Chapter 483 - I Am Only Nice to You

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Chapter 483: I Am Only Nice to You

After saying these words, Zheng Youcai was stunned. He was not drunk. It was not alcohol that boosted his courage. Therefore, these words came from the bottom of his heart. He did not film a bad movie. He was being responsible to himself and the audience.

“That’s right.” Shen Hanxing said. Her eyes were filled with a faint smile. “Director Zheng Youcai, I believe that the audience will be moved by your hard work.”

The audience would be able to make their judgment too. It was just that they could not choose the movies they wanted to watch because all the movies were the same. But if the audience had a choice, would they continue to watch bad movies?

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“That’s right. If that’s the case, we’ll clash schedules with Wu Yu! We’re not afraid!” Zheng Youcai nodded vigorously. Although he had decided to go head-to-head with Wu Yu, he felt upset about being set up. “Wu Yu used such underhanded methods to stop us, but we can’t do anything on our side. Just thinking about it makes me feel very aggrieved.”

“Don’t worry. Am I someone to be bullied?” Shen Hanxing sneered. “If Wu Yu likes to play dirty, then I’ll let him have a taste of being tricked as well.” Otherwise, these people would think that she was easy to bully. Any Tom, Dick, or Harry would come and cause her trouble.

When Shen Hanxing returned home, Ji Yan was reading documents in the living room. He was wearing a black suit that outlined his long and slender legs. He looked cold and sexy,

Hearing someone at the door, Ji Yan looked over. The coldness in his eyes instantly melted when he saw Shen Hanxing. With a gentle look, he said, “You’re back.”

“Mr. Ji, are you waiting for me?” Seeing Ji Yan, Shen Hanxing suddenly felt like all her unpleasant encounters today were gone. She looked at Ji Yan and teased him, “Mr. Ji, are you looking for me?”

“Yes, it’s torturing to be waiting for you.” Ji Yan played along with Shen Hanxing and said with a doting expression, “If you come back a little later, I’m afraid I’ll become a stone.”

Hearing this, Shen Hanxing couldn’t help but laugh. She sat down beside Ji Yan.

“How’s your day today?” Ji Yan handed a cup of warm water to Shen Hanxing and asked gently, “Did you encounter any difficulties?”

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“I’m fine.” Shen Hanxing held the cup and lowered her eyes. “It wasn’t a big deal in the first place. I was just schemed against by a villain. I wasn’t in a good mood.” She didn’t hide her bad mood. Although they had decided to screen the movie during the summer holidays, it still felt unpleasant to be forced to do so.

Seeing Shen Hanxing’s rare childish look, Ji Yan showed a smile. He passed the document in his hand to her. “Would you take a look at this?”

Shen Hanxing took it in confusion. When she saw the content of the documents, she could not help but widen her eyes. “When did you prepare it?” They were shares transfer documents of several major cinema chains, including Wan Fa Cinema.

“No one can bully my wife,” Ji Yan said calmly. “If they dare to bully my wife, they must get ready to be killed.” Within a day, he bought the shares of the major cinema chains. Ji Corporation did not focus on the entertainment industry not because he couldn’t, but because he did not want to. Now that Shen Hanxing had plans in the entertainment industry, he would help her pave the way. No one could stop his wife’s progress.

After getting what Ji Yan meant, Shen Hanxing felt warm in her heart. She held Ji Yan’s handsome face and said, “Mr. Ji, why are you so nice to me?” It made her overjoyed and touched. She felt that he was too good to be true and that she could not get enough of him.

“I’m only nice to you.” Ji Yan did not take credit for it. His black eyes were filled with gentleness. “Do you feel better now?”

Was that how an overbearing CEO acted when he was in love? Shen Hanxing said emotionally, “Mr. Ji, it’s fortunate that this is the twenty-first century.”

Under Ji Yan’s puzzled gaze, Shen Hanxing’s smile widened. “If you had been born in ancient times, you would have been a king fooled by the beauty.”