Chapter 1412 - Tianxin Was Missing! (1)

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Chapter 1412: Tianxin Was Missing! (1)

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Ye Tianxin’s fingers were moving slightly on Yao Qinghan’s arm.

However, Yao Qinghan couldn’t calm down at all. She had seen Han Yuxuan’s videos and photos at Shenhai University.

How beautiful and youthful Han Yuxuan was back then.

To be honest, she would rather believe that this dignified girl in front of her was just an ordinary girl who looked like Han Yuxuan.

She did not want to believe that this girl was Han Yuxuan who used to be so confident and youthful.

Ye Tianxin said, “Let’s go.”

Ye Tianxin forcibly pulled Yao Qinghan out of the secret tunnel.

She needed to get out of there quickly because she had no idea what Thomas would do to Han Yuxuan next!

Maybe what happened next would have been even more outrageous than what was on the video.

She couldn’t have seen any of these things coming.

She was also worried that she would not be able to keep calm. She might act on the urge to do plenty of reckless things.

Besides, they were in a room in the secret tunnel right now.

They were new here and didn’t know anything about this place. They couldn’t forcefully take Han Yuxuan away from Thomas’s place just by doing some kung fu or something.

This might put them in jail as well.

Ye Tianxin nearly dragged Yao Qinghan out of the secret tunnel by force.

As soon as Yao Qinghan and Ye Tianxin sat by the stove, Ye Tianxin was physically ill at the thought of what she had seen in the secret tunnel.

She even had a sickening desire to vomit.

She had no idea how such a disgusting man could exist in this world!

He didn’t look like a villain at all from his appearance.

Deep down, he was hideous.

Han Yuxuan was a living person.

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She was not a fool, nor was she mentally delayed.

She was a college student who was supposed to have a bright future.

Her future was supposed to be bright.

She might take a job or take the civil service exam like an ordinary girl when she graduated from college.

One day, she was going to meet a man who liked her, and she liked him, too.

They would walk down the aisle together, have children, and live an ordinary life together.

Her life should probably be just as colorful, gorgeous, and beautiful as the lives of ordinary people, but now she was being locked in an iron cage like a dog with no dignity or identity.

Maybe one day, she would even forget her identity and family.

Ye Tianxin looked uncomfortable. Watching a video and seeing the real person were two completely different feelings.

She felt like crying or screaming.

There was even a voice in her heart telling her: Go ahead, Ye Tianxin.

Go be a hero and rescue this innocent girl.

Let her return to the campus, return to the home she knew, and let her life has a fresh start.

At the same time, there was another voice in her heart, which was to kill him.

Such a scumbag didn’t deserve to live in this world.

Her hatred wouldn’t have been quelled even if he died ten million times.

Yao Qinghan said, “Tianxin, let’s do it.”

Yao Qinghan was thinking that since Thomas had locked Han Yuxuan in a secret tunnel, it meant that he also knew clearly that his behavior was not following public morality.

Thomas would be suspected of illegal detention if the thing came to light.