Chapter 1430 - Is Billions of Dollars Worth a Lot?

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Mu Yuluo quickly wrote down the address. After putting down the phone with Ye Tianxin, she contacted Ji Nuan and Wei Weiwei immediately.

After discussing, the four girls agreed on a meeting palce. Mu Yuluo started to pack her stuff.

“Should I go along? Yao Qinghan looked at Mu Yuluo pitifully while she was packing.

Mu Yuluo shrugged. “Qinghan, I think you’d better stay here with Chenxi. Keep an eye on them. You really shouldn’t go with us.”

“Okay then. You’d better hurry on your way.”

Yao Qinghan knew she had been too impulsive and made a grave mistake.

She was thankful knowing that Ye Tianxin was unharmed.

What else could she do?

Only she could handle Han Yuxuan.

She could not possibly leave Han Yuxuan alone at this time. Yao Qinghan knew she had to stay behind.

Mu Yuluo, Ji Nuan, Wei Weiwei, Xiao Mengmeng had arrived at the front gate of Thomas’ mansion half an hour later.

The servant went out to open the door.

The girls walked into the living room. When Xiao Mengmeng saw Thomas sitting still on the couch with his arms dangling by his sides, she knew what had happened to them.

“Tianxin, is this the gentleman you told us about?”

Ye Tianxin leaned on the couch and gave a casual nod.

Thomas looked on in resignation. He initially believed that nobody could fix his arms.

He had asked several doctors over to take a look at them. They all left, shaking their heads. His arms were beyond hope.

He did not expect Ye Tianxin to be skilled enough to fix his broken arms.

“Yes, this is Mr. Thomas. He spent a lot of money to get those men to bring me here. I have to return him a favor. Looks like Thomas is quite happy with my special gift.”

Thomas was in pain. It was as though thousands of ants were biting into his arms. It was a very uncomfortable feeling.

However, he could not do so.

The lights from the chandelier shone on his sunken face, making him look like a dying old man.

“Tianxin, you are not the sort to do this for no reason. Did he do anything to you? Quick, tell us. I will settle this score for you.”

After knowing that Ye Tianxin was safe, Wei Weiwei was back to her normal gutsy self and started teasing Ye Tianxin.

Mu Yuluo and Xiao Mengmeng also turned to look at Ye Tianxin. They wanted to make sure she was not hurt in any way.

Ye Tianxin smiled. “Mr. Thomas thought that just bacause his assets were worth hundreds of billions, he could make me marry him.”

When the girls heard that, they looked at Thomas in disbelief. Did he really have hundreds of billions of dollars worth in assets?

Ye Tianxin did not lack money, so why would she marry this old man for his money?

Wei Weiwei walked toward Thomas and lifted his chin.

“Mr. Thomas, why don’t you consider marrying me instead?”

Ever since Thomas struck it rich and became powerful, no one had taunted him this way.

He looked at Wei Weiwei. Her features were very good looking but they were more conquettish. She did not have a wholesome face like Ye Tianxin.

She also possessed a sweet scent but it was not one that Thomas liked.

“Wei Weiwei, are you crazy?”

When Wei Weiwei heard Ye Tianxin, she broke into a smile. “Why do you say that? This old man is about to die. Once he kicks the bucket, all his assets will be mine. I can be a billionaire then. Then again, maybe I should just kill him…”

Xiao Mengmeng rolled her eyes at Wei Weiwei. “All right, quit fooling around. Let’s hear what Tianxin wants to do.”