Chapter 482 - Go Through Obstacles

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Chapter 482: Go Through Obstacles

“This kind of person doesn’t deserve to be your friend. You should have seen it earlier.” Seeing Zheng Youcai’s sad look, Shen Hanxing sighed. “It’s not worth it to be sad for this kind of person.”

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“I’m the one who dragged the crew down…” Zheng Youcai felt extremely guilty. “If it weren’t for me, this movie would have been released smoothly.”

“Missing Girl” had been plagued with disasters ever since Zheng Youcai started to shoot it. He didn’t believe in fate, but now he couldn’t help but doubt himself. Should he continue to be a director?

“It’s only delayed until the summer holidays. What’s the problem?” Shen Hanxing put down her wine glass and narrowed her eyes. A dangerous coldness was seen in her eyes. “It’s only half a month away. After so long, why do you bother about waiting for half a month more?”

Zheng Youcai opened his mouth, but he didn’t say anything.

“If he dared to target us, he must be prepared to pay a huge price.” Shen Hanxing curled her lips in disdain. Her smile was full of dominance. “If Wu Yu wants to clash the schedule with you, let him be. Let’s see who will be the one who regrets it in the end. Hmm… Are you not confident in your movie?”

Shen Hanxing asked the last sentence as she stared at Zheng Youcai. Was he confident in his movie? Zheng Youcai could not help but ask himself. Previously, he was too busy filming to care about such trivial things. After that, he often lost sleep at night. He questioned himself countless times, ‘Can I do it? Can I live up to Shen Hanxing’s and Wang Qin’s investment? Will the hard work of the crew and my perseverance of all these years pay off?’

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Nowadays, there were all kinds of romantic dramas on the market. The films starring actors with a lot of fans would be popular. Many people cast these actors without caring if they were good at acting. Therefore, the quality of the films they produced was average. However, the box office earnings were frighteningly high. In that case, Zheng Youcai’s cast was full of unfamiliar faces. The actors didn’t have many fans. Could he do it? Could he defeat those actors with many fans and be successful?

Zheng Youcai’s hands were trembling. Deep emotions were surging in his eyes. What if the audience only liked the melodramatic love movies made by good-looking actors? What if the audience didn’t like unfamiliar actors and movies that were too deep and realistic? What if… He had too many uncertainties.

Seeing Zheng Youcai’s conflicted look, Shen Hanxing could not help but sigh. She knew that Zheng Youcai had been doubting himself for too long. Ever since he graduated, he had been rejected time and time again. It was already amazing that he persisted in his dream, but that was not enough.

“Zheng Youcai, you have to know that there are good movies in the entertainment industry. In an environment where people chase after celebrities, the capitalists can only see the benefits brought by actors with high traffic and popularity. So, let them act in some simple love movies to quickly reap the money of their fans.” Shen Hanxing’s eyes were gentle, and she smiled. “Do you know why I’m willing to invest in your movies in such an environment? Because I believe that there will come a day when the industry needs to be rectified. There must be someone who will go against the flow and save the industry. Someone has to change the current status quo and the public’s aesthetic judgment. You are the person I’ve set my eyes on, the person who can change the industry! Now tell me, do you have the confidence to bear this responsibility?”

Seeing Shen Hanxing’s serious and gentle look, Zheng Youcai almost burst into tears on the spot. Yes, he used to have a dream. He wanted to change the current situation of the industry so that good actors could have more movies to film. He wanted to bring more in-depth topics onto the screen. For this dream, he strived for excellence in movies. He worked endlessly with the production team. In the winter, he wore summer clothes and shivered in the snow. In the summer, he stood under the scorching sun. It was so hot that it almost caused everyone to suffer from heatstroke. To shoot the actual scene, they were almost beaten up by the rural villagers.

When he thought of the hard work he had put in for his dream, Zheng Youcai’s eyes turned red. His voice was filled with eagerness and determination. “I have done very well! It’s not a bad film! I’m different from Wu Yu. I won’t shoot those nonsense films for the sake of capitalism!”