughter made Ling Juan suspicious?