Chapter 1428 - The Tycoon's Absurd Proposal (2)

Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student Li Manman, 李慢慢 2022/9/13 16:45:42

“Ms. Ye, please have a seat. Come, let me show you something.”

Ye Tianxin was led to the elegant-looking, European-style couch. She sat down opposite Thomas.

The servant wearing a white apron came forward and served her a cup of milk tea with a faint rosy scent.

However, Ye Tianxin was not interested in drinking it.

“Can you please give me some water?”

The servant reappeared with a glass of water within five minutes.

Ye Tianxin took a sip of the water. There was nothing abnormal about how it tasted.

“What does Mr. Thomas want to show me?”

Thomas smiled and looked at Ye Tianxin, his eyebrows raised slightly. His expression was confident and self-assured. He had so much money that he was very certain no woman would be able to resist his wealth.

Thomas had come across countless women in his life, but none of them made him more willing to give up everything he owned as she did.

It was only until he met her, Ye Tianxin.

She looked so pure in the movie, epitomizing everything wholesome and good.

Thomas was filled with yearning for her after watching the movie. He set his heart on her and no one else.

He longed to love her like in the movie.

Thomas’ lawyer walked over and placed a thick document in front of Ye Tianxin.

Puzzled, Ye Tianxin stared at the document before looking at Thomas quizzically.

What was Thomas trying to do?

“Ms. Ye, please read the document carefully.”

Still baffled, Ye Tianxin obliged and opened the document in front of her.

She managed to flip through a few pages, looking more perplexed.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

She felt something was wrong after reading most of the contents in the document.

Why was Thomas showing her his assets?

“What is this supposed to mean?”

“This document contains a list of all my assets.”

Thomas fretted about Ye Tianxin’s puzzled expression. She did not seem excited at all when she went down the list.

He had enough money to buy an entire country.

Was she not tempted at all?

Logically, she should be impressed by his wealth.

Any normal girl would be attracted to his money like bees to honey.

“Of course I know these are your assets, Mr. Thomas, but I don’t understand. What do you mean by this? Why are you showing them to me?”

Thomas laughed and straightened his back. “I know that your country has a practice of giving a dowry. I am giving you all my assets as a dowry. Will you marry me?”

“Thomas, are you joking? Someone as old as you wants to marry me? Don’t you find it absurd?”

Of course. It was preposterous.

Anyone who heard this proposal would find it laughable.

An old man who was about to die was proposing to a young lady?

What did he mean by that?

“Ms. Ye, I am trying to be polite. I will use force if I have to.”

Thomas looked at Ye Tianxin. If she agreed to marry him, he would give her all his assets.

He would announce to the entire world that he had always admired her and was willing to give her everything he owned.

He would worship her as his goddess.

“Being polite? Use force?”

Ye Tianxin burst out laughing.

“Mr. Thomas, I’m afraid you have misunderstood.”

Ye Tianxin stood up. The two bodyguards were on their guard.

Thomas smiled. “Ms. Ye, I think I’ve been very cordial and gentlemanly to you.”

Ye Tianixn looked at the document. She tore the pages into pieces and threw them at Thomas’ face.

“Mr. Thomas, I don’t want your money.”