Chapter 1425 - Tianxin Met the Mysterious Gold Lord (1)

Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student Li Manman, 李慢慢 2022/9/13 16:45:41

“I’ll get her some tranquilizers and let her sleep for a while.”

Wei Weiwei was clearly aware that Ye Tianxin had not come back by now. It must’ve meant something happened to her.

Their manpower was limited. Now that Han Yuxuan had been rescued, they had to put all their efforts now into rescuing Ye Tianxin.

Yao Qinghan personally gave Han Yuxuan, who had taken a bath, an injection.

Han Yuxuan gradually fell asleep due to the drug.

She looked so beautiful when she fell asleep. Her face was crimson, and her long black hair laid loose on the bedsheets of the hotel, which created an ultimate contrast.

“Those people are animals.”

Yao Qinghan finally had time to talk about what happened to Ye Tianxin and her at the cabin in the woods.

“It’s all my fault. Ye Tianxin wouldn’t have been abducted if I hadn’t acted so impulsively.”

“After we arrived at the cabin, everything was calm until about midnight when Thomas went into the secret tunnel, and then Ye Tianxin and I followed him.”

“We found Han Yuxuan who was locked in an iron cage in the tunnel. Thomas insulted Han Yuxuan in the extreme. Tianxin said that if we get caught and something happened to us in the tunnel and that we’re not familiar with the terrain, there could be serious consequences.”

“I figured since we couldn’t act in the tunnel, we’d go back to the cabin and do something there. As soon as I took an action, I found that both Thomas and Bill were in the cabin, and they were twin brothers. They also set up a trap in their living room, so Tianxin and I were caught in the trap.”

When Wei Weiwei thought about what happened to them back then, she knew that it might be caused by Yao Qinghan’s impulsiveness.

With how cautious Ye Tianxin was, how could she have done such a thing if she wasn’t completely sure?

“More importantly, where is Ye Tianxin right now? Do you have an idea where she is?”

Yao Qinghan felt speechless after hearing Wei Weiwei’s questions.

She had no idea where Ye Tianxin was at the moment!

“I only know that Ye Tianxin was taken into the secret tunnel, but there are many forks in the tunnel, so I don’t know where she is…”

Yao Qinghan could only slap herself hard again for her impulsiveness. It was all her fault that Ye Tianxin lost touch with them.

“Stop it! Don’t slap yourself. What’s the use of slapping yourself? Nothing will help.”

Looking at the three of them, Wei Weiwei said to Xiao Mengmeng, “Mengmeng will go with me, and Qinghan and Yuluo stay here.”

Yao Qinghan said, “I’ll go with you.”

“Qinghan, I know it’s painful for you when Ye Tianxin loses contact with us. But you really can’t go with us right now. You should know that Han Yuxuan needs your care. Also, you remember to send Han Yuxuan to the Embassy when it opens for work.”

Wei Weiwei’s proposal was normal.

Han Yuxuan was found in a foreign country, so she must be sent to the Embassy.

Mu Yuluo suggested to Wei Weiwei, “Weiwei, how are we going to send her there? Han Yuxuan’s parents would be heartbroken to see her like this. Besides, how did we find out about Han Yuxuan? All of this requires a public statement.”

It was true that despite having rescued Han Yuxuan from the demonic brothers, her parents would go crazy if they knew what she turned into.