Chapter 1426 - Tianxin Met the Mysterious Gold Lord (2)

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However, it also needed an acceptable way to explain Han Yuxuan’s situation.

Moreover, Han Yuxuan couldn’t return to normal life as she currently was.

The follow-up questions about her also were particularly troublesome.

Wei Weiwei asked, “We can’t keep her, right?”

Thinking of Ye Tianxin, Mu Yuluo said, “When Ye Tianxin gets back, we’ll hear what she has to say, and then we’ll figure it out.”

Wei Weiwei was packing up the gear on her body when she said, “Yuluo, remember to pay close attention to that forum and see if there is any news about Ye Tianxin. If so, please contact us at any time.”

“All right.”

Then Wei Weiwei left with Xiao Mengmeng.

On the other side, far away in the dense forest, the car that was going to take Ye Tianxin away arrived at another cabin, where Thomas and Bill were waiting.

“Miss Ye, please.”

For the sake of safety, Bill put the ribbon back on Ye Tianxin’s eyes again.

Vaguely, Ye Tianxin could distinguish the sound from the car’s engine.

She staggered on the green grass, causing the blades of grass to collide with each other and make subtle noises.

However, Ye Tianxin’s hearing became particularly sharp when her eyes were blindfolded.

“Is the money enough?”

The driver got out of the car and took out two huge suitcases from it.

The silver suitcases glowed coldly.

Bill opened the suitcases and checked the banknotes in them.

Bill asked, “We have asked for one more thing, and did you bring it, too?”

Then the driver took out a Kraft paper document bag. Bill took it over and pulled two brand-new identities out from it.

People could buy everything they wanted on the black market, including a brand-new identity without any criminal records.

“Here’s your woman.”

Ye Tianxin was pushed in front of the car by Thomas.

Seeing that Bill and Thomas didn’t tie Ye Tianxin’s hands, the driver said, “I didn’t expect you two to be so gentle with her.”

Unlike Bill and Thomas, the driver took a pair of cold handcuffs. He handcuffed one end of the handcuffs around the handle of the car and the other around Ye Tianxin’s hand. He said, Get in the car.”

As soon as Ye Tianxin got in the car, she smelled something like leather.

The car door slammed shut, and Ye Tianxin’s heart gave a sharp thump.

She stretched out her hand and tore off the ribbon on her eyes. The light in the car was quite dim.

However, Ye Tianxin could still tell it was a stretch Limo.

There were a stereo, a TV, a refrigerator, and a bar in it, which made it like a small room.

The Gold Lord was rich.

She should try her best to get as much money out of the Gold Lord’s hand as possible.

Ye Tianxin looked at the driver from her position, and she could only see the back of his head.

The driver’s hair appeared to be black.

Ye Tianxin was watching the scenery outside the car window. Even though she couldn’t see the road ahead, she could tell where she was going by the views outside the car window.

The car slowly drove into the main urban area of the town.

Ye Tianxin saw the tall Bell Tower and the red sun rising in the distance.

The moon would go down as the sun rose in the sky.

Where would Ye Tianxin be sent?

While Ye Tianxin was thinking about it, the car slowly pulled into an underground parking lot.

When the car stopped moving, the driver opened the car door and got out of the car.