Chapter 1414 - Tianxin Was Missing! (3)

Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student Li Manman, 李慢慢 2022/9/13 16:45:36

Yao Qinghan was startled by Thomas’s words.

She was starting to wonder whether she had acted too impulsively.

She should have listened to Ye Tianxin’s advice and thought about the long-term consequences.

She shouldn’t have been so impulsive and capricious.

Ye Tianxin said, “Thomas, we are just trying to rescue our compatriot. We don’t want to become your enemies. Your personal interests are none of our concern. As you said, we will be the prime suspects if you get killed. However, you should know that you are suspected of illegal detention. Are you sure that your behavior is not going to become a piece of social news in Water Town?”

Ye Tianxin was trying to use logic and emotion to reason with him.

Even though a man like Thomas deserved to die, she didn’t want to be the one to kill him.

She didn’t want anyone’s blood on her hands.

People lived in the world.

They had to stay alive.

They needed to value their lives and keep the blood of the wicked from their hands.

Thomas said, “Ye Tianxin, I understand everything you said.”

Thomas smiled softly.

He smiled with a mysterious expression on his face.

The way he smiled sent a shiver down to Ye Tianxin’s spine.

There had to be something she didn’t know about.

Ye Tianxin looked at Thomas again. After studying Thomas’s face carefully, she suddenly said, “You shouldn’t be Thomas, should you?”

“No, I’m not Thomas. I’m his twin brother, Bill.”

Yao Qinghan was shocked, too.

So, did that mean Thomas…?

All of sudden, the door of the cabin opened.

Thomas came in from outside. Seeing Bill being held captive by Yao Qinghan, he couldn’t help but sneer, “I can’t believe you let a woman overpower you. You’re a disgrace.”

Both Thomas and Bill were identical to one another, down to even their clothes.

Thomas and Bill had been dressed the same way by their parents since they were kids.

In the beginning, they both hated it when their parents took the matters into their own hands because both of them longed to become two different people.

As they grew up, however, they slowly realized that they were essentially identical.

Therefore, they were used to the fun of being twins.

It was like… a novel experience for them.

They were like one person most of the time.

Thomas took over the spotlight for the two, while Bill always hid in the shadows.

Thomas pressed the remote control in his hand, causing a huge iron net to fall from the sky.

Just at the moment, Bill threw Yao Qinghan, who had been holding him captive, into the iron net with a single act of defiance.

The wooden floor beneath Ye Tianxin’s feet also turned into a small wooden cage at that moment.

Both Ye Tianxin and Yao Qinghan were locked in the cage without any preparation.

Bill said, “Miss Ye, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Ye Tianxin looked at Bill and said, “Bill, stop pretending now. What do you think?”

Bill said, “I’m a little flattered that a beautiful young lady like Miss Ye has such an idea.”

Then Bill tore the fake beard and such off his face, as Ye Tianxin said.

His face suddenly became squeaky clean.

Right now, he looked like a totally different kind of person from Thomas, who was beside him.

“Miss Ye, are you satisfied with the way I look right now?”

Ye Tianxin looked at Bill, and then at Thomas.