Chapter 1411 - He Made a Mistake (2)

Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student Li Manman, 李慢慢 2022/9/13 16:45:35

“Thomas should have hidden Han Yuxuan nearby.”

“How about we just tie Thomas up and get a confession out of him?”

“No, we can’t do that.”

Ye Tianxin put a stop to Yao Qinghan’s absurd plan.

They were from the Empire; they represented the Empire when they were abroad.

If they tortured him and people found out, it would affect the influence the Empire has on the world.

“Then how can we rescue Han Yuxuan?”

“Wait and see.”

“Tianxin, he didn’t drug us with something we ate today, did he?”

It suddenly occurred to Yao Qinghan, and Ye Tianxin smiled softly in the dark.

A glimmer of light flashed in her eyes.

“No, he didn’t.”

Thomas didn’t have a chance to drug the food when she was in the kitchen.

Besides, Thomas also ate the food. If the food was drugged, he couldn’t eat it so easily.

The moonlight shone through the window and fell on Ye Tianxin’s face.

There was a faint sound at the top of the stairs.

Thomas went downstairs again.

He stood beside Ye Tianxin and Yao Qinghan and looked down at them, then he silently pushed open a secret door hidden in the kitchen.

He knew better than anyone else that both Yao Qinghan and Ye Tianxin were walking right into a trap.

However, he was not in the mood to catch these two prey today.

His work was not perfect yet.

He had to turn his work into something extraordinary.

Ye Tianxin and Yao Qinghan woke up just as Thomas went downstairs. The two girls awoke silently from the darkness.

“It looks like the secret door is in the kitchen.”

At first, Ye Tianxin thought that the secret door was in the living room or near the stairs.

She was in the kitchen for so long, but she didn’t know that the secret door was hidden behind the microwave in the kitchen.

After walking into the secret door, Thomas turned on the flashlight, followed a secret tunnel, and slowly walked forward.

There was a damp smell in the dark tunnel.

Thomas came to an open place after walking for a while.

He reached out and turned on the light on the wall.

The dazzling lights quickly illuminated this open place like the day.

There was an iron cage in the middle of the place, with a naked woman locked inside.

The woman wore her hair down and had an iron chain around her neck with a bell on it.

Hearing Thomas’s voice, she dove to the edge of the cage and looked at him with a slavering expression on her face.

Walking up to the woman, Thomas reached out and touched her head.

The woman raised her head slightly and stared at Thomas.

“You missed me so much, didn’t you?”

Thomas walked to the door of the iron cage. He took out a bunch of keys and opened the door.

The woman crawled out of the cage obediently to Thomas’s side and held Tomas’s leg in her arms with a bright smile.

Thomas walked aside and put the dinner in a small aluminum basin.

The woman crawled on the floor and ate the soup like a dog.

Thomas sat in a chair, took out a camera, and snapped a few pictures of the woman.

In the darkness, both Ye Tianxin and Yao Qinghan were furious when they saw the scene.

Ye Tianxin was holding on to Yao Qinghan as hard as she could. Otherwise, Yao Qinghan would’ve killed this man in a fit of rage!

“Qinghan, please calm down.”