Chapter 485 - He Would Not Hold It In

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Chapter 485: He Would Not Hold It In

“Sure,” Shen Hanxing replied straightforwardly. She added, “We agreed to watch Director Wu Yu’s movie. Manager Huang, don’t let me down.”

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Hiss… Huang Zongsheng sucked in a breath of cold air. At this moment, he felt some sympathy for Wu Yu and Bingxin Entertainment. Why did they provoke Shen Hanxing? She was already very skillful and mysterious. In addition, Ji Yan loved his wife so much that he would not let Shen Hanxing suffer even the slightest bit. The movie schedule was only delayed for a few days, but Ji Yan spent a large sum of money on her. Shen Hanxing was also a vengeful person. She emphasized that she wanted to watch Director Wu Yu’s movie on the same day. Wasn’t this an obvious challenge to Wu Yu? Previously, Huang Zongsheng did not dare to offend Shen Hanxing despite feeling that the Ji Corporation could not affect him. Now, he did not dare to refute her at all. He quickly replied, “Don’t worry, Mrs. Ji. I will reserve a few of the best seats for you.”

Huang Zongsheng could not even protect himself now, let alone Wu Yu. Anyway, Wu Yu was the one who started the fight, so he should bear the consequences.

“That’s good.” Shen Hanxing smiled. Huang Zongsheng was a very smart person. That was interesting.

Shen Hanxing’s tone sounded much more relaxed. Huang Zongsheng let out a sigh of relief. He said obsequiously, “Mrs. Ji, don’t worry. We have a very high evaluation level for ‘Missing Girl’. We will give you the most publicity and the largest number of screenings! As expected of Mrs. Ji, you are so sharp in your choice of films to invest in.”

Listening to Huang Zongsheng’s flattery, Shen Hanxing did not show any reaction. She responded coldly and did not reject Huang Zongsheng’s goodwill. Since she had the advantage, she had to build momentum for her movie. Making use of her background and connections was also a strength. If Wan Fa Cinema, as the biggest theater operator, showed a good attitude towards Shen Hanxing, the other cinemas would only follow after them. However, there were very few people who were qualified to call Shen Hanxing. Many of the rest were trying to find a way to flatter Shen Hanxing.

Under the supervision of the public cameras, there were almost no secrets in the entertainment industry. Huang Zongsheng had just hung up the phone when an internal call came in. “Manager Huang, Director Wu Yu wants to meet you.”

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Huang Zongsheng thought of what Shen Hanxing had said and sighed. Shen Hanxing had predicted everything. He frowned and said seriously, “Tell Director Wu Yu that his movie schedule has been finalized. It’s useless to see me. I’m very busy at work right now and don’t have time to meet with him.”

The man on the other side of the line replied, “Yes.”

Huang Zongsheng hung up the phone and shook his head. Shen Hanxing and Wu Yu were obviously at loggerheads. At this time, all he could do was be cautious. He shouldn’t get caught in any way.

When Wu Yu heard Huang Zongsheng’s reply, his face instantly darkened. He rushed over as soon as he received the news. He did not expect Ji Yan would spend so much money to support Shen Hanxing’s movie. They were all wrong. They had misjudged Ji Yan’s love for Shen Hanxing. He could create trouble for Zheng Youcai while dragging Shen Hanxing down. However, he could do nothing to Ji Corporation. Therefore, when he received the news, the first thing he did was look for Huang Zongsheng. He wanted to change his movie screening time. At least, he had to avoid clashing dates with Shen Hanxing’s movie.

Wu Yu was not afraid of Zheng Youcai. He was not afraid that his movie would lose to Zheng Youcai’s movie in terms of sales. However, he was afraid that if his movie won over Shen Hanxing’s movie, she would lose money and face. What if Shen Hanxing held a grudge against him? But now that Huang Zongsheng was avoiding him, he could only grit his teeth in anger. Malice flashed in his eyes. In that case, he would not hold it in any longer. He wouldn’t swallow his anger when others were bullying him. Since both Shen Hanxing’s movie and his movie schedule were fixed, then he would make them lose everything! He would let them know that not everyone could succeed in the movie industry! A person like Zheng Youcai should get out of this industry!

Half a month passed in the blink of an eye. During this half a month, the news about Ji Yan spending money to buy the cinemas for Shen Hanxing had been widely reported. It also made “Missing girl” a lot more popular.