Chapter 486 - Have a Word With You

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Chapter 486: Have a Word With You

On the premiere day, Shen Hanxing changed into a decent black suit and went with Ji Yan.

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Shen Hanxing was the main character today. Ji Yan stood by her side and wore a low-key suit of the same color. At first glance, it looked like the two were wearing a couple’s suit, showing off their love in a low-key manner. Ji Yan was handsome and tall. His appearance was better than the male celebrities present. No wonder the reporters’ cameras would always focus on them from time to time. The couple was stunning, after all.

Zheng Youcai and Wang Qin were nervous. They huddled close to Shen Hanxing and chatted. Wang Qin had never invested in this field, and she was a little speechless upon seeing such a big scene. “So many people… Mrs. Ji, do you think our movie will be popular?” She was a little nervous. Her relationship with Zheng Youcai was ambiguous. She hoped that he could realize his dream and soar to the sky. Meanwhile, this was also the first movie project she had invested in, and she had feelings for it. She visited the set many times during this period and witnessed the production team’s hard work. Therefore, she also had high hopes.

Zheng Youcai wore a suit and looked at Shen Hanxing with eager eyes. He was more nervous than Wang Qin and could not speak. Shen Hanxing pursed her lips in amusement. “Whether it’s popular or not, we’ve tried our best. We’ve handed over a satisfactory answer sheet. As for the result, we’ll leave it to the audience to judge. Moreover, don’t you believe in director Zheng Youcai’s ability?” Shen Hanxing looked at Wang Qin slyly.

Shen Hanxing clearly didn’t say anything excessive, but Wang Qin’s face was still red. She lowered her head and smiled. “It’s not that I don’t believe it.”

Zheng Youcai looked around and was a little embarrassed. At this moment, a slightly nervous voice suddenly came from the side. “Mrs. Ji…” Following the sound, Xiang Yi, who had somehow snuck in, wore a shirt and jeans. He was standing two steps away and looking at her. Shen Hanxing was stunned. She didn’t expect Xiang Yi to come looking for her again. He was the first person in her life to give her a hotel room card, so she had a deep impression of him.

“Can I have a word with you?” Xiang Yi mustered up his courage and stared at Shen Hanxing as if he was afraid of being rejected. “Just… just a minute will do. It won’t take long.”

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Shen Hanxing could feel Ji Yan tightening his grip on her hand after Xiang Yi said this. She was in the limelight today, so Ji Yan deliberately lowered his presence. He stood beside Shen Hanxing and rarely spoke. Because of the angle, he was blocked by Wang Qin and Zheng Youcai. Xiang Yi could not see Ji Yan from his position.

If Shen Hanxing had to describe her feeling at the moment, she would only feel it was extremely awkward. She had a strange expression, but she tried to force a smile. “If you have something to say, you can say it here.” Xiang Yi would not give her another hotel room card because she hadn’t gone there the last time. Thinking of the possibility, Shen Hanxing’s expression became stiff.

Xiang Yi didn’t know what Shen Hanxing was thinking. He carefully observed her expression. Seeing that her reaction was a little strange, he thought of something. “Here… here?” He touched his nose awkwardly, looking at Zheng Youcai and Wang Qin, who was staring at him curiously. He pleaded, “Mrs. Ji… can we talk in private?” After a pause, he added, “Sis… please.”

Shen Hanxing was dumbfounded.

“Sis?” Ji Yan, who had been silent all this while, couldn’t hold it in any longer. He looked at Xiang Yi with a faint smile and a hint of coldness in his voice.

Shen Hanxing became increasingly embarrassed and explained, “I don’t know why he…”

Wang Qin and Zheng Youcai looked at the situation with interest. They looked at each other and pursed their lips without saying a word. When Xiang Yi heard the voice, he realized that Ji Yan was there. His face turned pale. He stood there in a daze. “Mr. Ji…” He knew he was doomed. He called Mrs. Ji “sis” before Ji Yan. and wanted to talk to her in private. He was looking for trouble.

Xiang Yi was in despair as he quickly explained, “Mr. Ji, it’s not what you think. I came to look for Mrs. Ji… Erm, to apologize…”