Chapter 1415 - Tianxin Was Missing! (4)

Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student Li Manman, 李慢慢 2022/9/13 16:45:37

Some doubts were circling in her mind, and she wanted the answers.

“You should know me, right? It’s because someone asked for me on that clown forum, right?”

Bill snapped his fingers and said, “Miss Ye is truly the epitome of high intelligence, and I would be glad and honored to be friends with you.”

Yao Qinghan calmly moved to Ye Tianxin’s side.

Her heart was full of guilt.

She should have listened to Ye Tianxin and been more cautious.

Who would know that Thomas and Bill were twin brothers?

Ye Tianxin said, “Let’s get straight to the point.”

Ye Tianxin didn’t want to play games with these perverted brothers.

Although she was smart, she was not a pervert.

Who would know what those two perverts were thinking?

“Miss Ye is really a straight shooter. You, of course, will be treated as a guest of honor. After all, you are a great asset today. I’m sure the Gold Lord will be willing to pay us a high commission as soon as he learns that you are here with us…”

Yao Qinghan yelled in a rage, “How dare you!”

Bill said, “Miss Yao may not be familiar with the way that my brother and I do things. My brother and I do what we want to do, not what we don’t dare to do. Do you understand?”

Thomas, who had been silent the whole time, said, “We don’t want to be your enemies in the first place, and we won’t hurt you at all if you can hold back. It’s too bad that Miss Yao is too impulsive to let Miss Ye down.”

What Thomas said was nothing less than sprinkling the salt in Yao Qinghan’s wounds.

Yao Qinghan said, “Shut up, that’s nonsense.”

Bill shrugged and said, “No, Miss Yao, it’s not all nonsense. Miss Ye is a very special person. Besides, she’s a celebrity. To tell you the truth, it’s very risky to kidnap and imprison Miss Ye without the right amount of courage. Personally, I like to take risks, but I value my life more. I need to be alive to do what I want to do.”

Ye Tianxin reached out and took Yao Qinghan’s trembling hand.

“Bill, talking gets boring. I just want to know something. Did you guys do something to our car to cause it to suddenly break down?”

Bill snapped his fingers again and said, “Bingo.”

“Sure enough.”

Ye Tianxin came to understand. When one of the twin brothers came out, she, like Yao Qinghan, was all eyes on the brother, which created an opportunity for the other.

This was an excellent opportunity.

Yao Qinghan asked, “What exactly do you want to do?”

Yao Qinghan felt that both Bill and Thomas were womanizing and not straightforward at all.

Thomas said, “Miss Yao, you are already dressed up like this. What do you think I can do? Of course, I will train you.”

Thomas’s eyes gleamed with a brilliant light.

He pursed his lips slightly, and a playful smile appeared on his face.

He used to pick the girls out on the black market.

He often went there several times but couldn’t find the right goods, but now the best goods had fallen right into his lap.

It’s like the best thing that ever happened to them.

Yao Qinghan said, “Don’t even think about it.”

At the thought of the woman in the iron cage, Yao Qinghan thought that she would rather die than live like that without dignity if she had such a day.

She was a living human, not an animal or a brute.

“Miss Yao, you shouldn’t speak in absolute terms because you might like it. The woman in the cage also resisted fiercely at first, but doesn’t she seem very docile and obedient now?”