Chapter 484 - Change In Status

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Chapter 484: Change In Status

In ancient times, there was the Zhou You King playing with the feudal vassals. Now, there was Ji Yan who spent a huge sum of money to buy the shares of the cinema chains for his wife. It was too extravagant. However, it felt so addictive to be pampered by someone. No matter how difficult the road ahead of her was, there was always someone who was willing to pave a way for her.

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“A foolish king?” Ji Yan raised his eyebrows and revealed a domineering air. “As long as I can protect you, so what if I’m a foolish king?” Moreover, he was indeed a foolish king. If someone tried to harm Shen Hanxing, Ji Yan would kill him. For her, he was willing to make enemies. Because of her, he was willing to live in peace with this world too.

When Ji Yan said this, he was too domineering. Shen Hanxing’s cheeks turned slightly warm, and her ears were burning. “Mr. Ji, why are you so nice?” She could not help but mutter. Then, she kissed him again. She did not give Ji Yan a chance to answer. She raised her head and planted a gentle kiss on Ji Yan’s lips. Their lips were against each other. They were filled with love.

When the two of them separated, Ji Yan picked up the second document thoughtfully. His voice was slightly hoarse. “I think I can be nicer to you.”

Shen Hanxing was stunned. The second document was about Wu Yu and Bingxin Entertainment. It was much more detailed than what she had investigated herself. “Erm…”

“I think you should give me some more rewards.” Ji Yan interrupted Shen Hanxing and held her thin shoulder with one hand. His eyes were filled with aggression as he pressed Shen Hanxing against the back of the sofa. He nibbled on her red lips gently, savoring her sweet lips.

With the shares given by Ji Yan, Shen Hanxing could do more things. In just three days, Huang Zongsheng took the initiative to call her. He said bitterly, “Mrs. Ji, I was blind before this that I’ve offended you. Please don’t hold it against me…” Last time, he could put on airs and talk to Shen Hanxing like a bureaucrat. But this time, he didn’t even dare to speak carelessly. He was in such a low stance. Who would have thought that Ji Yan would go so far for the sake of his wife? Earlier, they thought that the Ji Corporation wasn’t interested in the entertainment industry. Now that Ji Yan had given Shen Hanxing the shares, wasn’t that considered cheating? They wanted to compete in wits and courage, but Ji Yan spent a fortune to get Shen Hanxing in a more superior position. It was really scary!

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“What are you saying?” In just three days, the two of them had instantly changed positions. Even when Shen Hanxing was at a disadvantage, she did not give in. Now that she had an absolute advantage, she would not give in as well. She smiled lightly and said, “Just as you said, you are just a person in charge. You are following the instructions of the company. Even if I wanted to find faults, you are not the one to blame.”

“Thank you for your understanding, Mrs. Ji.” Huang Zongsheng’s smile became even more bitter. Although Shen Hanxing said that, he still had something on Shen Hanxing. In addition, Shen Hanxing’s current status was different. He became even more jittery.

Huang Zongsheng didn’t call Shen Hanxing for no reason. When he thought of the orders he had received, he braced himself and said, “Mrs. Ji, our program wasn’t good enough. Hence, it delayed the schedule of the movie you invested in. When do you want the movie to be screened? We’ll arrange it for you immediately.”

“That’s not so nice, isn’t it?” Shen Hanxing smiled mockingly. She continued faintly, “The company has its rules. How can I break the company’s rules?” She used Huang Zongsheng’s previous words to mock him.

Huang Zongsheng had a hard time saying this, so he could only smile apologetically, “It’s okay. Rules are meant to be broken. It’s all our fault for not doing a good job. Sorry for the delay…”

This was the benefit of power. Previously, Huang Zongsheng looked down on her with disdain. Now, he was bowing with caution. Shen Hanxing laughed mockingly and said indifferently, “Manager Huang, there’s no need to force it. I think the summer holidays schedule is very good. We will stick to that.”

Huang Zongsheng sighed. He didn’t know whether Shen Hanxing was telling the truth. Did she think that the summer holidays schedule was fine? Or did she purposely say the opposite our of anger? He pondered over it again and again. In the end, he carefully probed, “Then… Should we set the release date on the fifth of July?”